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Ghana Holidays: Top 10 Best Things to Do and Places To Visit

The crown jewel of The African continent is a country that is in a league of its own and is popularly known as Ghana. The country of Ghana is one of the first African nations to achieve independence. And achieve total socio-political and economic freedom. This has given the country a base for reviving and bringing their lost culture back to life. This process of revival has further has made the country stand out as a destination. Which is both safe and welcoming to international travellers. Here is an interesting read on Ghana holidays with the top 10 best things to do and places to visit.

Ghana Holidays: Best Things to Do and Places To Visit

1. Tamale

Ghana Holidays: Top 10 Best Things to Do and Places To Visit

Tamale unlike the other cities is not a very popular destination in Ghana. However, it is one city that should be on one’s itinerary when visiting and exploring Ghana. Tamale is a unique and beautiful destination that has recently become popular among travellers. The city is a small and peaceful location with beautiful countryside landscapes and views.

Location: Northern region of Ghana

Attractions: Mole National Park & Mole National Park Inf Centre

Things to do: Explore wildlife and the natural landscapes of the city

Best eateries: The Chicken Hub, Oasis Lounge

2. Takoradi


Also, an Ahanta town that was once the site of Dutch Fort Witsen. The city was one of Ghana’s first deepwater seaports in 1928. The city again like Tamale is a lot smaller than the rest of the popular cities of Ghana. But, is transforming into a destination known for its local food and amazing landscapes. The word Takoradi in the local Ghanaian language literally translates to “The Chief Port of Ghana”.

Location: Southern region of Ghana

Attractions: Fort Metal Cross, Fort St. Jago, Elmina Castle, Fort Santo Antonio

Things to do: Surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing

Best eateries: Captain Hook’s, Bombay Spice, Coffee Corner

3. Tema


The little fishing city of Tema popularly goes by the name of the “Harbour City”. The name given to the city is because it is the largest seaport in the country of Ghana. The city became popular after getting a go-ahead from the former and first president of Ghana for the establishment of a seaport. The little town of Tema is the centre of the world. As it falls in the Greenwich Meridian and is the closest landmass to the equator.

Location: Southern region of Ghana

Attractions: Sakumono, Sajuna Beach, Oswald Siamey, A1 Raceway

Things to do: explore the several beaches, race with locals at A1, enjoy beautiful landscapes

Best eateries: Maria’s Restuarant, Brandenburg Restaurant

4. Obuasi


The city of Obuasi similar to its predecessors is not a popular destination. But, over the years these several small-town locations have managed to garner the attention of the curious traveller. The city of Obuasi is well known for its gold mine. The Obuasi gold mine is one of the world’s largest underground gold mines in the world. The Obuasi gold mine has been in operation for as long as the 17th century, which also makes it one of the oldest.

Location: Ashanti region of Ghana

Attractions: Knust Botanical Gardens, The Green Ranch, Assin Manso Slave Camp

Things to do: Explore the panoramic landscapes

Best eateries: Ike’s Cafe & Grill, Mukiya Delight Cafe, Sweet Garden Hotel Restaurant

5. Accra


The capital and heart of Ghana is the city of Accra. The city stands to mark the achievements and milestones met by the Ghanaians under the leadership of Dr Kwame Nkrumah. The city boasts of a rich cultural heritage along with a perfect blend of contemporary infrastructure that adorns the city. Furthermore, as one moves to the outskirt of Accra. One may even find beautiful landscapes and spots that bring out the beauty of Ghana as a nature-loving country.

Location: Greater Accra Region of Ghana

Attractions: Aburi Botanical Gardens, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Bojo Beach

Things to do: check out the views of the city from the infamous Skybar, taste a variety of different chocolates at the ‘57 Chocolate

Best eateries: Bistro 22, The Venue, Simret – The Taste Of Ethiopia

6. Kumasi


The city of Kumasi is the capital city of Ashanti and the centre of the popular Ashanti region and culture. Also, it is one of the largest metropolitan cities of Africa and rightfully so also the most culturally rich cities of Ghana. Kumasi is a hot pot of the rich and diverse Ashanti culture, people and the several tribes that form the group. The city has something to offer to every person that visits the city. That leaves a deep impact on any and everyone post exploring the city.

Location: Ashanti region of Ghana

Attractions: The Manhyia Palace, Rattray Park, Okomfo Anokye Sword, Kumasi City Hall

Things to do: Attend the traditional Naming ceremonies for the African diaspora, local market tours, city tours, cooking classes

Best eateries: Noble House, Moti Mahal Restaurant, The View Bar and Grill

7. Sunyani


Sunyani is another quiet but spectacular city in Ghana. And in the most recent times is becoming popular with the tourist’s visiting the country of Ghana. The city is home to a large number of Bono tribes prevalent in the region. Thus, making Sunyani the capital city of the Bono region. The city is also known as the ‘food basket’ of Ghana. In 1924, the British government set up their district headquarters in the city of Sunyani. That gave a boost to the city in terms of infrastructural growth.

Location: Bono region of Ghana

Attractions: Berekum, Tepa, Techiman, Sampa

Things to do: Explore the Kumasi Fort, Cool off at Rattray Park, take a boat ride at the Lake Bosumtwi

Best eateries: Restaurante Calma Chicha, Chino Yaso, Papi’s Grill & Cafe

8. Cape Coast

Cape Coast

The most important and popular location on the Cape Coast is the Cape Coast Castle. It is one of the oldest historical sites in the region. And gives its visitors an in-depth preview of how the locals of Africa were not given fair treatment by the British. Even after they were kept slaves/prisoners in the castle, which also served as a fort. The Cape Coast Castle is a very important location that serves as a reminder of Ghana’s dark history. Moreover, the castle is a UNESCO heritage site. Cape Coast has several other fun activities that one can be a part of when visiting the beautiful country of Ghana.

Location: Central region of Ghana

Attractions: Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park, Fort Victoria

Things to do: Slave Route tour, Romantic Tour around Cape Coast

Best eateries: Castle Beach Cafe, Oasis Beach Resort, Baobab House

9. Busua


The small town of Busua is perfect for travellers looking to relax, minus the crowd. The town has become a popular beach resort. And is a fishing village in the Ahanta West district. However, it was initially a summer resort for the wealthy locals and the British royalty. But, over the years Busua has become a catch with the international tourist. The food has a local touch with delicacies mainly being seafood. It is the ultimate Ghanian beach chill-out venue, rivalling its closest competitor Kokrobite.

Location: Western region of Ghana

Attractions: Busua Beach, Ahanta Waves Surf School

Things to do: master the art of surfing, windsurfing, fishing

Best eateries: Okorye Tree Restaurant, Sportzz BAR, Busua Inn Bar & Restaurant

10. Elmina


On the southern coast of Ghana lies a small fishing port known as Elmina. The small town is popular for its white beaches. And for its former role in the transatlantic trade. The most popular tourist attraction in the town is Elmina Castle. Which was the first trading post built on the Gulf Of Guinea. That makes it the oldest European structure still in existence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Also, the Ghanaian town of Elmina is often also called ‘Edina’ by the locals.

Location: Central region of Ghana

Attractions: St George’s Castle, Elmina Castle, Fort St. Jago

Things to do: Explore Elmina Castle, take a dive in the Elmina lagoon, Visit Fort St Jago

Best eateries: Mabel’s Table, One Africa Health Resort, Lemon Beach Resort

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