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Guide To Schengen Visa For UAE Residents

Traveling abroad is an experience everyone desires to encounter. Visit the most adorable parts of Europe without any worries. Just acquire the Schengen Visa and be on your way. It is the best option for people who seek a short-visit to the Schengen areas. Just take a tour, make memories and enjoy your stay to the fullest. Here is a complete guide to Schengen Visa for UAE Residents.

What is a Schengen Visa?

Guide To Schengen Visa For UAE Residents

Schengen Visa is a short-stay visa that permits one to stay in the Schengen area under the Schengen agreement for up to 90 Days. If you wish to explore the most admired parts of Europe, the Schengen Region, then this visa is all you need.

Types of Schengen Visa

  • Uniform Schengen Visa
  • Single-Entry Visa
  • Double-Entry Visa
  • Multiple-Entry Visa
  • Limited Territorial Validity Visa
  • National Visa

Travel Documents and Entry Requirements of Schengen Visa for the UAE Residents

Schengen Visa For UAE Residents - Necessary Travel documents
  • Firstly, collect the visa application form along with your sign and necessary information.
  • Two passport size recent photos must be attached to the application form.
  • The person applying for a Schengen Visa must have a valid passport.
  • For your trip reservations, use the visa consultation services.
  • Europe Travel Insurance of about 30,000 EUROS is necessary.
  • Show your proof of accommodation (hotel bookings, rental agreements, etc).
  • Cover Letter covering the purpose of travel and the destinations.
  • Travel Itinerary.
  • Show your financial proofs through your bank statements.
  • Lastly, you must show proof of paid visa fees.


  • Decide which type of Schengen Visa you need.
  • Apply for a Schengen visa through the Embassy of the Schengen destinations you intend to visit.
  • Decide the favorable time to apply for the Schengen Visa (between 1-3 months before the trip).
  • Set up an interview for the Schengen Visa process at the Embassy or Consulate in the UAE.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Gather the required documents for the visa.
  • Attend the interview of the appointed day along with your required original documents.
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Finally, wait for the response on the approval of your Visa application.

Schengen Visa & Various Countries

Greece Visa

As per the Schengen Visa regulations for UAE residents, if you are a citizen of the UAE, then you do not require a Greece tourist visa for a stay of 90 days. Greece Visa for Indians is mandatory! The Greece visa requirements for Indian citizens in UAE are similar to Schengen visa requirements. You can get your Greece visa online.

For a Greece Visa, the Indian passport holders in the UAE need a Type C Schengen Visa. Please get in touch with the Indian embassy in the UAE to kickstart the process.

Holland Visa

Holland is also known as the Netherlands. The people living here are called Dutch people. Starting from 2021, an ETIAS authorization will become a mandatory requirement for every Emirati citizen. The procedure for applying the Dutch visa for UAE residents is the same as applying for the Schengen Visa.

Europe Visa

UAE passport holders do not need Europe Tourist Visa. To acquire entry permits to the Schengen Area, the visitors need to present necessary documents at the port of entry like UAE passport in addition to their travel documents.

France Visa

The French Embassy has outsourced visa submission for UAE residents to VFS Global in Abu Dhabi. To apply for the visa, please submit a French Visa Application at the Visa Application Centre. You can also apply online in Abu Dhabi/Dubai.

Please note: For a stay of 90 days, a France Tourist Visa is not required for the citizens of the UAE. If you are a Filipino citizen, then the France Visa requirements remain the same as the Schengen Visa requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

schengen visa for UAE residents - faqs

Who can apply for a Schengen Visa?

Anyone who is willing to visit the Schengen area and abides by the Visa rules and regulations is free to apply for a Schengen Visa.

What is the difference between a single-entry and a multiple-entry Schengen Visa?

Single Entry Visa allows access to the Schengen zone only once. Whereas, the Multiple- Entry Visa allows you to enter multiple times for a certain time period.

Can I travel to multiple Schengen countries with the same Schengen visa?

Yes! You can travel to multiple Schengen areas. However, you must not exceed the time frame mentioned in your visa.

What is the time taken to get a response on a Schengen Visa?

You may have to wait for at least 15 working days to get a response on your Schengen visa application.

Can I get a Schengen visa if I am a minor?

Yes, minors are eligible to apply for a Schengen Visa. To initiate the process, the guardians/parents need to submit certain documents on behalf of the underage applicant.

What are the documents required by a minor for a Schengen visa application?

  • The minor’s birth certificate.
  • Application form signed by both parents.
  • Family court order – in cases where only one parent has full custody over the child.
  • A notarized parental authorization signed by both parents/guardians if the minor will be traveling alone.
  • Also, Certified copies of the ID/passport of both parents.

8. What is the total price?

You can acquire a Schengen Visa at an average price of USD 66.82 per person. The price varies according to the type, the country of citizenship, and the destinations to be covered during the course of travel.

9. If my Schengen Visa application is denied, will I get my money back?

The visa fee is non-refundable if the visa gets refused. However, you can re-apply.

10. Where do I purchase travel insurance?

It can be bought online at the time of booking. Contact your insurance advisor for the best deals.

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