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Top 10 Reasons To Book Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets Right Away And Why

Dubai Expo 2021, officially called Dubai Expo 2020, is one of the largest global gatherings in the world with a focus on shaping the future. Creative ideas with innovative solutions from 192 participating countries are showcased around the theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future. The Expo site Dubai covers a sprawling 4.38 square kilometers in the Dubai South District and has many modes of transport to the event. The event around the Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability sub-themes have various mind-blowing pavilions with technology glitz, cultural experiences, and much more. Here are the top 10 reasons to book your Dubai Expo tickets right away. The Dubai Expo 2021 dates run from October 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022. So, be there!

Reasons To Book Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets

1. Mesmerizing Cultural Fiesta

Mesmerizing Cultural Fiesta

There are plenty of live events where you can learn about the various cultural heritage with storytelling sessions, entertainment, art, innovation, and jaw-dropping interactive platforms. With over 60 events a day at the Expo, Dubai gets even more attractive as a tourist destination. From daily parades to late-night laser shows and dazzling fireworks, the Dubai Expo 2021 is a heritage-worthy grand World Fair and a lifetime celebration of cultural diversity. The Arabic Calligraphy Benches, Music Studio at Jamaica Pavilion, Expo Beats are some of the cultural highlights.

2. Al Wasl Opera

Al Wasl Opera

Among the notable arts and culturally immersive experiences, is the Al Wasl Opera that brings to life UAE history. The global talent shares the innovative spirit of the Expo 2020 in Dubai. Enjoy a creative journey of contemporary art by leading artists in the various pavilion Dubai Expo 2020 offers. Al Wasl means ‘the connection’ in Arabic and is a presentation produced in collaboration with Welsh National Opera. Justin Brown conducts the opera and brings to life a thousand years of UAE culture, civilizations, and soul.

3. Relish Culinary Experiences

Relish Culinary Experiences

Dubai Expo 2021 welcomes you with dishes from every corner of the world. From family-friendly meals to street foods, there are over 200 food and beverage outlets at the Expo site Dubai. You get to try African-American fine-dining concepts, Chinese Culture & Cuisine Palace that serves Sichuan cuisine to edible delights that glow-in-the-dark and more. There are delivery robots, robotic baristas, cloud kitchens, Dhaba-style eateries, and more. Relish haute cuisine by world-renowned chefs and have a food fiesta.

4. Discover Innovation & Technological Wonders

Discover Innovation & Technological Wonders

Unwind your inner-techie as you stand in awe amid life-changing innovations and technological experiences at the Dubai Expo 2021. The world connects through high-tech experiences that you can enjoy. From artificial intelligence inspired by Stephen Hawking, you can add your voice to a changing collective message at the UK Pavilion to the Future of Commercial Aviation explorations at the Emirates Pavilion, and more. There are healthcare innovations, humanitarian drone corridors, autonomous vehicles, space travel innovations, Laboratory of Future Values, and much more. 

5. The Future of Food: Epochal Banquet 

The Future of Food Epochal Banquet

This is a multi-sensory experience by the UK-based design studio Bompas & Parr where you get to taste many cuisines that are the world’s firsts. The flavour-changing desserts, cuisine made with rare ingredients and herbs, and other culinary moments that borrow expertise from artificial intelligence, space, microbiology, and sustainable feeding, this is an immersive gastronomic wonder. The innovative dining experience has vegetarian options as well. There is music or live entertainment here as you enjoy the cultural food odyssey.

6. Incredible Architecture

Incredible Architecture

You can get an incredible tour of hundreds of pavilions with world-class structures and designs. The world comes together at the Dubai Expo 2021 with interactive exhibits, memorable meeting spaces, architectural tours, and more. See the spectacle unfold in front of you such as the Al Wasl Dome with a spectacular 360-degree canvas and projection surface designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Or the arch-inspired design of the Belgium Pavilion designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures & Assar Architects. 

7. Surreal Waterfall

Surreal Waterfall

One of the many reasons to book Dubai Expo 2021 tickets right away is the surreal waterfall highlight. The attraction is over four stories tall and is designed by the California-based water feature firm WET. You can bathe in the waterfall installation and have a lifetime experience.  Watch as the waterfall with the power of nature and technology is carved into a sculpture. The music you hear is specially curated for the experience with dazzled lights that flash all around. It feels like magic with water spraying on your face and the coolness the fall brings. The water then disappears under your feet without getting you wet. 

8. Garden in the Sky

Garden in the Sky

The most exciting reason to be at the Dubai Expo 2021 is the spectacular Garden in the Sky attraction. Get onboard the Observation Deck as it rises to 46 meters in height. You get to see spectacular bird’s-eye images of the Expo site Dubai. The 360-degree view is jaw-dropping as you witness the global mega-event from the sky. The deck has a capacity of 48 people that takes you on an incredible journey of about 6 minutes. You can buy a ticket for Dh 30 per head at the Expo.

9. Light Show at Al Wasl Dome

Light Show at Al Wasl Dome

The Al Wasl Dome is 67 meters in height and 130 meters in diameter. It is considered the heart and soul of the Dubai Expo 2021. The dome has a 360-degree projection screen that showcases immersive theatre experiences. This is a one-of-a-kind architectural wonder that features the incredible light show at night. It comes to life with dazzling colours of laser light and the air fills with an aura of excitement. Be there to see the largest projection screen in the world at night.

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10. Sabeel Water Fountains

Sabeel Water Fountains

Thanks to the innovative design and technological brilliance of two UAE-based design teams, Dubai Expo 2021 features the amazing Sabeel Water Fountains. You get drinking water from these fountains across the Expo site Dubai. The community drinking fountain is one of the top reasons to book your Dubai Expo 2021 tickets. It represents the symbolic spirit of the UAE’s hospitality, generosity, and tolerance. The 53 Sabeel Water Fountains will provide fresh drinking water to visitors during the six months of the world’s greatest exposition.

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