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Where to Travel This Summer?

Summer is here and so is our desire to take a vacation and enjoy the beauties of the world. Fortunately, the planet is filled with hundreds of such places where one can crash during the summers and relish the wonderful marvels of nature as well as the treats of history. If you are confused about where to travel this summer holiday, then you are at the right spot. These are the best holiday destinations where you can travel this summer. The list includes places that are rich in greenery and also that are blessed with a number of manmade marvels. So, take a look at these top destinations for summer vacation.

Where To Travel This Summer?

1. Zermatt, Switzerland – A Heavenly Retreat for Summers

where to travel this summer? Zermatt

For the ultimate summer holiday, visit the beautiful Zermatt in Switzerland that lies in the great outlandish expanses of the Swiss Alps. Though the place is extremely famous for mountaineering and other such adventures, it is loved equally by those who look forward to escaping the summers and enjoying the pristine nature. The town is located at a height of about 1600 metres at the foothills of the famous Matterhorn Mountain and is a perfect place to explore great hills cafes, restaurants, shopping complexes and more. One can also go trekking and camping in the lower hills here.

2. Whistler, Canada – For Great Resorts


Whistler is a popular place in Canada and has been a summer retreat for vacationers for decades now. The kind of resorts it harbors across its white landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful and hence, people come from around the world and experience its untroubled unspoiled environment. Explore the hiking trails, go on a bear viewing tour or walk past the streets of the town – Whistler offers incredible options to its guests. It is the shining gem of the Coast Mountains and makes for a noteworthy skiing and mountain biking destination. So, visit it this summer and check out what it has for you.

3. Ilulissat – To the Hidden Treasure of Greenland

where to travel this summer? Ilulissat

Ilulissat, Greenland isn’t just another summer holiday destination that would bring extra excitement to your vacation, it is also one of those unexplored wonders of the world where you get to witness the charm of towering ice fjords and glaciers while relishing around an urban setting. Here, you have beautiful icebergs to capture and scenic surroundings to get lost in. Take a boat trip down its waters and get close encounters with whales and walruses. Ilulissat hosts longer days and shorter nights and hence, offers more time for fun during the day.

4. Prague, Czech Republic – Filled With Utmost Effervescence


The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is on this list of ultimate summer destinations in the world on account of its calm clear climate that would pacify your nerves and let you explore around conveniently. Home to lush and exotic greenery and nature, Prague is a city from the past and hence, it is dotted with a significant number of ancient beauties. Whether you are visiting the 9th-century Prague Castle or the Iconic Charles Bridge or are contemplating the madness of Old Town Square, Prague would leave you astonished. The colours the city exudes from every corner are worth exploring. From the shopping places to gardens and rugged streets to vibrant squares, you have a sea of attractions.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand – For the Quintessential Beachside Break


A budget-friendly family destination to explore during the summers, Queenstown in New Zealand owes its charm to its seaside location and beautiful summery weather. The perfect setting on the shores would definitely set your mood right with its vibes. The town is loved by honeymooners, nature lovers, peace-seekers, photographers, adventurers and other kinds of tourists. Take an aimless tour of its majestic landscapes lined with great walking trails. Ride up in a gondola to Bob’s Peak. Explore its wine scene and taste local delicacies and a lot more. Give it a chance this summer and see it stealing your heart right away!

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6. Reykjavik, Iceland – To the World Left to Explore

where to travel this summer? Reykjavik

One of the best places to visit in summer in the world, Reykjavik is where every traveler needs to be if nature and adventure are what they love. This capital city of Iceland offers not only breathtaking views but also refreshing experiences that are enough to enjoy a respite from the humidity and heat. While this place can be visited anytime after March, the best time is during July or August. Reykjavik is a great place to dive deep into the wonders of nature and retreat your eyes with a great show. The place also has amazing historical sites to note and vibrant street culture to explore.

7. Amalfi Coast, Italy – Full of Warmth and Colours

Amalfi Coast

Considered to be the coastal gem of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a true manifestation of nature’s beauty. With its picturesque landscape, coastal peaks, dense forests, and pastel buildings on the cliff, the Amalfi Coast shines bright like a star in the night and comes alive with the first ray of the sun. A unique combination of nature and adventure, the Amalfi Coast is indeed one of the best summer holiday destinations in the world.

8. London, United Kingdom – A Fulfilling Family Destination

where to travel this summer? London

London, UK is world-famous for its blissful summer weather, strict British guards that stand outside the revered Buckingham Palace, and the delicious fish and chips that will keep you coming back for more! There are plenty of reasons why it’s one of the best places to visit during summers but its charming festivals like St. Patrick’s Day, Pancake Day, and Beer Week take that awesomeness to a new level altogether! Also, you can just hang out in the city’s bars and pubs to explore the fun nightlife.

9. Anchorage, Alaska – For a Memorable US Vacation


Anchorage is one of the best places to visit in the summer. As the days are longer during this period, you explore more and add a lot to your daily itinerary. During the summer solstice in June, daylight lasts close to 22 hours and hence, you have more time to hike, canoe, golf or go on a whale watching tour. There are also many heritage centers like the Anchorage Museum to visit. Anchorage is also a great place to try river rafting and other adventure sports.

10. Resort Islands, Maldives – Explore the Sunny Tropics

Maldives resort islands

The resort islands of the Maldives are best experienced in the summertime when they have dry weather. There are nearly 1,200 islands along the Maldives archipelago and hence, there are many options for a tropical summer vacation. The beauties of the islands are the deep blue seas, water sports, beautiful coral reefs, and tropical beaches. The summer weather it experiences, with warm and dry conditions, enables you to spend the most time out exploring the islands and the Indian Ocean waters. The islands are surrounded by reefs and the pleasant weather here makes it great to see some of these spectacular reefs and aquatic life.

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