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Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai : Top 7 Mind-Blowing Attractions

Get ready to be dazzled at the Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai which is an environmental wonder. It covers 6300 square metres of the Expo site Dubai. Sustainability is one of the three sub-themes of the global exposition. Interestingly, Terra is the official name of the pavilion which means ‘planet earth’. The marvel is operated from recycled water and solar energy and the building’s technology can produce four GwH per year of electricity. Intrigued enough? With the Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai ticket price being just Dh25 that you can book online, this is a must-visit. We list the top 7 mind-blowing experiences in the Sustainability Pavilion Dubai Expo 2021 that will give you an immersive journey through the natural world. You have to see it to believe it!

Top Attractions at Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai

1. Massive Energy Trees

Massive Energy Trees

The Terra Pavilion comes with 18 massive “energy trees” in the shape of sunflowers. They are spread over the area of the pavilion to distribute power. Watch them rotate throughout the day and track sunlight to store for solar energy. Also, there is a 130-meter wide canopy that makes the roof of the structure. About 4915 solar panels on Terra supply solar energy to the Sustainability Pavilion. The building’s technology is one of the top attractions that will leave you awe-struck and in wonder. The Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai can generate alternative energy and electricity that can charge over 900000 mobile phones. Amazed, aren’t you?

2. Underground Forest & Underground Ocean

Underground Forest & Underground Ocean

The Terra Pavilion in Dubai Expo 2021 has a fascinating ‘underground forest’ attraction. It is an interactive forest that features strobe lights and lasers. As you pass through the forest you gain knowledge of how nature communicates with itself. There are massive trees twinkling with colourful light. Fascinating light shows depict how we humans consume essentials that are nature destructive. There is also an ‘underground ocean’ that raises awareness of the importance of eco-balance and the impact on human lives that nature plays. Hear the heartbeat of an octopus or the sounds of whales or any other life in the ocean through audiovisual brilliance. Paper, meat and other consumables that are the cause of the disaster of climate change are on the highlights. See how the network of roots play underneath called the ‘wood-wide web’ and how every footstep affects the balance. 

3. Arabian Wadi 

Arabian Wadi

Walkthrough UAEs wadis, deserts and mountains in the Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai. Here over 100 plant species are brought to life in a landscape that features countless innovations. The future designed pavilion was created by desert INK that incorporates recycled glass and waste material. The Arabian Desert Zone features rolling dunes and is full of Ghaf trees. The tributaries and pathways lead you through the main wadi path which transfers you to the entrance of the building. The aesthetic appeal, sculptures of elephants, cheetahs and camels in the undulating pathways will leave you mesmerized. You can enjoy the flora and fauna of the UAE through messages. Hence, it is a must-visit attraction!

4. Lab of Future Values

Lab of Future Values

The show depicts the solutions to environmental problems in a delightful way. It is an emotional experience as you come face-to-face with the reality of the dangers to the environment. It will awaken us to realise that our lives will come together for a better future and solutions to save our planet is a dire need. The theme is an inspirational one as it brings you down to the basics of existence and sustenance. From waste plastic problems to contamination of air, understand several solutions including vertical hydroponic farms. The lab will run for six months which begins in October 2021. Discover innovative solutions to preserve our planet and global projects to provide real-life solutions. Circle back under the cascade of shimmering butterflies in the central atrium and feel awe-struck.

5. Water Recycling System

Water Recycling System

Understand the importance of the recycling system where the use of water records a reduction of 75%. The Sustainability Pavilion Dubai uses a greywater recycling system and condenses air for water. The air-handling system is mind-boggling where water is then disinfected and desalinated on-site for use. The theme of the pavilion makes us understand the connection between sustainability and the environment. Also, it helps us find solutions to issues that face humanity and makes us understand the responsibility we hold towards the environment. Our personal choices and awareness go a long way in impacting the environs we live in. 

6. Children’s Science Centre

Children`s Science Centre

The Dubai Expo 2021 dates are from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022, when the world holds its global event this year in Dubai. However, after the expo, the Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai will turn into a Children’s Science Centre. This will help continue the communication of environmental issues. It will inspire generations to come and help them understand the importance of actions on the ecosystem at large. They as adults of the future will act sensibly as positive change agents for a better world. Meanwhile, during the 182 days while the Dubai Expo 2021 is on, children can have a great time watching the various attractions such as a Dissolving Theatre, Laboratory of Future Values and more.

7. Exhibition Terra

Exhibition Terra

The exhibition is beautifully designed to encourage visitors to understand and make only sustainable choices to preserve the goodness of nature. Learn about the impact of humans on the planet at the exhibition. Wander through the various habitats and admire the showcasing of the wonders of the earth. Also, there is a feature on plastic waste as a destructible element to mother earth. ‘Under The Ocean’ in the consumption halls that portray the destruction plastic waste has done to our oceans. You begin to understand the urgent need to resolve the issue of plastic waste among other deterrents to nature. Witness the ecosystem of a deep-sea fish whose world is clogged with plastic waste.

There is also a Terra cafe and gift shop. You could buy sustainably sourced food, beverages and gifts.

Interesting Facts: Architect: Grimshaw Architects | Location: Sustainability District | Timings:10.00 am to 10.00 pm        

Dubai Expo 2021 is a unique global exposition with over 190 country participants. Experience how the countries express brilliantly the event theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ through the three sub-themes of Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. Watch in wonderment as the world connects in one place for a better future.

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