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Festivals in Dubai: What to Celebrate in April?

Dubai during the month of April hosts wonderful weather that is generally a mix of sunny afternoons and cool colourful evenings. One can hit the beaches and lounge in the sand during the daytime and enjoy a lively atmosphere at a rooftop cafe in the evening. During this month, the city also has a number of festivals and events one can attend. Here are the major festivals in Dubai in April. Take a look to plan an ideal Dubai itinerary in April.

Festivals and Events in Dubai in April

1. World Art Dubai

Festivals in Dubai in April - World Art

World Art Dubai is often touted to be the largest retail art fair in the region and that’s one of the reasons the event has got immense popularity among art lovers. It is the event where one would find the best of contemporary art being unveiled. The creativity is unmasked with this great celebration of art and culture. Attend it and find inspiration. The festival is observed to support local arts and artists on a global platform.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Enjoy wonderful pieces of art and watch the greatest of artists and performers on the stage.
  • Buy from a range of outstanding collection of paintings and other artworks.
  • Be a part of the fashion show, graffiti events, and more.
  • Mingle with an amazing crowd of art lovers and culture explorers from around the world.
  • Explore different galleries of photography.

Where? Dubai World Trade Centre

2. Ramadan

festivals in Dubai in April - Ramadan Dubai

Ramadan is one of the holiest months on the Islamic Calendar. During this month, people indulge in fasting, prayers and other religious activities. It is one of the significant festivals in the Muslim community as the last day of Ramadan is celebrated as Eid. Ramadan is celebrated across the world and hence, in Dubai too, it is observed with great enthusiasm and fervour.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Soak up the Islamic culture of Dubai and learn about its traditions and practices.
  • Watch the entire city flooded with lights and find people high on happiness.

Where? Across Dubai

3. Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival is a must for those who would love to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the country. It is here you would find people celebrating Arabic traditions by partaking in different competitions and sports. Camel race is one of the most significant parts of the celebration here. The festival lasts for about four weeks wherein thousands of people flock the venue every week.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Watch camel races and other traditions of the Arabic world.
  • Indulge in savouring Emirati cuisine and learn about unique flavours.
  • Catch music and other live performances and have a great weekend celebrating the local lifestyle.
  • Enjoy carnival rides and also admire great art and craft.

Where? Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

4. Dubai Opera Events

Dubai Opera is one of the most popular performing arts centre in the city. This grand 2000-seater multi-format venue has hosted a number of concerts, ballets, opera shows and exhibitions in the past. Several world plays also grace the stage here. No wonder the place is one of the most loved destinations in Dubai amongst art lovers. One can be a part of numerous music world tours and movie plays here.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Partake in the liveliness of dance and music shows.
  • Catch a ballet show and cheer up for your favourite ballet dancer.
  • Attend art exhibitions and admire wonderful masterpieces.

Where? Dubai Opera, Downtown Dubai

5. Global Village Fair

festivals in Dubai in April - Global Village Fair

Global Village is one of the largest fairs in the United Arab Emirates. It has been an ideal place for shopping and entertainment for all the visitors in Dubai. This multi-cultural park provides endless fun with its shopping complexes and other wonderful attractions. The glitters of carnival would set your mood right in every sense. Visit it and have a great weekend with your family and friends.

What to Look Forward to?

  • Indulge in shopping and buy all your interests including beautiful souvenirs.
  • Enjoy wonderful rides with your kids and family and have a great time.
  • Catch music concerts, dance performances, and a number of other live shows.
  • Witness the monster stunt show, haunted houses, and a lot more.
  • Take pleasure in enjoying the grand fireworks up in the sky.
  • Savour a wide variety of Arabic food and other cuisines from around the world.

Where? Global Village, Dubai

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