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Where To Travel With Friends For Safe & Fun Holidays?

Vacation is fun but it is the ultimate adventure when enjoyed with friends. Whether you desire to hit the beach or get lost in the unspoken trails of green hills and snow-capped mountains, entertainment and pleasure get tenfold with a bunch of our favourite people. There are numerous places across the globe that would surely make your bachelor/best friend parties much more exciting and full of warmth. These places are a toast to fellowship. So, let’s check out all the places where we can travel with friends.

Where To Travel With Friends?

1. Cinque Terre, Italy – The Land of Colours and Calmness

where to travel with friends? Cinque Terre

Italy is one place where you must travel with friends. Though the entire country nurtures a bundle of outwardly vibrant places, the charm of Cinque Terre is unmatchable. Those turquoise water shores that send you into a world of retirement and that colourful setting that soothes your soul make Cinque Terre is hypnotizing beauty. Explore its lush greenery and mingle with a lively environment as you enjoy sharing great stories of your friendship. Do explore the surroundings at the time of dawn and dusk as they are in their full glory during these times.

2. Las Vegas, US – Party Till Dawn

Las Vegas

Last Vegas, USA is one of those party destinations where eating and drinking get to the next level. The outburst of sprightliness on the streets here is all set to leave an everlasting impression. Go gambling at famous casinos, devour street food, shop for the best delights, and a lot more. Las Vegas in the United States offers incredible options to enjoy with friends. In short, you get to experience the advanced high-life at a decent expense. And that’s why this colourful city makes for a great destination to travel with friends.

3. Nepal – Magical Trekking Adventures in the Himalayas

Go on a fulfilling trekking and peak climbing expedition in the Himalayas that is home to some of the world’s highest peaks including Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga. Celebrate the adventurous spirit with your group as you slog up snow-capped mountains and come across beautiful glaciers, lakes and unending expanses of snow. Also, explore the rare wildlife during the course. Take on the Annapurna Circuit or excurse out to the Everest Base Camp. Catch on steep slopes and feel like the king of the world. The Himalayas offers a thrilling holiday; if not for others, it is definitely one for daredevils.

4. Blue Lagoon, Iceland – Detox Under the Open Sky


Hidden trails become relaxed escapades when explored with your buddies. And the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one such place that would leave you in awe with its pristine landscape. Blue Lagoon is a center of geothermal waters and has become an eligible tourist destination in recent times. The pools filled here with milky blue shade waters are surely going to lure you. So, visit here with your favourite people and take a soothing spa session in these warm waters. Blue Lagoon is a man-made wonder and is one of the best places to visit in Iceland.

5. New York City – The Ultimate Urban World

where to travel with friends? New York City

New York has its own charm. Being the most famous metropolis in the world, it attracts a global audience. But wondering what’s there to travel and explore with friends? Well, the place is full of skyscrapers, modern architectural marvels, great restaurants and pubs, large shopping complexes, and other urban wonders. Plan a vacation here and relish the best of advanced lifestyle and culture. New York lies in the bubble of ultra-modernity and that’s why you must explore it with your friends at least once. Whether it is the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, or the crazy nightlife, New York city would leave you craving for more.

6. Oia, Greece – the Uniqueness of Europe

Oia Greece

Lying on the serene islands of Thira in Greece, Oia is a scenic hamlet that offers great touristy vibes. Come here with your group and take beautiful pictures of its typical white and blue buildings with the unending patch of sea in the background. Sit by its railing decorated with flowers and gossip about your favourite topics. Enjoy great sunset and sunrise views over the village. Oia is a great place that shouldn’t be missed if you are really looking forward to adorning your Instagram in the best way possible.

7. Bangkok, Thailand – A Rejuvenating Getaway Like No Other


Bangkok, Thailand is every traveler’s destination for the city has in reserve innumerable beauties to behold. A nightlife characterized by madness, religious sites that hold absolute calmness and historical places that narrate age-old charms – one can savour a lot of things in and around this world-renowned destination. Housing wonders and offering insane experiences at every corner, Bangkok is all about a delightful and satisfying vacation. Get enchanted by never-seen surroundings and experience a fanatical lifestyle. Pacify your taste buds in the bustling food streets and stroll along sandy paradises as you breathe freshness.

8. Rome, Italy – The Land of Ancient Legends and Tales


Italy isn’t just about calm nature and peaceful hill towns and Rome certainly proves that. This city is one such place that hasn’t got the legends of nature but is equally charming and explorable. It is because the city has got ancient stories to share. It has got great world-class art to showcase and iconic monuments like Colosseum to be proud of. So, take your friends on a historical tour of this great land.

9. Mahe, Seychelles – The Jewel of the Indian Ocean


Another great destination to celebrate friendship! A treasure trove of natural wonders, Mahe in Seychelles is an amazing island full of hues and is often touted to be a honeymooner’s paradise. But the kind of attractions it offers makes it a great destination for bachelors too. The island has been a famous retreat for celebrities as well as common tourists for decades. Explore the turquoise waters, roam around on sandy patches carefree, take a boat ride in the sea and capture beautiful pictures at great resorts. This gorgeous isle is going to be your best vacation!

10. Dubai, UAE – The City from the Future


Choose to visit the great Dubai in the great United Arab Emirates. It is the modern wonder in the making. Lying in the vast stretches of desert land, Dubai has got the charisma of every advanced city. It is the city of the future for the kind of extraordinary beauties and world-class amenities it offers its visitors. The city has got beaches, tallest skyscrapers, artificial islands, largest shopping malls, indoor ski resort, lakes and more for your friends to have endless fun. You can also indulge in skydiving, surfing, and other adventures here, coz after all, YOLO!

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