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10 Reasons Why Jordan should be on Your Travel Bucket-List

Plan your next expedition to Jordan. Home to widespread desertic areas, mostly surrounded by huge rocks and marvelous architectural creations. This is a place like no other. Amazement is what you experience in Jordan. Read along to discover why visit Jordan on your next vacation. There is much more than a fantastic view of ancient monuments, archeological sites and natural reserves in this Arab Nation.

10 Reasons Why Visit Jordan On Your Next Holiday

1. Feel Alive In The Dead Sea!

Jordan things to do - The dead sea.

Visit Jordan to explore the Dead Sea, the largest lake in the world that appears almost like an ocean. There are many things to do in the Dead Sea, Jordan. Swim away even if you do not have the skills of an expert swimmer. Why? Because people do not drown here due to its hypersaline water. You get a buoyant effect as you dive in addition to the natural spa tree. The mineral-rich black mud at the seaside is used for therapeutic, cosmetic treatments and softer skin. You can explore top archaeological sites, nature reserves, beaches and museums near the area.

2. Petra: “The Rose City”!

Jordan things to do - Petra Visit

Petra is highly visited also it is one of the top famous Jordan tourist attractions. The city is 2000 years old. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. It got the name of ‘Rose City’ due to its pretty and astonishing pink-colored stones.

  • Participate in “Petra by Night”. Take a walk to reach the iconic Treasury where candles flicker against the facade.
  • Visit Al-Khazneh, the most elaborate temple in Petra. Carved out of the rose-red sandstone rock facades for mesmerizing appearance.

3. Arresting Landscape of Wadi Rum!

Jordan things to do -Wadi Rum.

Wadi Rum in Jordan is a must-see. This is a protected area known for the appealing desert landscapes, stunning sandstone mountains, desert valleys and much more. There are many things to do at Wadi Rum. Go on a jeep tour around the area, ride a camel, hike or watch the eye-catching sunset from a height. The place is also renowned for the many famous film shootings. The unique red sand throughout the place gives a look of ‘Mars on Earth’.

4. Once a Great Roman City: Jerash Ruins!

Jordan things to do - Jerash ruins

Outside of Italy, Jerash ruins are the best-preserved Roman ruins. One of the most impressive things to see in Jordan, it is the largest and most interesting Roman site. The Jerash Archaeological Museum exhibits artifacts excavated from the site. The grand structures such as temples, public plazas, squares, walls, and fountains are in fine condition until today.

5. Encounter Early Islamic Art in the Desert Castles!

Interested in the rich history of Islamic art? Then you must visit Jordan. Filled with the historical monuments, it appears as one of Jordan’s top attractions. Temples and painted walls are untouched and kept in their original settings. Al-Khazneh desert castle is really famous in Jordan. Visit this place you get the top sights in Jordan. Islamic art in Jordan is determined by the portrayal of patterns, purely geometric or floral, and Arabic calligraphy.

6. A Perfect Place to Visit in Any Season!

Visit in any season

Anytime is the best time to go to Jordan since the place has varied climatic conditions to suit different moods and activities. The best time to travel to Jordan is in the months of spring (March-May) and autumn (September- November). The weather is moderate which gives birth to colorful flowers and trees. If you are a snow-lover then the best time to visit Jordan is in the months of January- March. So, be ready to experience it all here in Jordan!

7. Explore the Best of Amman!

Amman is a contemporary city and the capital of Jordan with many ancient ruins. There are ample things to see and to do in Amman like- Roman Theatre, Rainbow Street, Souvenir shopping, and a lot more.

  • Mount Nebo: One of the prettiest places to see in Amman. From the viewpoint, you can watch many ancient ruins spread in the area.
  • Amman Citadel: This historical site is one of Amman’s top attractions. It has a history of many great civilizations at the center of downtown Amman.

8. An Escapade in Jordan!

Adventure in Jordan.

Jordan is not just for the historians and explorers, but also for the adventurers. You can participate in the adventure sports of Jordan including the rock climbing in Wadi Rum. Tourists find it quite enthralling. Go deep in the desert on a safari. Camel trekking is another fun activity to go through in the deserts of Jordan. It is a place where you never get bored.

9. Night Owl’s Destination!

Nightcrawlers are in for a treat in Jordan, particularly Amman. There are many places to visit in Amman at night as the place is flooded with fun hangouts. If you are out on a Jordan sightseeing tour at night, then visit the top pubs and restaurants to conclude your trip on a relaxed and completely fun-loving note.

10. Enjoy Leisure Time in Your Expedition!

Apart from the natural spa at the Dead Sea, there are many resorts and centers for leisure seekers. The most pleasuring thing to do in Jordan is to explore the spa towns and get a relaxing massage. There is a huge variety of spa with the most unique being the Dead Sea spa just like its name. The products used on your skin are organic and skin-friendly here.

Need we say more? Visit Jordan to experience it all on your own.

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