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15+ Best Things To Do In Kosovo

Where is Kosovo and are travellers welcome there? Yes! The untouched land with its unfamiliar beauty is in Southeast Europe with plenty of Kosovo tourist attractions. This is a lesser-known state with interesting things to do that may intrigue you. So, get ready for a completely different travelling experience on an exploration of new places and cherishable holiday moments. Here are the top 15+ best things to do in Kosovo with a few having historical relevance as well. Take a look!

Top Things To Do In Kosovo

Explore the ruins of Kalaja Fortress

Kalaja Fortress

This is one of the top things to do in Prizren Kosovo as you go back in time. Here, you can learn so much about this historic place. The old fortress was controlled by the Ottomans who held social gatherings here. Wonder how people lived back then as you explore the fortress also known as the Prizren Fortress. The hilltop fortification overlooks the Prizren River and has seen habitation during the Bronze Age. Visit one of the popular historical places in Kosovo to indulge in the past.

 Average Price: Free

 Timings: 12.00 am to 11.59 pm

 Pro tip: You could take along a guide who is multilingual and informative.

Have a picnic at Rugova Mountains

Rugova Mountains

The Rugova Mountains is a must-see place in Kosovo located in the northwest of the city of Peja. It is green and beautiful in summer and is famous for hiking, paragliding, mountaineering and skiing (during the winter season). A top thing to do in Peja Kosovo is to have a picnic time with family or friends, read a book over a cup of coffee and enjoy the views. The winter adventures are equally exciting to discover the mountain slopes skiing depending on the Kosovo weather. This is one of the cool things to do in Kosovo.

 Average Price: From $24.09 (Kosovo Pass)

 Timings: 24-hours

Pro tip: Try to have lunch in a local restaurant in the countryside, a fun thing to do in Kosovo.

Take a Cultural Tour of the Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum

Take a tour of the Ethnographic Museum set in an 18th-century house. It is home to a wealth of artefacts, traditional costumes, handicrafts, furnishings and more. This is a top Kosovo tourist attraction where you can explore the history of the Kosovar-Albanian people. There are souvenir offerings including the Albanian felt caps called “pils”. Visit the monument of culture located in the Emin Gjiku complex from the 18th century, a top Kosovo attraction.

 Average Price: Based on the tour

 Timings: 10.00 am to 4.30 pm

 Pro tip: You can book your tickets for your tour online for convenience.

Spend a pleasant day at Germia Park

Germia Park

Relax and have a perfect day in one of the best family places in Kosovo, Germia Park. This park is lovely especially when the Kosovo weather is in the autumn season as the colours of the flowers bloom. You can enjoy walking, cycling here or relishing the local dishes in the restaurants nearby. The pleasant vibes and greenery, flowers and trees make it one of the most beautiful places in Kosovo. There is also a large swimming pool which is popular among tourists and locals alike.

 Average Price: $1.10

 Timings: 24 hours

 Pro tip: Enjoy being here during the Sunnyhill Festivals, an annual international music festival that takes place at the park.

Go to a Bear Sanctuary in Prishtina

Bear Sanctuary

One of the interesting things to do in Kosovo is to visit the bear sanctuary that opened in 2013. This is a home to 20 bears rescued from abusive conditions in the 16 hectares of habitat. Take a walk around and stop to interact in a bear tour to learn about the adorable bears. There is a nice cafe and a kid’s playground here. There are also hiking opportunities in the area and walking paths that lead through the lovely sanctuary. A little further down is a lake in case you want to take a swim.

Average Price:$1.66 (high season)

Timings: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

Pro tip: You could make donations that will help the sanctuary take care of the bears.

See The Ugly Kosovo National Library

Kosovo National Library

The Kosovo National Library became a popular Kosovo tourist attraction since it earned its name as among the ugliest buildings in the world. The attraction was designed by Croatian architect Andrija Mutnjaković and was opened in 1982. It looks like boxes covered in chains with white domes on top. It is an interesting building to watch and one of the favourite places to visit among tourists. The library collects and preserves documents about the intellectual heritage of the country.

Average Price: Free

Timings: 7.00 am to 8.00 pm (Sunday closed)

Pro tip: National Library of Kosovo is made in a style blending Byzantine and Islamic architectural forms. It is best to be part of a guided tour to understand its historical essence.

Hike in the Beauty of Rugova Valley

Rugova Valley

Hiking in the beautiful Rugova Valley is a top thing to do in Kosovo. The activity is part of the ‘Peaks of the Balkans’ hike which is for a 10-13 days duration. The hike includes the mountains of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. You could also hike to Lake Kisko at the Montenegrin border, one of the most beautiful attractions. The Kosovo Rugova Valley is a stretched mountain range with water, waterfalls and rocks. Rugova Valley is located in the heart of Dukagjini, in north-western Kosovo and covers an area of 32,000 hectares.

Average Price: Based on the tour

Timings: Tour timing

Pro tip: Rugova Valley Tourist Information Centre is open to providing you with valuable information on maps and weather details.

Have an adventure at Radaci Caves

radaci caves

Radaci Caves is a new feature on a Kosovo tourist attractions map that lets you explore under the mountains. You could climb down as far as 90m to the underground lakes, a phenomenal thing to see in Kosovo. This nature reserve is also called the Sleeping Beauty Cave and is a cool place. It is one of the best places in Kosovo to visit for its natural beauty. You can pass by the White Dren Waterfall which adds to the beauty of the tour.

Average Price: $2.21 

Timings: Open April to October by appointment

Pro tip: The caves are lit and are equipped with railings to aid tourists.

Capture pictures of the Newborn Monument

Newborn Monument

This monument is a top Kosovo attraction that commemorates the country’s independence from Serbia on February 17, 2008. The iconic attraction consists of 3m of block letters spelt out in the word Newborn. It was originally painted in yellow and then was repainted with the flags of the countries that recognize Kosovo’s independence. The monument interestingly is repainted differently every year and today amounts to over half of the UN members. It is unveiled on the anniversary of the country’s independence.

Average Price: Based on the full-day Pristina tour

Timings: Day tour

Pro tip: You could use the Pristina trip itinerary maker app to ensure that the Newborn Monument is included.

Savour Kosovo meat at Renaissance

Kosovo meat at Renaissance

Experience Pristina’s favourite best-kept secret with wooden doors that open to a traditional stone-walled dining room. Renaissance boasts of a perfect ambience where tables are brimming with local wine, delicious mezze and juicy meat main courses. This is a top thing to do in Kosovo with family for a culinary wonder. Prepare for a long and leisurely meal with different dishes. Vegetarians have to call ahead to be catered for their meals.

Average Price: $16.57 (set meal)

Timings: 6.00 pm until midnight (Sunday holiday)

Pro tip: The restaurant is a bit tricky to find but most taxi drivers usually know the route.

Admire the chiselled Sinan Pasha Mosque

Sinan Pasha Mosque

The beautiful mosque was built by the Ottoman Empire to spread Islam and is constructed from chiselled stones. The rectangular designed layout structure has a stone-carved staircase which is one of the top things to see in Kosovo. Watch the splendid paintings in the mosque of Arabic verses from the Al-Quran, the holy book of Islam. The Sinan Pasha Mosque in Prizren is among Kosovo best places to visit.It was built in 1615 by Sofi Sinan Pasha and overlooks the main street of Prizren.

Average Price: From $71.28 (Prizren sightseeing tour)

Timings: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm 

Pro tip: Book a multi-lingual Prizren tour that includes the Sinan Pasha Mosque as part of the itinerary.

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Check out the cafe culture of Prishtina

Cafe culture

There are plenty of cafes and bars on the side streets of Prishtina where locals go to spend time. You could check out Raki Street which is a small street to the right of Nene Tereze Boulevard. This is a favourite thing to do in Kosovo and if you need a coffee boost then visit Prince Coffee. You get a wide variety of espresso drinks and teas. Try the epic macarons, snickers cake, cheesecake, and tres leches cake among other desserts and snacks. These are the most delicious and are very affordable.

Average Price: 60 cents per piece of macaron

Timings: 7.00 am to 12.00 am 

Pro tip: Mingle with the elderly locals and enjoy some coffee with a view to absorb the culture.

Shop in the bazaar of Old Town

Bazaar of Old Town

Look around in the bazaar of the Old Town of Prishtina where you can buy products cheaply. From a hairdryer, deck of cards, iron to absolutely anything is available at the traditional bazaar. If you need something then the best place to visit in Kosovo is here. It has been a core merchandising centre since the 15th century. Shopping here is one of the top things to do in Kosovo amid plenty of small shops selling coffee, local wares, fruits, vegetables and more. It is a very colourful experience and a popular thing to see in Kosovo.

Average Price: Based on the purchase

Timings: Day Tour

Pro tip: It is best to explore the trade bazaar on foot with the help of the locals and spend at least an hour here.

Visit beautiful mosques in Kosovo

Kosovo mosques

Kosovo is a majority Muslim country although secular and is filled with over 500 mosques spread all over. The lovely mosques are very welcoming to outsiders. It is a must to be dressed conservatively with most women here preferring to wear a hijab over western styles of clothing. Most of the mosques can be found in Prizren due to the large Ottoman influence in the city.  Al Falah Central Mosque, Baitul Aman Jame Masjid, Baitul Falah, Al Razzaque, and Masjid Al Khalil among others are lovely Kosovo attractions to visit.

Average Price: Based on the tour

Timings: 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (five times a day prayer timings are maintained)

Pro tip: You could book a Halal trip to tour the mosques of Kosovo.

Discover Kosovo Bill Clinton Statue

Bill Clinton statue

A popular Kosovo attraction is the 10-foot-high statue of Clinton which is definitely worth a visit. Kosovo feels a kinship with Bill Clinton who rallied NATO to defend them in 1999. He is memorialized in downtown Prishtina and the statue was unveiled on the boulevard on November 1, 2009. It is at a ceremony that President Clinton spoke when the statue was unveiled and is located on a Kosovo street named after him. Kosovo’s Albanian majority still continues in their adulation of Clinton today.

Average Price: Based on the tour

Timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Saturday and Sunday closed)

Pro tip: You could shop at the nearby Hillary store and perhaps pick up a formal suit.

Revel in the nightlife of Kosovo

Nightlife of Kosovo

There are plenty of clubs in Prishtina with the liveliest night scene. A fun thing to do in Kosovo is to blend in with the nightlife. With lots of things free, you could see the free ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet at the National Theatre or watch the blues show at Soma, a classy bar. Or perhaps dance the night away at Dit e Nat, a favourite place in Kosovo. Join the locals and enjoy the bar-hopping culture to have a good time.

Average Price: approximately $4.41 for a glass of beer

Timings: 9.00 p.m onwards

Pro tip: Bamboo Bar, Zone Club, and Corner Bar are some of the venues to check out.

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