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10 Reasons Why Bangkok Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Massage! Street food! Nightlife! These are certain terms that usually strike our heart whenever we hear ‘Bangkok’. Unarguably, Bangkok is known across the world for the aforementioned things. However, there are a lot of other reasons for which this beautiful city has got a special place in the hearts of travelers. Here, we are going to discuss all those reasons that make Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, a must-visit destination. These reasons will definitely compel you to plan a visit to Bangkok and explore its dynamic beauty.

10 Top Reasons to Visit Bangkok, Thailand

1. World’s Top Tourist Destination

Bangkok World's Best Tourist Destination

If you are into travelling, then you must already know that as per Mastercard’s 2019 Global Destination Cities Index, Bangkok is the world’s top tourist destination. It is because the city is visited by more than 20 million tourists every year. Well, that’s quite a number. On an average, the money spent by tourists here is in billion dollars annually. This signifies the popularity of Bangkok among the masses. So, get to this lively destination and see for yourself what the hype is all about.

2. The Best Of Modern And Ancient Architecture

Bangkok Architecture

Be it the Grand Palace or the Rama VIII Bridge, the architecture of Bangkok is highly commendable. On one hand, you can watch the perpetually shining and well-crafted Wat Arun Temple and on the other hand, you can catch the glamorous sight of Mahanakhon, otherwise called the Tetris Building. Both the structures showcase the out-of-the-world designs and artistic construction. Indeed, one of the unique things to do in Bangkok.

3. World’s Best Street Food

Bangkok Street Food

Being a political hub, a trade centre and a city of great nightlife, Bangkok offers its tourists a wide variety of cuisine. From Chinese to Indian, Mexican to Italian and of course, Thai, you can savour innumerable tastes in the streets of Bangkok. The city will never disappoint you whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or a non-vegetarian.  The dishes you must try include Pad Thai, steamed dumplings, sticky mango rice and fried banana pancake.

4. The Floating Markets

Bangkok Floating Market

Do you love the beauty of chaos? If yes, then the floating markets would appeal to you a lot. Here, you can find people selling flowers, plants, snacks and other useful items. The list includes Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Amphawa Floating Market, Bang Nam Pheung Floating Market, etc. Book a ‘Bridge on the river Kwai Bangkok and Floating Market tour’ to get two of the best of Bangkok attractions in one.

5. The Fulfilling Thai Massage

Thailand Bangkok Massage

Bangkok things to do list can never be complete without the Thai Massage. Massage therapy happens to be one of the famous things in Bangkok. Enjoy your time here with a relaxing massage.  Even though it requires massage therapists who are expert in their work, you can find massage parlors in every alternate street in Bangkok. Book a couple’s session if you are crossing off the most romantic things to do in Bangkok from your list.

6. The Insane Nightlife

Bangkok Insane Nightlife

The nightlife in Bangkok is boisterous, frenetic and exciting. Unlike many other metropolitan where the day ends with the nightfall, Bangkok is nonstop throughout the day and the night. The clubs, bars and pubs remain open till the party gets over. Let us tell you, the party never dies in Bangkok. Clubs and lounges happen to be the best places to visit in Bangkok at night.

7. The Largest Domestic Market

Bangkok Chatuchak Marke

One of the major things to do in Bangkok with friends is exploring through the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It is the largest market in the country. You can find everything here: antiques, cosmetics, food, furniture, clothes, books, drinks, plants, electronics, home accessories, you name it. That’s why, it is one of the popular tourist attractions in Bangkok Thailand.

8. The No Hand Restaurant

No Hand restaurant

Well, this is something that will draw your attention anyhow. If you are tired of exploring the city and are lazy to eat your meal, then just head to the No Hand Restaurant. There you need not do anything on your own. The servers will come and feed you. For the lazy folk out there, this is surely one of the best things to do in Bangkok Thailand.

9. Best Luxury Experience

Bangkok Luxury infinity pool

The city offers a lot to experience luxury within its boundaries. Apart from staying in a 7-star or a 5-star property, you can book a helicopter ride and visit tourist places near Bangkok. You can also go on a river cruise and have a quality spa time at the best of wellness resorts, two of the most relaxing things to do in Bangkok. Dining at exorbitant gourmet restaurants is a rich experience too.

10. The Largest Chinatown

Bangkok Chinatown

Once you are done exploring the culture and the cuisine of Bangkok, do not forget to visit the Yaowarat road and the surrounding areas, home to the biggest Chinatown in the world. Calling it is a ‘China away from China’ wouldn’t be wrong. Apart from enjoying authentic Chinese dishes, you can also shop for gold, antiques and handicrafts. It is one of the oldest regions of Bangkok and a must-visit spot for those who love to treasure history.

If you are a passionate traveler and would love to explore beyond the boundaries of the city, then you can also plan a tour to the places to visit near Bangkok such as Pattaya, Phuket, and more. 

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