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10 Reasons Why Bali Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

If you have ever wondered why Bali is so popular, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to unleash the major 10 reasons why you must visit Bali at least once. The heavenly island has become a dream destination for almost every tourist on the planet. Today, millions of individuals visit this wondrous expanse for out-of-the-world experiences. Scroll down and learn why Bali is so exotic and engaging.

10 Top Reasons to Visit Bali, Indonesia

1. A Culture That Is A Mix Of Art And Dance

Visit Bali for its culture

Balinese culture is recognised for its age-old values, centuries-old customs and dance and drama. And the Balinese art inspired painting and sculptures depict this culture to a large extent. Do not miss out on exploring the stage shows and souvenir shopping during your visit to Bali. These expeditions will give you an insight into how the culture of Bali flourished over a period of time. Legong dance and Balinese Gamelan are part of this rich Balinese heritage.

2. Natural Beauty Beyond Comprehension

Bali Natural beauty

Hills, mountains, beaches, waterfalls, lakes, cliffs, forests and what not! This Indonesian province is surely a heaven on earth. Exploring its spectacular places is the ultimate way to feel rejuvenated. It is here where the calmness meets serenity and results in the formation of a beguiling world. Hence, you must plan a trip without giving it a second thought. Kuta Beach is a popular Bali Indonesia tourist spot. The more must-visit places in Bali include Mount Batur, Gitgit Waterfall, Mount Agung, Mushroom Beach, etc.

3. A Sureshot Destination For Couples

Destination for couples

Unarguably, Bali is the most coveted beach destination in the world for couples. And why it shouldn’t be? After all, the Bali tourist attractions are some of the most coveted places on earth. You can go to Karma Beach, one of the most charming places to visit in Bali for honeymoon and enjoy an open-air theatre with your partner. Take evening strolls on the glistening sand of the Gili Island or enjoy a scrumptious and appetizing meal amid paddy fields. Rekindle love here with your partner.

Celebrate romance with Balinese spa sessions. Not just that, there are many more places to visit in Bali for couples. These include Ubud, Canggu, Crystal Bay, Padang Beach and Seminyak.

4. Every Shopper’s Ultimate Stop

Shopping streets in bali

Shoppers Alert! Bali is known for its colourful markets with tons of great stuff on offer, ranging from handicrafts to coffee products and designer wear to other trendy items. From its wonderful malls to insane flea markets, every shopping place in Bali deserves to be explored at least once. Some of the major attractions in Bali for shopping include Krishnabali Souvenir Shop, Discovery Shopping Mall Kuta, and Sukawati Art Market.

5. Hundreds Of Offroad Attractions

offroad places

Even though Bali’s charm is explored by millions of tourists every year, it still has myriads of hidden attractions. These veiled beauties are only known to those who love venturing off the trodden path. If you think you are also one amongst these offtrack explorers, then you can plan a visit to Bali top attractions in this category, such as Perasi Beach, The Caningan Islands, Suluban Cave and Sukawati Canyon. These are the best places to see in Bali.

6. Unique And Luxury Accommodation

Luxury accommodation hotel bali

Luxury and Bali go hand in hand. On one hand, Bali has larger than life tree houses and on the other hand, it owns incredibly designed infinity pools. Even though all of these luxuries carry certain price tags, they must be experienced if you are looking forward to savouring the best of Bali. Believe us, these experiences are perennial and will add a new chapter to your travelogue.

7. Nurturing Rich Flora and Fauna

Nurturing rich flora and fauna

As Bali is covered with forests, fields, hills and water-bodies, it is natural for this wonderland to nurture rich flora and fauna. If you are a nature photographer, then you cannot miss out on this Indonesian Island as it is home to several critically endangered birds and rare species of animals. The top places to see in Bali where you can enjoy capturing gorgeous frames include Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, Nusa Dua Beach and more.

8. Temples That Are Straight Out Of Heaven

temples that are straight out of heaven

Bali has been mostly inhabited by the Hindu community and has many mesmerising temples that are popular for brilliant architecture. These temples would surely leave you in awe with their grandeur and magnificence. The natural surroundings also add to their charm. The temples that fall under the best things to see in Bali include Uluwatu Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Underwater Temple, Taman Ayun Temple and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple. These temples are the best things to see in Bali for spiritual and religious experiences.

9. Lip-smacking Balinese Cuisine

Lip-smacking Balinese Cuisine

Food is in the culture of Bali and that’s the prominent reason why this reason cannot be ignored. Balinese Cuisine is a blend of Indian, Indonesian and Chinese Cuisine and hence, it is very distinct. However, with the progress in tourism and the commercialisation of the island, a lot of American, French and Mexican restaurants have also opened up. The must-try dishes in Bali include Pisang Goreng, Mie Goreng, Babi Guling, etc.

10. Experience Adventures Like Never Before

Snorkelling adventure

Last but not least, Bali is also known to host extreme adventure sports. The major sports you can enjoy in and around the island are white water rafting, canyoning, kite surfing, jet pack, paragliding, diving and trekking. If you are ready to dive deep down the layers of Bali and explore its loveliness, then you must unleash the adventurer within you. This awe-inspiring island will provide you with infinite timeless reminders.

If you have time to explore a few more places in the proximity of Bali, then do visit Nusa Dua, Nusa Ceningan, Kawah Ijen and the Baluran National Park. A few other places to go in Bali are Sanur Beach, Nusa Lembongan, and Menjangan Island.

Let’s head to Bali at the best deal!

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