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11 Unusual Things to Do In Dubai

Dubai is a perfect example of excellence, luxury living, and growth. To date, this city of amazement holds 60 Guinness world records. Needless to say, the city offers a blend of extraordinary, wonderful, and even unusual experiences. Go on to explore the extraordinary, uncommon, and unusual things to do in Dubai.

Unusual Things To Do In Dubai

1. Derive Pleasure from City’s Aerial Views 

Unusual things to do in Dubai - Heli Ride

Experience the breathtaking helicopter ride to capture the captivating views of the city. Helicopter Tour Dubai offers magnificent and unparalleled panoramic views of the brilliant skyline. So, take an iconic tour and capture it all on your camera roll.

Price: AED 1,220 (approximately).

2. Skydive Over Dubai’s Largest Man-Made Island

Skydiving is another unusual even though globally popular thing to do at Skydive Dubai. The thrill quotient levels up even more as the dive occurs over the largest man-made island in the world. So, fly like-a-bird and create enrapturing videos of the sparkling Emirate from zero gravity. 

Price: AED 1,700 (approximately)

3. Immerse in the World of Virtual Reality 

Unusual things to do in Dubai - VR

See the world change into a player’s dream and experience gaming like never before. Be at the VR Park Dubai and discover mind-boggling entertainment scenes. And, get access to the unlimited larger than life virtual reality rides and games.

Price: AED 92 (approximately)

4. Snow Ski on the Desert Land

Ever thought of skiing on the land of sand? Dubai amazes us again. With all year round access at Ski Dubai, experience amazement and spend the day frolicking in the snow. You also get to watch the live show of the penguins. So come here and beat the heat with these wintery unusual things to do in Dubai.

Price: AED 400 (approximately)

5. Walk Upon the Vibrant Paths

Unusual things to do in Dubai - Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai is home to the world’s most colossal and charming garden, Dubai Miracle Garden. It consists of an enormous blossom treasury that is highly hypnotizing. So, be one of its admirers and stroll to see the epic flower creations that fill the surrounding with a soothing fragrance.

Price: AED 40 (Adults), AED 30 (Child aged between 3-12 years) | FREE for child below 2 years.

6. Zipline Over the Grand Choreographed Fountain

Relish an unusual experience of a lifetime with a zip-lining adventure over the Dubai Fountain. This largest dancing fountain displays the perfect show that is immensely engaging. And, the speedy ride over it mid the lively performance is certainly an unusual thing to do in Dubai on a holiday. So, indulge in an immensely pleasurable ride in the city. 

Price: AED 650 (approximately)

7. Ride Upon the Golden Dunes

Unusual things to do in Dubai - 4X4 Desert Safari

On the doorstep of Dubai, the Arabian Desert is the place to be at. The unforgettable and uplifting dune bashing adventures are truly amazing. So, sit in a 4×4 air-conditioned car and set yourself for a speedy journey upon the Arabic desertland. 

Price: AED 242 (approximately)

8. Enter the Highest Point in Dubai  

This ride will leave some lasting impressions on you. Reach the highest selfie spot, At The Top, Burj Khalifa and get engrossed in the breathtaking views of the city. Feel butterflies in your stomach as you reach the 148th-floor observation deck on a rapid elevator.  

Price: AED 160 (approximately)

9. Dine in the Air!

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There are numerous out of the box things to do in Dubai, one of which is enjoying the mouth-watering gourmets in the air. Yes, you read it right! Flying cup offers an exceptionally extravagant once-in-a-lifetime dining  experience. So, put on your seat belts and indulge in flavorsome grub plus panoramic beach views. 

Price: Starting from AED 499 (approximately)

10. Pamper Your Face with Real Gold

Unusual things to do in Dubai - Gold Treatment

Want to give your skin an expensive treat? Slather your face with a 24-carat gold leaf sheet at the finest beauty centres in Dubai. Say bye-bye to your dull skin and make a celebrity-perfect appearance. This is a special treatment majorly available in Dubai. So, make sure to add it to your activity list. 

Price: AED 2,000 (approximately)

11. Relish the Disappearing Dessert

Visit choco melt, the dessert parlour that serves the best melting choco delights. Aspherical chocolate globe disappears beneath the warm sauce poured upon it. The sight is magical. So, give yourself a treat of an unusual delight at this chocolate heaven. 

Price: AED 70 (approximately)

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