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What to Expect When Glamping in Africa?

Glamping stands for glamorous camping and is all about enjoying premium facilities while staying close to nature. It is a growing trend among families and couples who look forward to experiencing the raw nature without compromising on comfort. Africa happens to be the top destination for utmost glamping experiences. Considering the kind of nature and wildlife this gorgeous country has, glamping is bound to be a great activity here. Let’s take a look at the top features of glamping in Africa.

What to Expect when Glamping in Africa?

1. Accommodation with a Dash of Luxury

What to Expect when Glamping in Africa?

Providing ecological and nature-friendly accommodation, glamping in Africa is a big game. The richness of grasslands and forests has made it easy for tourists to stay in touch with nature while relishing world-class amenities. Luxury camping huts with king-sized beds, tree houses, and lavishly built semi-permanent yurts are the major types of accommodation offered. These properties are well-equipped with modern amenities such as spas, swimming pools, beautiful interior, suite rooms, and a lot more. Wake up to the vastness of jungles or sleep under the stars while in a comfy bed.

2. The Food at its Best

The variety of food you can relish when glamping in Africa is quite commendable. You get a lot of options to choose from. From authentic South African delicacies to dishes from global cuisine, you have incredible flavors to treat your taste buds. The lip-smacking Italian pasta or the delectable bobotie, every single taste relished here surely leaves an everlasting impression.

And this is one experience that often makes glamping an unforgettable memory. You also have barbeque evenings to indulge in and an open-air kitchen to practice all your cookery skills. You have got the best of chefs and waiters to serve you.

3. Leisure Activities

glamping leisure activities

Apart from relishing the arresting views of the African horizon from the timber deck of your cottage or tented house or having a fun time enjoying barbeque nights, you have a number of leisure activities to get involved in. Glamping in Africa is extremely popular and hence, all the luxury lodges deliver the best of their services.

If you are staying by a stream or a lake, you can go out swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, and more. Hiking, trekking, and African safari are other activities you would love to enjoy. If you desire to spend your time in the camp, then you can indulge in various activities here. Lodges here provide all the modern amenities as per the demands of tourists.

4. Premium Services

Glamping is all about going on a deluxe holiday where you spend your time at an elegant property in the embrace of nature. Hence, the top glamping sites in Africa provide its guests with supreme services. You are welcomed by a hospitable staff that keeps a check on your contentment and convenience.

You get a great housekeeping workforce that makes sure you have extra comfort while staying at the property. Hence, it is alright to say that glamping lodges in Africa are worth all your time and money. After all, the experience is unusual and eternal.

5. Awesome Locations

glamping locations

One of the major features that make glamping in Africa a rage amongst tourists is its awesome locations. As the topographical landscape of the country is varied, it provides innumerable picturesque locations for glamping. Hence, one can find luxury lodges across the hills, national parks, and plains of the country.

Step out of your camp and walk into the lawns of luxuriant vegetation. Kruger National Park, Amakhala Game Reserve, Masai Mara, Serengeti, Mabula, Chintsa, Montagu, and Marakele National Park are popular glamping spots in Africa. They provide visitors with the best of greenery, the richest of wildlife, and the most splendid experience.

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