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Top 10 Wonderful Tourist Attractions In Eldoret and Its Environs, Kenya

Eldoret is Africa’s paradisal town nestled south of the Cherangani Hills. The thriving town is a principal economic hub of western Kenya with modern amenities, lodging facilities and more. This place in Kenya is attractive for its natural beauty and verdant landscapes. The name of the town comes from ‘eldore’ which means stony river in the Maasai language. The cultural diversity of the town is enchanting as Sirkwa, Nandi and Maasai people call Eldoret their home. We list the top 10 wonderful tourist attractions in Eldoret and its environs that you must visit. So, get ready to travel to Eldoret in the Uasin Gishu District of the Rift Valley Province, Kenya.

Top Tourist Attractions In Eldoret

1. Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple

This temple of worship is revered by the Hindu community of Kenya. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Eldoret and has idols of local deities. Prayers here in the pious place of worship are common. The belief goes that if you pray with a pure heart, wishes are fulfilled. The best time to visit the temple is in the mornings for the aura of serenity as you mingle with the locals. The temple is open all year round and entry is free. So, begin your Kenyan holiday with a prayer and soak in the charm of the attraction.

Location: Eldoret, Kenya

2. Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon National Park

The popular tourist attraction in Eldoret is spread over an area of 1279 sq km. It is split down the middle by the Uganda Kenya border with about 169 sq km of the park in Kenya. The national park beckons you with spectacular views as the attraction is high on the misty hills of western Kenya. The park has numerous streams that cascade by, valleys and labyrinthine caves. You have plenty of activities to enjoy as a visitor to the park from forest explorations, hiking and biking. The Elephant Caves explorations and treks to climb Mt. Elgon are thrilling activities to partake in.

Location: Mount Elgon Rd, Kitale, Kenya

3. Rift Valley

Rift Valley

This is a lowland lineal shaped tourist attraction that lies between several mountain ranges. It was created as a result of a rift or geological fault that became the Rift Valley. The valley was formed on a divergent plate boundary and deepened by forces of erosion. The geological splitting of the plates caused a depression in the centre between the two blocks and led to the formation of a graben. The process continues until today as the valley widens. It is a vast basin with sediments and rift walls that is a gorgeous tourist attraction in Kenya.

Location: Rift Valley Region, Kenya

4. Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory

Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory

Take a visit to the popular tourist attraction in Eldoret which is Kenya’s oldest creamery. Here you see the commitment to quality and experience for cheese manufacturing. The factory began in 1964 where cheese is produced in small batches with quality checks. Apart from cheese, the factory produces milk, yoghurt, ice cream and ghee. The factory is a must-visit as you witness the passion and tradition behind cheese-making as an art. Learn about the history of dairy mastery and enjoy the taste of 20 different varieties of quality cheese.

Location: Kipkenyo C39 Kapseret, Kenya

5. Chororget Church Rock View Point

Chororget Church Rock View Point

Located in Kerio Valley just 40 minutes from Eldoret this is undoubtedly a point from where you get the most spectacular views of the Rift Valley. Absorb the natural beauty of Kenya from the Church Rock that is located right next to a church. Head out to Chororget for a quiet retreat amid nature`s beauty. This is an ideal place to enjoy the serenity and purity of natural bliss. Make sure that you are cautious at the rock edges as there are no barriers. 

Location: Chororget, Kenya

6. Chepkiit Falls

Chepkiit Falls

Visit Chepkiit Falls also known as Mlango Falls for awesome views. It is located just 25 km to the northeast of Eldoret town. It is believed that the falls were used as a mercy-killing spot by the Nandi community. Elderly and sick people were pushed off the edge of the falls to end their suffering. The site is a major attraction in Nandi County. It is a good idea to visit during the dry season as it is risky in the rains. There is also a warning near the waterfalls to view the attraction from afar. En route pass by tea estates where you can learn to pluck tea leaves and indulge in tea plucking lessons.

Location: C55H+7Q2, Mosoriot, Kenya

7. Kesses Dam

Kesses Dam

Kesses Dam or Lake Lessos is a small man-made lake situated about 35 km from Eldoret. The primary source of water is from Nderugut and Tarakwa Rivers while the primary outflow is to the Sambul River. The dam is important as its water is used for irrigation and other domestic uses. It lies in Uasin Gishu County with a catchment area of 4300 acres. Boating, fishing, birdwatching and sitatunga viewing are the many recreational activities. Enjoy a cool temperate climate as you witness several migratory duck species, parasites and fishes.

Location: Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

8. Koromosho Falls

Koromosho Falls

This is a natural preserve and one of the top tourist attractions in Eldoret. Choose a dry day to visit as the roads can be impassable during the rainy season. This is one of the coolest waterfalls where nature is at its best. Carry some snacks and wear shoes that have a firm grip as the ground gets slippery near the falls. Hire a local guide who will show you the soul of the attraction as you revel in its beauty. Listen to the soothing sounds of the river or the rumbling of the waterfall and explore the caves beneath.

Location:31 km south of Eldoret, Kenya

9. Rupa’s Mall ‘Kid Corner

Rupa Mall Kids Corner

This is a popular theme park and kid-friendly tourist attraction in Eldoret. Join the fun in the water park, take quad bike rides, boat rides, water slides, fantasy trains, trampoline joys and more. Bring your kids to Rupa Mall and have a fun-filled day with your family. Get an all-access pass to the Kids Corner and Rupa`s Fun N Fitness Centre. The place also hosts swimming, dancing and singing competitions alongside. Local artists such as DJ Warship, DJ Pinto and others keep the place lively. Don’t miss out on the adventure with many activities for younger toddlers too.

Location: Eldoret – Nakuru Rd, Eldoret, Kenya

10. Kapkuro Bandas

Kapkuro Bandas

Kapkuro Bandas is located on the splendid slopes of Mt Elgon that makes the tourist attraction popular. There are plenty of activities from caving, hiking, game drives and bird watching to fill your day with. The bat-filled caves are a series of caves where troglodyte elephants come to mine salt. You can also view wildlife such as buffalo, leopard, colobus monkey, waterbuck elephant and more. Boarding is on a self-catering basis and the attraction is a part of the Kenya Wildlife Service. The guest house is located 500 m from Chorlim gate and offers a fully-equipped kitchen.

Location: Mt Elgon National Park, Mt Elgon, Kitale, Kenya

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