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Fun Things To Do For Kids And Toddlers In Georgia Country

Georgia is an amazing place to visit with kids and have a family bonding time. The country offers a variety of kids attractions from beach vacationing to a whole lot of cultural education. The lush greenery of parks, the Ferris Wheel rides, and dolphin shows are just a few attractions for kids here. Let us share with you some of the most fun things to do for kids and toddlers in Georgia.

Fun Things To Do For Kids & Toddlers in Georgia

1. Mtatsminda Park For A Kids Day Out

Things To Do For Kids And Toddlers In Georgia  - mtatsminda park

Get ready for an exciting day out at the Mtatsminda Theme Park in Tbilisi, Georgia. Opened in the 1930s, this beautiful amusement park has many fun rides, cafes and beautiful views of Tbilisi. The best part is the way up and down the hilltop park – a  unique furnicular train ride. You could roam around the park and pay for each ride as you experience it. Do not miss the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster rides. Kids will enjoy the friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget to pick a ponchiki (cream puff) in the furnicular cafe.

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

2. An Evening At The Rike Park With the Toddlers

Things To Do For Kids And Toddlers In Georgia - rike park georgia

On a late afternoon with your munchkins, head out to the Rike park for a wonderful stroll. Located near the park is the Peace Bridge which is a great piece of architecture and impressive for the kids to experience. After a few amazing family photos, take a trip to the Rike Park. You just can’t miss this giant chessboard where your toddlers would have a great time. The park includes swings, a play area and welcoming restaurants to enjoy delicious Georgian food.

Timings: Open 24 hours

3. Narikala Fortress – Wander into the Castle

Things To Do For Kids And Toddlers In Georgia - narikala fortress

The castle with its old walls and yards is a great learning place for the kids about Georgian history. It is an awe-inspiring experience. Highly recommended for kids is a cable car ride from here to another high point – The church of St. Nicolas. This church was earlier destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt in 1996-97. Take fabulous family pictures once again with breathtaking views from here. Older kids can perhaps hike up to it and if lucky, they can even spot a flock of sheep running about around the castle. The castle visit is a fun family thing to do in Georgia.

Timings: 9 am to 9 pm

4. Open Air Museum Of Ethnography – kids fun education time

open air museum of ethnography

This is another most things to do for kids and toddlers in Georgia. The open-air museum is a great way for kids to learn about 14 ethnographic zones and to explore the houses and artefacts. The museum is a fun experience on a regular day. A good time to come is during the festival season to be a part of Georgian folklore. Kartli, Meskheti, Svaneti, Abkhazia, etc., are just a few names of zones your kids will learn in the museum. 

Timings: 10 am to 6 pm

5. The Dolphinarium in Batumi, Georgia – Squeal away with excitement


Travelling with kids and toddlers? Then you must not miss the Dophin Show on your trip to Georgia. A total of 45 minutes with music throughout, dolphins perform tricks and the show is interspersed with dancers. An announcer guides you through the show so the kids stay engaged and thrilled. They can even make friends with the dolphins with the help of the trainers. Kids of all age groups will love it here. And you get to watch your kids’ smile throughout the show.

Timings:10 am to 9 pm

6. The Boulevard Beach, Georgia –  Sand, Sun, and Coloured Rocks

boulevard beach georgia

What’s more fun than the beach, sand and lots of space for kids to feel free? That’s right. Here kids have plenty of sand to play with along with colored rocks that are a rare collector’s item. So kids can start rock collections, build rock towers, practice hop skip and jump and have a whale of a time. The sea life is always an exciting part of the beach stay, with jellyfish everywhere and dolphins playing in the distant sea. Kids will love it here.

Timings: Open 24 hours

7. Batumi, Dancing Fountains – Splashing Fun

dancing fountains batumi

Imagine your toddlers’ excitement with the fun at the dancing fountains. The fountains have some fun bridges that go over them near the sprouting water. Kids can go running and touch the water. That’s a joyful sight to see. Get some great pictures with the delightful kids and take a much needed relaxed break. At night get ready for lights and music show for a fun evening in the Boulevard. Visiting the Batumi is a fun thing to do in Georgia on a weekend too.

Timings: 6 pm to Midnight (preferred time)

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