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Where To Travel In The Month Of July?

Summer seems to be at the helm of the horizon, and there seems to be no respite from the heat that it is bringing along with it. However, our travel gurus and avid travelers, have compiled a comprehensive list of where to travel in July. Geographically, the UAE is in such a convenient position that making travel plans for the people of the UAE are very easy. Escape the onslaught of July heatwaves by planning a holiday at one of these gorgeous destinations. So, without further ado, let’s start this journey to the unexplored.

Where To Travel In July?

1. Groove to the Beats in Albania, Balkans

Where To Travel In The Month Of July? - Albania

One of the top destinations you can travel to in July is Albania. Also called ‘the land of the eagles’, Albania is on the Balkan peninsula to the south and southeast of Europe and is spread across 28000 km². Bordered by the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea towards the east, Albania is the perfect place to visit in July. The month of July sees a large crowd gather at Drymades beach in Dhermi for the ‘Turtle Music festival’. The festival has been going on for eight years making it the most popular festival in Albania.

Albania Average Temperature in July: 22° to 26°

Signature dishes to try: Byrek, Tavekosi, Qofte, Zgara

Places to visit: Tirana, Lake Skadar, Buthrotum, Berat

2. Visit the Snowy Caps of Kazakhstan, Asia


Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country. It has been occupied by nomadic people across generations, thus, we also call it ‘the land of the Great Steppe’. This is one of the mesmerizing locations to travel to in July. From the Turks to the Genghis Khan rule, the country has witnessed a lot and still stands out as the most beautiful country in its own right. The city boasts of a wide array of interests. With Almaty being a center of attraction for the tourist and youth of the country and country’s surrounding the great Republic of Kazakhstan.

Average temperature in July: 20° to 25°

Signature dishes to try: Beshbarmak, Kazy, Samsa, Kurt, Laghman

Places to visit: Baiterek tower, Big Almaty Lake, Ascension Cathedral

3. Enjoy the Cool Waters of Seychelles, East Africa


The East African country of Seychelles is an archipelago of more than 115 islands, situated in the Indian ocean and also one of the destinations in July. Apart from its numerous beaches, coral reefs, and natural game reserves, Seychelles is also popular for the rare breed of Aldabra tortoises. The capital city of Victoria is a city with a maximum population of only 30k. Seychelles is also home to several species of rare birds on the planet. The Island of Seychelles gained major coverage after David and Victoria Beckham visited it, followed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince Willaims and Kate Middleton for their honeymoon. 

Average temperature in July: 24° to 28°

Signature dishes to try: Coconut Curry, sosis rougay, breadfruit, Satini

Places to visit: La Digue Island, Victoria, Beau Vallon Beach

4. Chill off with Some Local Georgian Wine


The perfect destination for all food and wine lovers, across the globe and your answer to where to travel in July near Dubai. Georgia also called “Gruzya” in Russian or “Gurgan” in Persian, which translates to ‘the land of Wolves’ is at the joint of eastern Europe and Western Asia, which reflects in its culture and food. The Kakheti is the most popular destination for traditional winemaking. The whole place is home to an array of small and large wineries offering wine tours and more.

Average temperature in July: 20° to 26°

Signature dishes to try: Khachapuri, Khinkali, Satsivi, Tolma

Places to visit: Tbilisi, Kazbegi, Martvili Canyon, Kakheti

5. Experience the Rich Heritage of Armenia


The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country in Western Asia. The country has some of the oldest churches and monasteries to visit. Armenia became the first state in the world to adopt Christianity as its official religion. It happened towards the early 4th century AD. Armenia is a developing country, which has aimed at preserving its music, art and dance. The country has witnessed a lot of cultures, which brings about a vivid diversity in their cultural portrait.

Average temperature in July: 12° to 26°

Signature dishes to try: Lavash, Topik, Boerag, Dolma

Places to visit: Khor Virap, Areni winery, Armenian Alphabet Monument

6. Witness Nature at its Best, Kenya


Located in East Africa, Kenya is one of the most talked-about and visited destinations. The misconceptions about the country are wrong and Kenya should be on your bucket list. The country boasts of natural wildlife habitat right inside the city and you can see the Big Five of the African kingdom. The country is further made popular by the hospitality of the local Kenyan people, who do not hesitate even for a minute if you need help. Also, the country has some mind-bogglingly beautiful beaches.

Average temperature in July: 10° to 24°

Signature dishes to try: Nyama Choma, Ugali, Mandazi, Dumo Kachri

Places to visit: Amboseli National Park, Lake Nakuru, Malindi, Lake Naivasha

7. Visit the White Ruthenia, Belarus


The landlocked country of Belarus is one of the most underrated travel destinations in today’s time. This country is known for its picturesque countryside landscapes and Soviet structures. The beautiful city of Belarus is a replica of western Europe, with peaceful and vibrant areas spread around the city.  Furthermore, the country in tandem with Ukraine and Russia are known as the “Slavic sisters”, which also portrays the influence Russia has had over the city and its name.

Average temperature in July: 13° to 23°

Signature dishes to try: Zhurek, Kletski, Machanka, Galushki, Tsibriki

Places to visit: Vitebsk, Polatsk, Braslaw Lakes National Park, Minsk

8. Welcome to the land of Raspberries, Serbia


The beautiful country of Serbia is known for its natural beauty and landscapes. It is known for its export of fresh produce. It is the second-largest exporter of raspberries and leading exporter of plims, prunes, apples and pears to Europe. The country boasts of popular Balkan cuisine, with a slight twist to it. Belgrade – Serbia’s capital city is the oldest city in Europe. That makes it a destination rich in heritage and culture.

Average temperature in July: 23° to 28°

Signature dishes to try: Muckalica, Svadbarski Kupus, Ajvar, Pasulj, Gibanica

Places to visit: Skull tower of Nis, Nikola Tesla Museum, Krupaj spring, Drina River rock house

9. Experience Slavic hospitality, Russia


The largest country in the world is also the most diverse and awe-inspiringly awesome. As the country spread across 11 time zones. Russia is known for its array of different landscapes ranging from deserts to lush valleys, to snow-clad mountains and forest making it one of the most intriguing places to visit. The country boasts of a lot of resources that make it a place with reasonable travel fares, making the visit to the country an exciting experience.

Average temperature in July: 22° to 25°

Signature dishes to try: Stroganoff, Blini, Chicken Kiev, Golubtsy, Piroshki, Caviar, 

Places to visit: Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Winter Palace, Lenin’s Mausoleum

10. Visit the land of Sunflowers, Ukraine


Ukraine is the largest country within the European continent and the number one producer of Sunflower oil, hence the nickname. The country is home to 7 UNESCO approved heritage sites and is home to one of the top 5 operas in the world, The Odessa Opera. In addition to that, Ukraine is home to several beautiful landscapes and the majority of them include over 20,000 lakes of all sizes.

Average temperature in July: 24° to 26°

Signature dishes to try: Salo, Vareniki, Okroshka, Banush, BorschtPlaces to visit: Bukovel, Odessa, Lviv, Kiev, Uman

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