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Where To Travel From Dubai? Fun and Safe Places To Visit

Dubai is a land of luxury delights and everyone who is fond of travelling and exploring places has Dubai at the top of their list. But how about taking a break from this jewel of the Persian Gulf and fly away to a different nation to witness more magic and wonders? Well, there are numerous places where one can travel from Dubai to encounter a completely different world. The visa process to these places isn’t hectic and also, these places are located just a few hours away. Moreover, these destinations are known for their unique beauty. Who wouldn’t love to explore them? So, plan your excursion now and explore the reserves they boast of. Get surprised and bring home memories for a lifetime. Discover where to travel from Dubai right here.

Where To Travel From Dubai?

1. Kenya


Kenya, Africa is the beauty you can’t afford to miss. Located at just few hours from Dubai, Kenya has become synonymous with rich greenery and wildlife over a period of time. The nation is admired and loved for its great safaris, game reserves, tribal culture and lifestyle and a lot more. Ride across the expanses of Maasai Mara National Park or take a break by the waters of the beautiful Lake Nakuru and spot an ocean of flamingos.

Explore the beautiful trails of Mount Kenya or absorb the tropical haven of Diani Beach. Kenya might not be the topmost when it comes to modern infrastructure, but it has innumerable natural wonders that are hard to find elsewhere.

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2. Egypt


Have a great interest in history, legends, and expansive architecture? Then Egypt is where you need to travel from Dubai. The country’s beauty is steeped deep into its ancient roots. The great Pyramids of Giza and the capital city Cairo make great places to scrutinize the authentic Egyptian lifestyle and culture. However, over a period of time, the country has developed into a resort and hence, attracts families as well as couples who come here to explore the seaside beauties.

Trace the 5000-year old world history in the cities of Egypt or simply lie by the Red Sea to enjoy its beach aura. Egypt has a number of ancient temples, valleys, markets, and a lot more!

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3. Turkey


Straddling western Asia and Southeast Europe, Turkey has an essence of Asian culture blended with the natural presence of European landscapes. That’s one of the reasons Turkey makes for a great getaway from Dubai. Fly in a hot air balloon over the beautiful lands of Cappadocia. Roam around in the vibrant streets of Istanbul and take a look at the world-renowned Hagia Sophia. Explore the marvellous Blue Mosque and visit the beautiful ruins of Ephesus. Turkey nurtures a perfect amalgamation of history and nature and that’s why, it is equally popular amongst tourists as well as explorers.

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4. Azerbaijan


Settled wonderfully in between the Caspian Sea and the great Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan makes for an amazing budget-friendly destination from Dubai. It is one of those places where one would find every kind of tourist attractions, ranging from hills to streams and monuments to ancient sites. Come for a weekend getaway from Dubai and get the opportunity to explore the great museum and art centres, medieval-era towers and buildings, the walled city of Baku and modern architecture in the form of Flame Towers.

Azerbaijan offers incredible wonders. Whether it is the Talish Mountains or the Alpine ski resorts or lakes with crystal clear waters, you are bound to find yourself amused and awestruck.

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5. Georgia Country


Another world that would awaken the spirit of a traveller in you! Georgia is too wonderful to miss and a great place to explore from Dubai. Breathtaking valleys, ravishing hill towns, ancient places, great food, amazing stay options and the popular Georgian wine – all of these reasons make Georgia a must-visit! Explore the streets of Tbilisi, visit the ruins of Narikala Fortress or venture off to the river canyon with great boat tours. So, are you up for a happy family vacation to this great country? Then get on the way already!

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6. Armenia


Home to one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world, Armenia is a great destination for sightseeing as well as exploration tours. Though it is mostly famous for its ancient religious sites and other prominent places that have some sort of relation to Christianity, it successfully allures nature lovers, landscape photographers and adventurers.

It is all because the country offers hundreds of natural beauties and a bundle of outdoor activities apart from the Greco-Roman temple of Garni from the 1st century. So, take a flight and land here to step into a completely different world in contrast to Dubai. Explore its monasteries, lakes and hills and absorb Armenia into your soul.

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7. India


India is a land of great culture and is far-framed for its history, cultural values and architecture. However, the country is also noticed for its natural beauties like mountains, forests, valleys, hills, shores and more. Hence, it makes for a great getaway not only for people coming from Dubai but also for travelers from around the world.

So, do prepare for a next vacation relishing the facets of India and witness its magnificence. Marvel at the astonishing Taj Mahal. Visit the majestic royal spaces of Rajasthan. Get lost in the untouched wilds of Northeast. Or explore the coastal paradises of Goa and Kerala.

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8. Qatar


Nestled on the shores of the dazzling Persian Gulf, Qatar is a perfect place to enjoy the beauties of Dubai. Like the UAE city, it boasts of great skyscrapers and unmatched architecture. However, it is also a great tourist destination for those who love exploring hidden and offbeat culture and history.

Flourishing within the aesthetic sphere of Qatar peninsula, the country serves as a great surprise. It has number of mesmerising locations including artificial islands like Dubai to explore. Visit here and explore the Museum of Islamic Art, Banana Island, Pearl Qatar, museums, parks and beaches!

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9. Jordan


A great place that represents the lifestyle and culture of the Middle East to a large extent, Jordan is another place that should be on the list of travellers exploring places from Dubai. Just 2-hour away from the UAE, Jordan is mostly popular for its ancient rock-cut city of Petra. However, there is a lot more to notice and acknowledge here.

The country has myriad other historical sites where one can trace the past of Middle East, ranging from theatres to citadels and cathedrals to mosques. Jordan also has the wilderness of the desert and the calmness of beach resorts.

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10. Oman


One of the neighbours of Dubai, Oman is another place where one can crash and enjoy wonderful attractions. The best way to experience the beauty of Oman is by celebrating the local culture and admiring the natural presence of sand dunes, beaches and oases.

Oman is a great stretch of diverse beauties and has in store historical places, artistic delights, and natural marvels. So, take an off from the glittering world of Dubai and mingle with the medley of Oman. Take note of cultural cities like Muscat or explore the rustic yet majestic Nizwa Fort. Visit it and come across beautiful surprises!

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