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How To Obtain a Philippines Visa for UAE Residents?

The Philippines is a great holiday destination. With dazzling beaches, surfing spots, island-hopping adventures, and a happy-go-lucky culture. Let’s plan to go on a holiday to the destination with sun all year round. But wait? What are the visa formalities for a UAE resident? This is where we help. The comprehensive guide to Philippines Visa for UAE residents will make planning travel much easier. Read on!

Guide to Philippines Visa for UAE Residents

Major Types of Philippines Visa

How To Obtain A Philippines Visa For UAE Residents?
1. Tourist Visa

This visa is valid up to 6 months for travel, sightseeing and casual visits. A Transit visa is required if you are staying for over 30 days in the Philippines.

2. Non-immigrant Visa

Apply for a non-immigrant visa if the stay is temporary. The purpose of the stay could include trade, employment, business, education, and tourism.

3. Quota Immigrant Visa

Apply for the visa if you are visiting to offer professional skills. You would also require sufficient financial proof. There are approximately fifty quota immigrant visas issued each year per nationality.

4. Service Visa

This visa is required to be part of a company delegation and to conduct commercial activity in the Philippines. They issue the visa for senior professionals in the managerial cadre.

5. Long-term leisure Visa

This visa is required to stay over 30 days with family. Pre-approvals are required from the consular office.

6. Long-term visit visa long entry

This is a multiple entry visa with visa validity for 90 days.

Major Documents To Submit for the Philippines Visa

  • The applicant must have a copy of Emirates ID. 
  • The Consular Office requires the personal appearance of the applicant.
  • Two copies of accomplished computerized or typewritten application forms duly filled.
  • A NOC letter from the company or sponsor. 
  • Financial proof with a copy of bank statements of 6 months within the date of application, duly attested.
  • Travel Insurance details.
  • Return Tickets.
  • Hotel reservation in the Philippines.
  • Two passport size photographs, latest within 6 months of application, taken with a white background. 
  • No Objection letter from the employer on the company letterhead.
  • Invitation letter from the applicant’s sponsor or contact in the Philippines. This should include a copy of the sponsor’s passport or any identification document.
  • Booking receipt of the hotel in the Philippines.
  • Flight tickets.
  • Photocopy of the UAE residence visa of the applicant valid beyond the date of departure to the Philippines. (Duly translated in English by a legal translator if it is in Arabic)
  • Original passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the intended date of travel. This should be machine-readable.
  • Two copies of applicants’ passport data page.
  • Any other documents requested by the Visa Officer.

How To Apply for a Philippines Visa for UAE Residents? 

Visit the Consulate and pick up the visa application form. The timings are between 08:00 am to 11:30 am (cut off).

The country allows nationals from UAE traveling for a stay within 30 days to enter without a visa for travel and business purposes. 

A Guide To Philippines Tourist Visa in Dubai

  1. Visit the Consulate Office to pick up the visa application or download it.
  2. Fill in the Non-immigrant visa electronic application form (D160).
  3. Fix an appointment with the Embassy. 
  4. Visit the Embassy office on the scheduled date and time.
  5. Get a queue number from the Receptionist / Information Officer.
  6. Proceed to the visa section at Bonifacio Hall.
  7. Wait for your turn to be called.
  8. On hearing your number, proceed to the Visa Officer who will check all your documents.
  9. Proceed to the cashier to pay visa fees; Single Entry (3 months validity) AED 220/260, Multiple Entry (6 months validity) AED 340/420, Multiple Entry (1-year validity) AED 460/580.
  10. On the specified date on the receipt, proceed to the visa section. Timings are 04:00 pm to 05:00 pm
  11. Drop your receipt at the Release Box and wait for the Visa Officer to call your name.
  12. Pick your visa from the Visa Officer.

Please note that we must submit all applications in person at the Philippines Consulate General in Dubai. The Embassy has permitted no agency to process visa applications or collect visa fees.

Time Taken For Philippines Visa Approval

It takes six working days minimum that excludes weekends and holidays.

Contact Details:


Al Qusais 3 Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

P.O. Box 94778 

For enquires regarding the Philippines Visa for UAE residents, please write to,  

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