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11 Secret Tours and Unexplored Places in Africa

Are you a fan of the mysterious escapades? If yes, then Africa is the place for you. The unusual sites here take you on a tour of enchantment. It’s less explored and hidden legacies are a door to an all-new world of secluded scenes. Not only that, but the bush-covered jungle paths that lead you to the climax of the steep slopes are also an apt map for your secret tours. So, follow the compass needles and pull out your binoculars to the secret tours and unexplored places in Africa.

Secret Tours and Unexplored Places in Africa

1. Meet the Rare Sitatunga

Unexplored Africa: Spot the Sitatunga

Shh, don’t scare them. Who? The rare aquatic antelopes, one of the most secretive species in the African fauna. Take a secret safari to Africa to spot a Sitatunga on this forested paradise that hides to the sound of strangers. This species catches very little attention of the orthodox tourists since it is not known to many. So, whisper your intentions and hear the secret plans of these oddly-adorable beasts.

Where To Go: Saiwa Swamp National Park, Kenya, Africa

2. Sight the Uncanny Voodoo Ceremonies

You are about to experience some of the weirdest scenes of your life from unexplored Africa. Voodoo happens to be a way of life in some parts of Africa. These Voodoo practices performed by the Ghanaian tribes’ project peculiarity. So, explore the magic, but remember that it is a tricky business and everything seen is not to be believed upon. Do interact with the native tribes to get a deeper understanding of their unique life.

Where To Go: Rural villages of Ghana, Africa.

Tip: Do not go to the tribal areas alone. Always travel with a guide. 

3. Admire the Legends of the Lost World

Unexplored Africa: Lost World

Forgotten history brings new aspects of exploration. After all, the old world creations intrigue the curious mind. So, venture the antique kingdom, one of the unexplored parts of Africa, and hear all about the legendary stories of its grandness. Feel the wave of its bygone era. But, make sure to go on a guided tour on the back of a camel for a complete experience. Let the guide narrate the tales of kings and queens. 

Where To Go: Nubian pyramids of North Sudan, Africa

4. Excavate to the Depth of Demnat

The hills of Demnat overlook this historic Moroccan town and echo the sound of heritage. Also, the offbeat location caters to thrilling hiking tours to the secret parts of Africa. Besides, who knows where you’ll reach via the mysterious trails. So, take the risk and witness the kick. The best thing to do here is to hike to the tip of the mountain trails and admire the panoramas.

Where To Go: Demnat, Morocco, Africa

5. Venture the Intriguing Sand Sea

Unexplored Africa: Camel Safari

The unique name is appropriate for this unique location because this shining sheet of sand is embellished with one-of-a-kind Libyan glasses all over the place. So, collect the crystal pieces and feel the sparkling hidden treasures in Africa. Tour like an Egyptian on a camel and also engage in some dune-busting activities.

Where To Go: The Glass of the Great Sand Sea, Egypt, Africa

6. Listen to Nature’s Melody

Visit Tanzania and travel to the Mahale Mountains National Park, one of the secret parts of Africa. With a breathtaking array of dense grasslands, alpine bamboo, and woodlands, the place is also home to endangered chimpanzees. Not only that, this unexplored locale has several unusual paths that take you to its chambers of secrets. 

Where To Go: Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania, Africa

7. Witness the Unique African Trees

Nature has its own way of surprising us with its unparalleled beauties and unique creations. Namibia is one such place. Come to the Gannabos Quiver Tree Forest and witness it on your own. This unexplored site offers the quirkiest views of the quiver trees. Also, the forest is a gracious home to various species. So, click the contrasting images of these unique trees as you tour the unexplored spaces of the forest.

Where To Go: Gannabos Quiver Tree Forest, Namibia, Africa

8. Unravel the Restored Ruins

This Moorish villa turned museum holds over 8000 artworks in its chambers. The influence of history can be witnessed through its architecture as well. Originally the residence of Prince Omar, the place has a massive collection of ethnographic material. Explore the prehistoric ambiance of its various pockets.

Where To Go: The Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography, Algeria, Africa

9. Visit the Ancient Kingdom

Old Dongola is not a major part of the mainstream tourism of Sudan. The ancient town and its dome-shaped, igloo-like structures house many old features. So, escape to the narrow strip of its fertile grounds and sight the preserved creations. Another amazing thing to do near this UNESCO World Heritage Centre is to taste the traditional cuisines at its authentic restaurants.

Where To Go: Old Dongola, Sudan, Africa

10. Stroll at the Blushing Beach

Lake Retba offers magnificent views of nature and is also one of the less explored places in Africa. Admire the blushing beauty of this beach complemented by the serenity of the ambiance that encircles it. Hence, take a pause and breathe. Dip your toes in the pinkish waters or take a boat ride and venture its unexplored surroundings. The day is yours and so is the choice. 

Where To Go: Lake Retba, Senegal, Africa

11. Appreciate the Beyond Belief Beauty of the Kalahari Desert

Spread over the African continent, the layers of the Kalahari Desert are so deep that it is still one of the unexplored places in Africa. The vast desert spread hides venomous snakes, savage scorpions, and many creatures. Hence, it is a must-visit for a daredevil. Take a desert safari to unlock the exclusive sights of its golden sheets and spot the African desert wildlife in its natural habitat. 

Where To Go: Kalahari Desert, Botswana, Africa

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