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Top 9 LGBTQ Friendly Holidays To Celebrate Pride Month

They/them/themself are some gender-neutral pronouns making headlines in debates happening around LGBTQ+ agendas. The month of June marks a four-week-long celebration by people from the LGBTQ+ community across the globe. The event came to light after the 1969 Stonewall Inn incident in the US which saw a week-long protest between the LGBTQ community and the local police. However, travel does not differentiate, it is something that brings understanding to all, irrespective of their orientation. Keeping this in mind we have brought together a list of the top 9 LGBTQ friendly holidays to celebrate Pride Month.

LGBTQ Friendly Holidays – Top 9


Top 9 LGBTQ Friendly Holidays To Celebrate Pride Month

The Netherlands leads the race in being the first country to make gay marriage a legal affair. The  Netherlands boasts beautiful scenic landscapes and windmills atop locations overlooking mesmerising panoramic views. The country is home to several beaches, making the travel experience all the more memorable. This makes it one of the top LGBTQ friendly holidays for individuals looking for a hassle-free experience.

Places to visit: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Heineken Experience, Royal Palace and many more.

Rainbow Spots: Reguliersdwarsstraat and Kerkstraat along the Amstel.

Dishes to try: Stroopwafel, Poffertjes, Pannekoek and more.



The next destination to explore LGBTQ holiday packages is Belgium. Firstly in 2003 after the Netherlands, it became the second country to legalise same-sex marriages. Secondly, Belgium offers many options to explore and unravel awe-inspiring landscapes that guarantee to blow your mind. Belgium attracts travellers with its artistic wonders and delicious culinary delights making it a haven for people from the LGBTQ community.

Places to visit: Atomium, Belfry of Bruges, Grand Palace, Parc du Cinquantenaire and more.

Rainbow Spots: Brussels, Antwerp and Liège have a thriving LGBTQ+ culture.

Dishes to try: Speculaas, Brussel Waffles, Tarte au Riz, Stoemp and more.



In 2005, Canada took a historic step towards the inclusion of same-sex marriages and gave the LGBTQ community a breather. The country is an iconic destination and when it comes to travel, what better way to enjoy a vacation in a country that facilitates LGBTQ-friendly holidays? Canada is renowned for its welcoming attitude and diverse cultural offerings, providing a memorable experience.

Places to visit: CN Tower, Banff National Park, Stanley Park, Old Montreal, and Parliament Hill.

Rainbow Spots: Church-Wellesley Village in Toronto, Davie Village in Vancouver, and The Gay Village in Montreal.

Dishes to try: Poutine, Nanaimo bars, Butter tarts, Tourtière and more.


Spain, LGBTQ friendly holidays

Spain is a vibrant country that legalised same-sex marriage in 2005. With its rich history, lively culture, and stunning beaches, Spain is a prime spot for LGBTQ travellers. The country’s commitment to equality makes it a perfect destination to celebrate Pride Month. Spain’s LGBTQ vacations offer everything from world-famous nightlife to tranquil coastal escapes, making it a favourite in gay vacation packages.

Places to visit: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Alhambra, Prado Museum, the Canary Islands and more.

Rainbow Spots: Chueca in Madrid, Eixample in Barcelona, and the beach town of Sitges are popular for their rainbow colours.

Dishes to try: Paella, Tapas, Gazpacho, Churros and more.

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa was the first African country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2006. This beautiful nation offers diverse landscapes, wildlife adventures, and a vibrant cultural scene, making it an excellent LGBTQ friendly travel destination. The culmination of different cultures makes South Africa a land of many flavours and colours. This makes the country perfect for individuals with different orientations to feel at home.

Places to visit: Table Mountain, Kruger National Park, Robben Island, Garden Route and more.

Rainbow Spots: De Waterkant Village in Cape Town and Melville in Johannesburg

Dishes to try: Bobotie, Biltong, Malva Pudding, Bunny Chow and more.



Norway is known for its stunning natural beauty and progressive stance on LGBTQ rights, having legalised same-sex marriage in 2009. It offers a mix of breathtaking fjords, vibrant cities, and a welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ travellers. Norway is home to the famous Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. So, hunt for the fabled lights and light up your mood under the shimmering glitter of this beautiful phenomenon.

Places to visit: Geirangerfjord, Oslo Opera House, Bryggen, and a hunt for the Northern Lights.

Rainbow Spots: Grunerlokka in Oslo and the Pride House in Bergen.

Dishes to try: Rakfisk, Kjottkaker, Lefse, Brunost and more.


Portugal, LGBTQ friendly holidays

With its charming cities and beautiful coastlines, Portugal is a fantastic destination for LGBTQ travellers. Same-sex marriage was legalised in 2010, and the country has since fostered an inclusive and welcoming environment. Portugal provides an immersive blend of history, culture and cuisine attracting travellers from across the globe for the perfect LGBTQ vacations.

Places to visit: Belém Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Douro Valley, Madeira and more.

Rainbow Spots: Bairro Alto in Lisbon and Porto’s Galerias de Paris.

Dishes to try: Pastel de Nata, Bacalhau, Caldo Verde, Bifana and more.



Austria’s stunning alpine landscapes and rich cultural heritage make it a great destination for LGBTQ travellers. Same-sex marriage was legalised in 2019, and the country offers a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. In addition to this, Austria attracts travellers with its geographic and cultural appeal. The country offers many landscapes like high mountains, clear lakes and alpine valleys. Choose Austria as the perfect destination for LGBTQ friendly holidays.

Places to visit: Schönbrunn Palace, Salzburg Old Town, Hallstatt, the Austrian Alps and many more.

Rainbow Spots: Naschmarkt in Vienna and HOSI Linz in Linz.

Dishes to try: Wiener Schnitzel, Apfelstrudel, Sachertorte, Kaiserschmarrn and more.



The land of gods with its ancient history and beautiful islands, is a prime LGBTQ-friendly holiday destination. While same-sex marriage isn’t legal yet, civil unions have been recognised since 2015. Mykonos, famous for its vibrant gay-friendly nightlife and stunning beaches, is a must-visit. Athens’ Gazi district offers a lively LGBTQ scene with numerous bars and clubs. Experience the warmth and hospitality that make Greece a top choice for LGBTQ travel.

Places to visit: Acropolis, Santorini, Mykonos, Delphi and more.

Rainbow Spots: Gazi in Athens and Mykonos Island.

Dishes to try: Moussaka, Souvlaki, Spanakopita, and Baklava.

Embark on a journey to these LGBTQ friendly holidays and celebrate Pride Month with vibrant parades, friendly locals, and unforgettable experiences. Love knows no boundaries, and neither should your travels! For the best LGBTQ friendly holidays and gay vacation packages, these destinations offer the perfect mix of celebration and relaxation.

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