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15+ Safest and Most Fun Party Destinations In The World

With the fall of the night when the entire world gets ready to crash into bed, certain places wake up with full vigor. The streets take you on a retreat of excitement and the clubs come to life. This is the time when the night owls come out in the open and set the world on a wild paradise of fun. If you are also a night owl or an insomniac who feels alive at parties then read on. Explore the most fun party destinations in the world that are also known for being few of the safest places to party.

Safest and Most Fun Party Destinations in the World

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam in the Netherlands is one of the few cities in the world where you would find parties going on for 24 hours. There is nothing that stops the clock and you would find everything soaking in late-night glamour and bliss, from restaurants to bars and cinema theatres to clubs. Music lovers too can enjoy performances late at night.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas

The nightlife in Las Vegas is truly spectacular. There are glitz and flashiness across every street. Party venues remain open throughout the day and night where you can enjoy sipping on your favorite cocktails while savoring music and dance performances. Mingle with the boisterous crowd of the city and let your nights be high-spirited.

3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de janeiro

A beautiful city in Brazil that is loved across the globe for its elite clubs, bars, and pubs. The place lets you experience the best nightlife activities in the country. Not only that, Rio is known for being one of the best beach party destinations in the world. Visit the city and linger around the most colorful and vibrant streets of Brazil.

4. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel aviv

This is another city that would set your mood right with its ideal sophisticated setting of gin bars, jazz clubs, and more! Tel Aviv is the soul of Israel, especially for those who love savoring the world of glamour and appeal. The city has a number of world-class party destinations and hence, no carouser or partygoer ever feels disappointed here.

5. Macau, China


Macau is often called the Las Vegas of the east and with this, you can figure out the kind of party life experiences one can enjoy here. The spirited bars and clubs, sparkling music venues, elegant casinos set the colors of the city and make it look straight out of a fantasy. Hence, it is an ideal destination for after-hours entertainment in East Asia.

6. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza party

A wonderful Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is on another level when it comes to partying. One of the top party destinations in Spain and the world, the scene here is vibrant and wild. You would find people celebrating life throughout the day and night. The beach areas are flooded with tourists dancing to the tunes of Spanish music. The place is also a perfect destination for DJ parties and sunburn festivals.

7. New York, USA

new york city

New York is one of the few places on the planet that provide its visitors with ample opportunities to savor the best of nightlife. From vintage pubs and bars to modern-day clubs, there is a lot one can look forward to while in the city. Visit it and have unique entertainment while going to parties, live shows, cabarets, theatres, and more. No wonder the city never sleeps and is always high on euphoria.

8. Bangkok, Thailand

bangkok parties

Bangkok has emerged to be one of the great party hotspots in the world, also one of the top party destinations in Asia. Thailand itself has a multitude of delights to offer for party-goers and others as well. The sparkling red light areas, sophisticated clubs, a lively beach atmosphere, and unending chaos on the streets is all that makes Bangkok a deserving destination for revelers.

9. Los Angeles, California

los angeles

The pride of California and the glittering gem of the United States, Los Angeles is another place where you would love to get lost in its dramatic party scenes and the amazement of its scintillating world. From enjoying drinks to savoring the best of global music, one can experience a lot while in this city of glamor and fun. Enjoy seasonal cocktails or local wine while listening to your favorite American music.

10. Berlin, Germany

berlin party

The only difference between Berlin and other places in Germany is that it opens once every other city sleeps. Hence, it would be perfectly alright to say that Berlin’s day starts late at night. When all the party destinations across the city get lit up, you would come across happy moods and an exciting crowd. The party scene here is simply mind-blowing and that’s why it has been a weekend escape for all the exuberant souls.

11. Miami, Florida


Miami is love for every party animal. Its serene beaches, colorful promenades, and chaotic yet appealing crowd are all that has made it an ideal hotspot for outdoor beach parties. Visit it and savor the best of live performances. Though the party scene in the city is mostly seaside, you would find a number of places within the core city where luxury meets liveliness.

12. Chicago, Illinois

chicago club

Exuding an aura of exoticism and nurturing a world of fascination, Chicago makes for an unforgettable party destination in the world. The kind of life the party venues have in store is truly remarkable. You get to savor traditional settings along with a touch of modernity in a number of clubs and bars here.

13. New Orleans, Louisiana

New orleans

Boutique bars and clubs are the major attractions in New Orleans. Though the city is quite popular across the globe, it is mainly frequented by local tourists coming from the same country. New Orleans surprises you with its phenomenal crowd. Come across a horde of tuxedo lovers as you enjoy various music and dance shows.

14. Paris, France


The city of Eiffel Tower and the symbol of love, Paris is a beautiful place for couples to have a great time partying. Relish the best of bars and pubs and savor the ebullience of colorful streets late at night. Unleash the sprightliness in you and dance to the beats of European music with your partner. Paris has innumerable places to celebrate peppiness.

15. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos aires

The capital city and the party hub of Argentina, Buenos Aires is another place that is significantly known for its exceptional and wild party scenes. Visit it and catch cabaret shows, live music, and dance performances, Jazz bars live orchestras, and a lot more, Buenos Aires has everything to awaken the partyer in you.

16. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the cheapest and best party destinations in Europe, Prague never disappoints. Whether it is setting out for a laid back night of cheap beer at a pub or a stunning night of fun at a club, you get to design your night as per your mood. The cherry on top is the place has some of the best cafes, perfect for the next morning hangover. Duh!

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