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10 Reasons Why Azerbaijan Should be on Your Travel Bucket-List

Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire, is full of mind-blowing and extravagant surprises. This is a country where traditions and modernity blend to capture the most unique imaginations. If you have not been to Azerbaijan yet, then it is about time for you to plan a vacation to this land of earthen wonders. Let’s check out the reasons why you must visit Azerbaijan at least once.

10 Reasons to Explore Azerbaijan Tourism

1. Mountain Lover’s Station!

Visit Azerbaijan for its Mountains

Azerbaijan is packed with a wonderful spread of mountains including the famous Caucasus ranges. If you are a trekker irrespective of the expertise or nature lover, then visit Azerbaijan to trek your way up these gorgeous mountains.

Caucasus Mountain

Azerbaijan is home to one of the highest peaks in Europe, Mount Elbrus. During Azerbaijan winters, the white sheets of snow cover the mountains and offer a magnificent view.

Mount Shahdagh

The Earth rocks found here are magnesian lime, marble, and chalkstone giving the place a rock-strewn appearance. Visit Azerbaijan to discover prehistoric caves in the mountain’s base.

Mount Bazarduzu

It is the highest mountain peak in Azerbaijan, located in the Qusar region. This is a perfect place for mountain trekking and getting a picturesque view.

2. Explore Baku Tourism by Traversing Through the Blazing Land

Visit Azerbaijan to Traverse Baku

Your visit to Azerbaijan officially starts at the Baku Azerbaijan airport. Step in this wonderful city and explore this place like no other. Experience the best of Baku Azerbaijan tourism.

  • Mini-Venice Baku: You will see several islands divided by the pristine water channels and connected by pretty ornate bridges. Add this to your Baku Itinerary. Hire a Gondola and ride all around to explore a Little Venice in Baku.
  • Baku Ferris-Wheel or Baku Eye: It is located on Baku Boulevard in the Seaside National Park. Ride the Baku Eye, get amazing views from the top of it.
  • Old Town Baku (Inner Walled City): This is an ancient and historical part of Baku, Azerbaijan. Surrounded by the inner-walls and standardized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  • Fountain Square Baku: It is a public square in Baku Downtown. Streets provide a walking place for tourists along with various shops and restaurants for more fun and leisure.
  • Zaha Hadid Baku: This complex building is prominent for its flowing and distinctive architecture, a curved approach that projects sharp angles and visual surprises.
  • Baku Zoo: It tops the list of Baku sightseeing, the oldest zoo in Azerbaijan, opened in 1928. This place is an authentic tourist spot, filled with environmentally rich and varied surroundings.
  • Highland Park Baku: Best visited at night! You can rest by inhaling the fresh air, drinking tea, viewing the city and scouting around with your family for perfect family time.
  • Ateshgah of Baku: Many times called the ‘Fire Temple of Baku’. It’s a castle-like religious temple and has several holes that sprout natural blazing fires.

3. Fresh, Fun and Fabulous!

Visit Azerbaijan for food
  • Food: A visit to the villages in Azerbaijan is filled with taste and glory. Relish food prepared from organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Nakhchivan: This place is famous for the rock paintings on Gemigaya Mountain, only seconds away from Gobustan. Fun fact, the Azerbaijani flag was created here and the Azeri National Epic.
  • Lahic Azerbaijan: This place is an open-air museum and has traditional handicrafts of copper. Very well-known for the carpet and rug crafts around the world.
  • Khinalug: It is the most isolated and ancient village, located in the mountains of Quba, Azerbaijan. The traditional way of weaving shawls is popular throughout the region.
  •  Xinaliq Azerbaijan: This place is one of the world’s oldest settlements. Locals are very friendly and hospitable to new people. Food and drinks made with fresh products are offered.
  • Laza Azerbaijan: This place is in the Qusar District, Azerbaijan. It is the land of tea-drinkers! Love tea? This is your place. Enrich your gustatory cells with some local tastes.
  • Qobustan Azerbaijan: It is a settlement in Baku city, has world-famous Mud Volcanoes and Rock Petroglyphs, known as the ‘Land of Volcanoes’.

4. Witness Contemporary & Traditional Elements in One Country!

Visit Azerbaijan to witness Modern Architecture

Azerbaijan is the one place on earth that proposes all sorts of shades from traditional to modern.

  • Qabala or Gabala Azerbaijan: A city in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Famous for its spring climate, diverse fauna, mountainous landscape and visual pleasure to eyes.
  • Sheki Azerbaijan: Sheki has gorgeous colorful houses, striking old stone buildings, cobbled streets. explore the fabulous architecture here.
  • Astara Azerbaijan: It has a famous tourist attraction called Astara TV Tower, built in the 1980s, giving its historical importance.
  • Lankaran Azerbaijan: It is on the coast of the Caspian Sea, giving a mind-blowing view of the sunrise and sunset on the seaside.
  • Shamakhi Azerbaijan: Shamakhi is famous for its winemaking, carpet weaving, traditional mosques, ancient museums, and lustrous parks. An apt place for sightseeing.

5. Ready, Steady and Shop!

Rug haul.

The shopping experience in Azerbaijan is mind-blowing. If you are an avid shopper and art explorer, then this country won’t disappoint you. Go to various malls in the city. Explore local markets, buy amazing souvenirs and handmade products for memory. The Azerbaijan Carpet Museum in Baku City is a perfect place to explore traditional crafts and buy hand-woven colorful carpets.

6. A Country to Explore at Any Time of the Year!

Apart from being a budget-friendly destination, the fact that Azerbaijan is suitable to visit for a major part of the year makes it a well-trotted place. You can enjoy Azerbaijan sightseeing and its attractions from April to June and September to February. The flowers and mild weather give a gorgeous and majestic look to Azerbaijan’s nature.

7. Relax and Lose Yourself at Azerbaijan Traditional Spa

spa and relax.

Tourists visit Azerbaijan for many things and its traditional spas are some of the major reasons. Relax your body and get rid of the fatigue. You can try varieties of spa here-like crude oil spa, mud spa and much more. Enjoy body massage while relishing complimentary drinks as let go of your tiredness.

8. Taste The Thrill!

Winter lovers can rejoice as Azerbaijan’s areas are covered in snow during December and January. Skiing is the most thrilling activity here, particularly in Baku. During your visit to Azerbaijan, you can take part in many other activities in Baku including snow surfing, snow gliding and much more.

9. Just Beach It!

Another great reason to visit Azerbaijan is its quaint and relaxed beach. The Bilgah beach is the most famous Baku beach. Many beaches in Azerbaijan are free and perfect for relaxation. Lay on the white sand and get your perfect tan. Walk on the sand or taste the local seafood on the seashore.

10. Party All Night Long!

Nightlife in Azerbaijan reflects the bona fide vibe of the country. If you love the nightlife, then you are in for a fun time in the Baku city of Azerbaijan. Friendly locals and top bars make the tour breathtaking and thrilling. The upbeat music and ambiance make every moment memorable.

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