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Top 10 Best Travels And Tours In Ghana By Best Travel Agencies In Ghana

Over the last decade, several countries from Africa have come up as potential traveller destinations. And these countries have taken measures to ensure that foreign tourists get a good first impression from their maiden visit to their country. One such country that has consistently been able to woo its visitors is Ghana. The country has taken several strides in the right direction and has been able to woo its visitors with ease. However, some of the credit also goes to the individuals and firms that have crafted unique travels and tours in Ghana. There are a number of travel and tour agencies in Ghana that can get you the perfect deal for your trip to Ghana. Below is a list of these efficient and effective travel and tour agencies in Ghana.

Best Travel And Tours In Ghana

10. Signature Luxury Travel & Tours

Top 10 Best Travels And Tours In Ghana By Best Travel Agencies In Ghana

For the perfect travels and tours in Ghana, one can look at the Signature Luxury Travel & Tours agency. The mid-size firm is a good travel agency in Ghana that specializes in Ghana tours and several travel and tour packages in Ghana. And also several of the country’s neighbouring countries. The firm particularly specializes in luxury packages, that are among the best in Ghana. They also offer some of the best local tour deals.

Website: N/A

Location: E-Plaza 2, 32 Osu Badu Street, Airport-West Accra, Ghana, Ghana

Contact: +233 30 273 1554

9. Secure Travel and Tours

Secure Travel and Tours, Ghana

For your next travels and tours in Ghana, you can take a look at Secure Travel and Tours. That has made it to our list of best travel and tours agencies in Ghana. One can book for Ghana tours, travel and tour packages in Ghana, Ghana flights, hotel booking, travel insurance and many other travel-related services. The travel agency over the last few years has won a couple of awards like ‘Emerging travel agency of the year, 2017’. And the ‘Best CEO’ award, 2019 in Ghana. 


Location: Alpha Beta School, Opposite, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 20 444 4220

8. Jubilee Travels and Tours

Jubilee Travels and Tours, Ghana

The search for the best travels and Tours in Ghana brings us to another popular travel and tour agency in Ghana. The firm boasts of offering the most competitive rates and offers to some of the most exciting locations in Ghana and around the world. Jubilee Travels and Tours has packages ranging from spas to safaris to adventure activities. This is one agency that can fulfil all of your travel needs in just a few clicks. And also fix almost all your woes on Ghana tours.


Location: 1st Floor, Trinity House, Opposite Ghana National Fire Service Headquarters, Ring Rd E, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 24 363 6770

7. Easy Travel Consult

Easy Travel Consult, Ghana

The next travel and tours in Ghana expertise are Easy Travel Consult. The firm started with the mission of helping Ghanaian students. By helping them relocate to new countries so that they could make a better future. And from there on they slowly and steadily made their way into the travel sector. And since then have operated their business with complete integrity. The company firmly believes in giving back to society. Which ensures that their prices are some of the most competitive in the market.


Location: 138, Off La Road, Castle Junction, Osu-RE, Ghana

Contact: +233 24 076 3405

6. Travel Bureau Ghana Limited

Travel Bureau Ghana Limited

Another popular travels and tours package provider in Ghana is the Travel Bureau Ghana Limited. The agency ranks amongst the top ten travel and tour agencies in Ghana. With several Ghana tours and international tour packages, the agency has become one of the best. Although the agency lacks a digital forefront it still manages to keep a strong foothold in these competitive times. The agency is one of the very few that still abides with their old school style of connecting with their customers, through calls.

Website: N/A

Location: # 1 Bamboo Street, off Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra

Contact: +233 30 254 2143, +233 30 254 2247

5. Kumasi Travel Agency

Kumasi Travel Agency, Ghana

Another popular travels and tours agency in Ghana is the Kumasi Travel Agency. The agency was one of the very first travel companies to be set up in Kumasi, Ghana. The travel firm offers several services like local Ghana tours and several other travel and tour packages in Ghana. The agency has been in the Ghana market for over 10 years now. And they were also the first travel agency to come up in Kumasi. Moreover, the agency is also the first agency in Kumasi to earn its IATA accreditation.

Website: N/A

Location: Otumfo Osei Tutu II Blvd, Kumasi, Ghana

Contact: +233 24 218 6646

4. De-Genesis Travel & Tours Ltd

De-Genesis Travel & Tours Ltd, Ghana

The search for the best travels and tours in Ghana brings us to De-Genesis Travel & Tours Ltd. It is one of the leading travel agencies in Ghana to have made an impact in the market. The agency specializes in providing leisure packages to clients wishing t travel as individuals or as a group. The agency also provides opportunities to individuals who wish to work abroad. Apart from the above mentioned, there are other services that the agency offers that range from travel insurance to visa assistance. 

Website: N/A

Location: P.O.Box AN 11465, Accra North, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 27 616 9369, +233 24 087 5247

3. Kenpong Travel & Tours

Kenpong Travel & Tours, Ghana

In search of the best travel agency in Ghana, our search has led us to our next agency known as Kenpong Travel & Tours. The agency is one of the top leading travel agencies in Ghana. And it offers several services that include travel and tour packages in Ghana, check-in and arrival assistance, ticket deliveries, hotel reservations and vehicle rentals. However, these are some of the most popular services that the agency provides. Kenpong Travel & Tours is an agency that meets all your local Ghana tour needs.


Location: 11 Yiyiwa Rd, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 20 919 4507

2. Travelwings

Travelwings, Ghana

This particular agency has to be one of the best amongst the entire list of the best travels and tours in Ghana. The company is a sister or digital branch of the world popular Satguru travels and has the main headquarters in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is one travel agency that covers every single travelling worry that anyone could ever face while planning a trip in Ghana or outside the country. The parent firm of Travelwings aka Satguru itself is almost 30+ years in operation. Although Travelwings is a comparatively new venture, its senior management brings to the table more than 25 years of experience. The website has any and every service that anyone travelling could ever have in mind.


Location: Shop No F11B, Nester Square, Airport City, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 30 221 8000

1. Ermitrade Travel and Tour Limited

Ermitrade Travel and Tour Limited, Ghana

The final destination that ranks among the top travel and tours agencies in Ghana is the Ermitrade Travel and Tour Ltd. The agency is one of the leading agencies in Ghana and offers several Ghana tours and travel and tours packages in Ghana. The agency prides itself in providing high-quality products and services that guarantee the highest quality of customer satisfaction. They offer services like tour packages, hotel bookings, car rentals, travel insurance and many other services. The agency has also won awards in the travel market.

Website: N/A

Location: La-Bawaleshi Rd, Accra, Ghana

Contact: +233 30 252 0061


The entire list is an overall roundup of some of the travel agencies we believe can serve any and all customers to the best of their capabilities. Because Ghana has over 100 travel agencies offering travel deals and marketing to be the best in the market. But we have made the list after extensive research and study of the market. And come to the decision that its Travelwings that beats all the above-mentioned travel agencies by a huge margin. As the agency has some of the best-designed websites of all of the above agencies. And it has several products and services on offer along with a dedicated customer support team.

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