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Do Not Miss This On Your Female Solo Travel In Africa

Africa is an impressive continent designed with a pack of marvelous countries that illustrate the utmost splendor. The giant family comprises many proud members, namely, Kenya, Morocco, Namibia, Ghana, Seychelles, and many others. Traveling to Africa alone? Feel free and stroll in the safe, fun, and lively environs. You are also in a treat for the best of female solo travel in Africa. Quench your wanderlust and unravel the African charms for utter-astonishment.  

What Must You Not Miss On Your Female Solo Travel in Africa?

1. Enjoy a marvelous Mokoro ride

Female Solo Travel in Africa: Mokoro ride

A female solo trip in Africa is fun and Okavango Delta undoubtedly deserves a mandatory visit due to its local features. In addition, the vast wetlands in the embrace of African delights are a sheer sight. So, witness it all on the engaging African lands with a Mokoro tour.

Where to go: Okavango Delta, Botswana, and many other places

Travel tips:

  • Before staying with any local, present them a basket of fruits. It is an elegant way to thank them for their warmth.
  • In Botswana, solo travelers can spend a complete day with the friendly locals, row in the traditional Mokoro canoe, and enjoy a hearty feast under the sparkling skies at night. 

2. Admire the bonny beaches

Female Solo Travel in Africa:: Beaches

All the solo travelers in Ghana whether a male or a female are in for a visual treat. The scenic stretch of sand embraces the serene clear waters and appears truly ravishing. In addition, the fetching fortresses along the coastline overlook the gorgeous surroundings that narrate the tales of its good old days. 

Where to go: Beaches in Ghana, beaches in Liberia, beaches in Senegal, and many other places.

Travel tips: 

  • Do enjoy a meal at the local restaurants along the coast to taste the authentic African flavors.
  • Take a leisure walk and get engrossed in the charms of the African delights.

3. Step out for a striking safari

Female Solo Travel in Africa: Striking Safaris

Africa and safari go hand-in-hand. All the solo travelers in Kenya must go for a one-of-a-kind ‘safari-on-two-wheels’ ride. Admire the serenity of Kenya’s natural wonders. Also, paddle your way and witness the amazing geothermal landscapes. Follow it up with an ecstatic close up view of the wild packs of zebras and giraffes. 

Where to go: Hell’s Gate National Park, Kenya | Kruger National Park, South Africa | Serengeti, Tanzania | South Luangwa National Park, Zambia | Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe | Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Travel tips: 

  • Make sure to follow all the instructions made before the commencement of your safari.
  • Always drink adequate water to avoid dehydration.
  • The solo safari tours in South Africa are the core bearers of fantastic African wilderness and memorable escapades.

4. Experiment the exciting boat life

Female Solo Travel in Africa: Village tours

Spend a terrific day with a tour to one of the local villages of Africa. In other words, open the door to access heritage, magic, and sheer wonderment. On your female solo travel in Africa, enjoy the sparkling waters with an amazing boat ride, magic dance, a visit to the local market, and more.

Where to go: Stilt village of Ganvie, Benin, Africa

Travel tips: 

  • Make sure to buy souvenirs at the traditional markets and souks.
  • Enjoy mouth-watering food at the authentic restaurants of Africa.
  • Decipher the culture and lifestyle of Africa while you visit the local houses.

5. Praise the prepossessing panoramas

South Africa is marked for its incomparable excellence. Also, it is a hub for offering the best of female solo travels. If you are a nature positive wanderer, then trek in Africa’s untouched lush green altitudes. Walk to the top of the dramatic mountains. From there, you can witness a series of eccentric assemblages and click numerous Insta-worthy images.

Where to go: Drakensberg, Lesotho, Africa

Travel tips: 

  • While camping and trekking, make sure to carry personal essentials.
  • Do pack a first-aid box.
  • Set up your camping tent and spend a night gazing at the sky full-of-stars.
  • Additionally, carry emergency batteries to keep your gadgets charged all the time.

6. Trek on the ancient Tigray churches

The thin cliff-face ledge is filled with excitement. You would feel like you are walking towards heaven. Yes, it’s true! So, step out and climb-on-foot to witness an ancient monolithic church. The dome-shaped structure on top of the hill  is notable for its eye-catching architecture. Hence, the location is a spectacle wonder. 

Where to go: Abune Yemanta Church, Ethiopia, Africa

Travel tips: 

  • It is highly recommended to carry your own first-aid.
  • Also wear safety gear. 

7. Revel at the riveting Atlantic coast

Morocco plus beaches is a deadly combination. In addition, the surfing activities, morning sunrise views, and amazing surf camps are a cherry on top. Enjoy a refreshing evening stroll along the Atlantic Coast and feel the sweet kiss of the breeze on your cheeks. Also, the female solo travelers in Africa who fancy surfing, this is your spot for the ultimate splash experiences.  

Where to go: Taghazout, Morocco, Africa

Travel tips: 

  • Make sure to check the weather beforehand.
  • Always gear up before entering the waters to avoid injuries.

8. Drive through the dashing desert lands

Go for solo traveling in Namibia. Get ready for a heart-pumping venture in the land of sand and safari. Yes, you heard it right. The spellbinding landscapes of the great Namibian sands is a scenic delight. So, buckle up for a thrilling solo trip to South Africa and venture the silhouettes of the ancient forest under the blue sky.

Where to go: Sossusvlei, Namibia, Africa

Travel tips: 

  • Do carry your anti-dust sunglasses and sunscreen. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated.

9. Meet the pretty party of penguins

Penguins in Africa? Yes, that’s right! As one of the curious female solo travelers, you are in for a visual treat. Witness a bunch of cute, little African penguins along the coast of Boulders Beach. Go for solo traveling in South Africa and spend a great day in the alleys of Cape town. Also, encounter unique animals and capture sweet memories.

Where to go: Simon’s Town, Cape Town, South Africa, Africa

Travel tips: 

  • Spend a day along the coast and have a fun time at the local bars and restaurants. 
  • Take a hearty stroll along the cool coast.

10. Walkthrough the super stunning blue city

In the basket of Africa, Chefchouen is a vibrant, illustrious, and dashing city that portrays art. In other words, it is a scenic marvel. Experience mountaineering, sight some old quarters, and walk through the charming blue alleys for an amazing tour. Also, buy the pretty hand-crafted souvenirs and capture the ravishing views while you travel solo in Africa.

Where to go: Chefchaouen, Morocco, Africa

Travel tip: 

  • Try out the authentic Moroccan cuisines. 
  • Buy bohemian accessories.

11. Row on the pleasing pink lake

Experience solo traveling in Senegal and row your way to an atypical lake of excitement. The pink water area under the clear blue sky and surrounding green spaces with sparkling white sands appear like a classic color palette of nature. So, all the female solo travelers in Africa, get ready to witness the rosy delights of this continent.

Where to go: Lac Rose, Senegal, Africa

Travel tip: 

  • Enjoy an amazing solo weekend getaway in Africa. Make memories and taste the local delicacies.

12. Collect Significant Souvenirs

The traditional markets in Africa portray unique culture and allure. The hand-made home-decors, colorful accessories, mosaic prints, lanterns, argan oil, basketweaving, vibrant textiles, and more, project the local interests of this continent. Each African country is renowned for something specific. You should not miss buying at least one souvenir from each.  

Where to go: Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia ( countries in Africa)

Travel tips: 

  • Do bargain as it is fun. Also, you get better deals if you persuade the sellers. 
  • Make the most of your solo tour in Africa and collect local surprises for you and your loved ones.
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