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9 Countries that Every Nature Lover Must Visit

Nature Travelling has its own significance. We cannot put it in an exact expression, expect its pure LOVE. All we know is that once we are in the presence of nature, it is tough to break away from its embrace. If you are a nature admirer and seeking the best nature holidays in the world, then read on. It is time to plan a vacation to any of these countries that are a must-visit for nature lovers.

9 Must-Visit Countries For Nature Lovers

1. U.A.E

Ajman, UAE

 Situated in the Emirates of Ajman and located to the North of the city, there is a lively ecosystem by the name Al Zorah Nature Reserve. The place is defined by sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, and mangroves. The location is home to various pink flamingos with almost 60 different species of birds. This Nature Reserve treats you with a visual pleasure you cannot resist. Certainly one of the best nature vacations in the world.

2. Iceland

Iceland, North Atlantic

Iceland is unarguably one of the best countries to visit for nature lovers. It is a country of extreme geological contrast and home to some of the World’s most active volcanoes and largest glaciers in Europe. The country is well known as ‘The Land of Fire And Ice’. The area gives such an amazing experience that it cannot be erased from one’s mental imagery.

3. Southern Africa

Namibia, Southern Africa.

Southern Africa is an abode of natural beauty and one of the top countries to visit for a nature lover. The country is distinguished by the Namib Desert along with its Atlantic Ocean coast. Home to diverse wildlife, including a significant population of the Cheetah, the spectacular landscape of this region captivates the senses of every tourist. It is the land of revelation.

4. Vietnam

This is a worth-visiting place due to its ancient history, diverse culture, and quintessential natural landscapes. Vietnam also flatters the tourist with its local markets,  ethnic lifestyle and fresh air. It not only catches the eye but is also pocket-friendly in terms of shopping and enjoying regional delicacies.

5. Australia

This coastal land is famous for the glittering harbour, complemented by world-renowned landmarks. Famed for offering one of the best nature holidays in the world, the country has some of the most endearing fauna. And those hopping Kangaroos, just so adorable!

6. Italy

This beautiful country is mind-blowing in every sense. It has a massive contribution to the world of art, architecture, fashion, literature, design and whatnot. The country is blessed with picturesque lakes, beautiful landscapes, mountain ranges and when you put them together in a frame, its pure haven. Goosebumps, already!

7. New Zealand

This island nation is pure magnificence. You get to sight numerous flora and fauna here without much effort. It is also home to the worlds first commercial bungee jumping spot. Visitors can enjoy trekking, swimming, fishing, explore the local streets, markets and a lot more. Witness scenic excellence here.

8. Canada

Canada is famous for its maple syrup and freezing cold winters. However, the country is not just limited to that. Mountains are spread in a chain with turquoise blue lakes touching its base and tall trees rooting on its snow-covered peaks. The scenery is mind-blowing and offers sheer pleasure to the viewer’s mind and body.

9. Turkey

Turkey is blessed with beautiful heritage sites. Visitors can see attractive mountains, lush green forests, deep valleys, in addition, to exploring the works of the greatest poets. Taste the authentic delicacies or just scout out on the streets and explore the local life. This place has the best of the best for its travellers and “amazing” is the word for it.

Can’t wait to relax in the lap of nature? Let’s plan your nature getaway now.

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