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Dubai Expo 2020 India Pavilion : Top 5+ Amazing Reasons To Visit

Expo 2020 Dubai is the world’s biggest trade and commerce exposition. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where 192 countries grab the opportunity to explore the challenges and solutions for a better future. For six months countries mingle in harmony with the motto of the event being ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. India has deployed many participants in the state-of-art permanent pavilion with an area of over 40,000 square feet. Listed below are the top 5+ mind-blowing reasons to visit the Dubai Expo 2020 India Pavilion, so you don’t miss the excitement.

Dubai Expo 2020 India Pavilion Attractions:

1. India Pavilion Theme: India @75 Openness. Opportunity. Growth

India Pavilion Theme India @75

India Pavilion is a fabulous confluence of a hi-tech structure that showcases ancient and future India. It is a mammoth four-floor pavilion that includes India’s focus on Ayurveda, literature, yoga, arts, heritage, culture, cuisine, and space technology. The overriding subtheme being ‘India on the move’ and ‘India the diverse’ is interestingly depicted. They based the zones on 11 primary themes such as Climate & Biodiversity, Urban and Rural Development, Golden Jubilee, Travel, and Connectivity among others. The pavilion will showcase the 5 Ts- Talent, Trade, Tradition, Tourism, and Technology. So, make sure you catch the action and indulge in the Indian diaspora.

2. India Pavilion Facade

India pavilion Facade

The spectacular exterior on two sides has the face of Mahatma Gandhi. The facade metamorphosis and will depict the constant change with timeless endurance. It presents India as the 75-year-old world’s largest democracy. They made an innovative design with 600 individual kinetic blocks that turn on their axis. This displays 75 stories across the next 26 weeks and is a real showstopper, especially at night. The pavilion will be permanent and a footprint in Dubai forever. Watch as the face of the India Pavilion creates different moving patterns to celebrate 75 years of Indian independence. The facade comes with a new look and a modern touch. The two-storey plaza is next to the main building which is of four storeys.

3. The Journey Inside

The ground floor of the India Pavilion is based on the theme ‘India the modern’. It is where you learn about the technological developments and knowledge of India from Mangalyaan to Chandrayaan. There is also a display of the teachings from yoga and Ayurveda. You also see miniature models of the Ram Mandir to be built in Ayodhya. They base the next floor on ‘India: The never-ending opportunity’. This section focuses on trade, commerce, and business. It is where India-UAE ties stay strengthened. Another floor is a display from the various states about reforms and the policy-making of ‘Make in India’. We see the logo for the India Pavilion of a ‘chakra’ that reflects the wheels of progress and growth. The experience of the journey is a lifetime moment inside the ‘glittering jewel’.

4. Cultural Programmes, Food, Movies & More

Cultural Programmes, Food, Movies & More

India Pavilion enthralls its visitors showcasing over 100 movies from the world’s largest movie industry. The entire venue becomes a hub for cultural and heritage events with a vibrant aura. There will be hundreds of performances depicting the cultural diversity of the country. The pavilion will serve food & beverages from across Indian states and union territories to make your taste buds water. The interiors also have conference halls, a movie hall, an amphitheatre, a retail space, and restaurants to enjoy Indian cuisine. There will be success stories of expats also featured with dynamic content curated. Watch the daily cultural performances, film shows and experience the retail space to buy Indian curios and memorabilia. An absolute mind-blowing reason to visit.

5. High-Tech Glitz

High-Tech Glitz

The mesmerizing all-digital experience inside the pavilion from the on-demand touch screen, 3-D augmented reality projectors to the walk-in kiosk is a spectacular experience. Immerse yourself in the pavilion, which is a state-of-art wonder. The VR pods, mirror-finished floors, and LED surround projection will elevate your technical senses and creativity. This is a technology sensation that showcases the culture and tradition of the great nation. It is also an economic hub in the Opportunity District of the Expo to invite growth and partnerships. The theme represents ‘India on the move’ which is a rich mixture of cultural heritage and technological advances.

6. Events & Exhibitions

Events & Exhibitions

There will be 60 odd cultural events every day that will be a riot of colour and a spectacle to watch, so be there. The India Pavilion showcases the robust beauty of Indian culture, art, and heritage. The events will run during the six months of the mega expo. It takes you through the endless colours of India, the immense tourism potential, and the natural beauty of the country. There are also health and wellness platforms through yoga and traditional forms of medicine like Ayurveda. All-in-all, the ancient 5000-year-old civilization of the country comes alive. There is also a sneak preview into the nation of festivals and religious fervour. There are walkthrough presentations of 20 reasons to visit India, a holographic engagement of conversations with Gandhi, make your own jewellery workshops, and more. 

Excited! Come, be a part of the extravaganza in Dubai and create memories that last forever.

Interesting Facts: Country: India | Architect: CP Kukreja Architects | Location: Opportunity District | Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

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