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Where To Travel Alone? Safe And Fun Places To Visit

Travelling solo is not an easy task, especially when you are in the farthest of outlands in the foreign. Though certain places in the world aren’t safe for solo travelling, there are a number of destinations where one can visit alone and explore peacefully. These safe tourist spots are quite popular amongst globetrotters and hence, they witness an influx of visitors in millions every year. Wondering where to travel alone? Get your answer right here. Take a look at these wonderful places that are all set to make your journeys memorable.

Where To Travel Alone?

1. Italy

Where to travel alone?

Italy is one of the best destinations in the world for solo travelling. Whether it is men or women, Italy looks after the safety of every visitor in the best way possible. Wine, pizza, pasta and serene shores are all that make Italy a heavenly land on Earth. Visit this picturesque peninsula and converse with supreme spectacles.

Gaze at heaven-like setting marked by gorgeous landscapes and roam around peacefully feeling the essence of calmness. Read through ancient sites and monuments the intriguing past of the country. Get acquainted with a unique culture and learn about its beautiful traditions and customs. Italy offers innumerable opportunities. Hence, the country always delivers a great deal of surprise.

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2. England


Another place where you can travel alone is the great England. The quintessential land of aristocracy and panache will give you a memorable trip. Head to the underground pubs and take a trip on the traditional black taxi cabs. From the beaches of Cornwall to the bar crawls for music lovers, the place offers a feeling of euphoria that would stay in your heart for as long as time. Take photos of the world-famous Big Ben and visit the royal Buckingham Palace. England offers a stupendous mix of modernity and nature with a touch of royalty.

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3. Spain


For a unique and fun European excursion, head towards the ultimate beauties of Spain. The nation of exotic wonders, Spain has been a great holiday destination for tourists from around the world for decades now. Being a part of the European Union, it has all the beauty the world boasts of, ranging from beaches to hills and monuments to cultural attractions.

Its charm lies beyond the football-loving crowd and the popular La Tomatina Festival. You step on this beautiful land, you move into a vibrant world of culture, history and nature. You have got the best of all worlds, be it shores or the rustic settlements speaking age-old legends.

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4. Japan


Japan is a gem and once you are out in its streets, you are bound to experience it. It is one of the few countries where tourists feel safe at every step. Visit it and encounter a number of unusual things at every destination. The country hosts an amazing mix of tranquillity and modernity. You have got robots serving at a restaurant and bamboo forests providing heavenly shades. The country is unique in many ways and therefore, it has been on the bucket list of millions of international travellers.

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5. France


France is a safe place to visit for solo travelers as well as families and couples and there is no doubt about it. The government here takes care of its guests and hence, tourists find it quite easy to explore around. Flourishing in the fairy-tale land of Europe, France is a dream destination for millions of travelers around the world.

The country is blessed with all kinds of natural and historical beauties with islands, castles, museums, beaches, and more to explore. Watch the sun setting over the horizon from the love city of Paris and explore wonderful artworks at the world-renowned Louvre Museum. Revel in the flavor of French wine. Explore its mountains. And also, take a tour down the Riviera beaches.

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6. Switzerland


The ultimate paradise on earth breathing amidst heavenly beauties, Switzerland is the undisputed jewel of Europe. With its remarkable wonders and unbelievable sights, the country has become one of the most loved tourist destinations in the world. Though it is renowned amongst tourists for its scenic charm, it engulfs a lot more than just its natural presence.

The nation holds a significant amount of history to unfold, architecture to admire and culture to showcase. Plan a visit now and set off on a thrilling journey. Experience a mix of beauties from all worlds. From the Alps to hilltop settlements and quaint riverside cities to hidden natural trails, one can encounter a whole new world within its boundaries.

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7. Netherlands


Also known as Holland, the Netherlands looks like a small expanse nurturing amidst a paradise. Considering the kind of landscapes and cityscapes it boasts of, the country surely deserves to be titled the unexplored marvel of Europe. From the majestic stretches of tulip gardens to the gorgeous shores of the country, everything features uniqueness. Lay your eyes upon the prestige building of the Royal Palace or look for incredible European artworks at different museums. There is a lot one can notice, admire and imbibe while on a tour of the Netherlands.

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8. Thailand


Over a period of time, owing to strong administration and increase in its tourism, Thailand has become safer for solo travellers as well. Thailand is a beautiful country in the Indochinese peninsula of South Asia and has been a dreamland for millions of tourists for about a decade now. Immensely popular for its boisterous crowd, vibrant nightlife, serene colourful beaches and grand temples, the country satisfies the wanderlust of every kind of tourist.

Experience traditional Thai massage and detox you body. Have fun time at sparkling shores and spend hours enjoying water adventures. Also, unleash the offbeat traveler in you and explore hidden beauties. Thailand delivers wonders in the form of nature, history and architecture.

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9. New Zealand

New Zealand

How about a solo trip to the colourful world of extensive landscapes, bustling streets, shores roaring in magnificence and wildlife that nurture in its best form? New Zealand serves as a breath of fresh air. With wondrous isles patched with lush greenery and dotted with towering peaks, the nation is one of the most frequented places in the east.

For being a significant center of culture, education, trade, and politics, it has become a retreat for millions of tourists. From the unending charm of the Bay of Islands to the awe-inspiring skyline of Auckland, New Zealand nurtures a great deal of touristy vibe.

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10. Iceland


Truly an offbeat destination, though famous amongst travelers across the world for its pristine natural presence, Iceland is a perfect destination for solo travelling. As the crime rate across different places in Iceland is too low, it is quite safe for tourists to explore around.

Additionally, the country is home to ultimate natural wonders. It showcases Northern Lights, towering waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, geysers, and lagoons. Hence, it makes for an unbeatable place. Iceland also has an interesting Viking history to look forward to and therefore, it intrigues those too who are into culture and history. So, mark it on your list now and plan an exhilarating holiday.

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