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Top 8 Safety Tips For Solo Women Travellers

Thinking of travelling solo but worried about the safety aspects as a woman? There is a certain sense of challenge that women travellers face alone. However, there is a great feeling of independence and adventurism that a solo trip gives. You get a sense of freedom, self-indulgence and triumph from learning to travel solo. Of course, here are 8 top safety tips for solo women travellers that are always essential knowledge. So, travel and find your exhilarating moments of self-discovery as a solo woman.

Top Safety Tips for Solo Women Travellers

Plan well and research your destination 

Research your destination

The first safety tip for solo women travellers is to do thorough planning. It is important to gain knowledge about the destination of travel. To safeguard yourself, know about the details of the location and the locals. Understand the culture, language, food, customs, mode of transport and currency used as starters.

Invest time to find out about the top attractions to see and any latest travel advisories. The planning and research will help you understand how to stay safe as a woman traveller on a solo trip. Keep your smartphone navigation ‘ON’ and study route maps beforehand. Start small and choose a destination nearby, to begin with.

Choose the right accommodation

Choose the right accommodation

One of the important safety tips for travelling solo as a woman is to choose the right accommodation. The stay must have a 24-hour front desk so you do not get stranded outside the hotel. Moreover, the amenities and facilities must be adequate for a safe stay. With technology at our fingertips, you can browse official websites or book a reputed travel agency to guide you.

A local travel agency who are location experts will be a good idea to hire. Check all details of cost and comfort before you book your stay to avoid the dangers of travelling alone. Make a hotel booking in advance and read travel reviews and updates.

Take along proper travel documents

Take along travel documents

Another top safety tip for solo women travellers is proper travel documentation. If you are carrying a money belt, store the identification documents there. Always carry duplicates of passport and travel insurance along with identification proof along with you. Contact details of family and friends can be a handy plus. Keep a local guidebook or digital maps on the destination as part of your documents. Do invest in travel insurance for use in case of an emergency. 

Don`t get mugged off your valuables and money

Avoid getting muggged off your valuables and money

Always travel with a small wallet and carry limited cash to avoid giving it all away to a pick-pocketer. Yes, a top safety tip for solo women travellers is to keep your cash and card in separate places to avoid losing them both. There are plenty of chances of getting outsmarted by theft, especially in overcrowded touristy places. You do not want to be stranded in a bad situation like this. A top safety tip to consider is also to minimise flaunting cameras, jewellery, laptops, cash, and other valuable belongings.

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Carry travel safety gear 

Carry safety travel gear

You can always bring a portable safe or lock and keys to secure valuables. A cable lock for your bag is another recommended safety gear. Keep 100 on your speed dial and don’t hesitate to shout for help. Other great safety gears are loud survival whistles, first aid medical kit, a personal alarm with LED display (some come even as key chains), a portable door or window alarm, a door stopper, pickpocket-proof clothes and a smart backpack. Look to buy anti-theft bag wallets and cross-body bags which keep your valuables safe. A smart bag that is anti-theft is a great buy. 

Blend with the crowd and be confident

Blend with the crowd and be confident

A top safety tip for solo women travellers is to behave like a local and blend with the crowd. It of course is easier when you have researched the customs of the locals and their etiquette. Blending in will deceive the attention of purveyors or crooks trying to take advantage. Know your neighbourhood well and do not portray yourself as a lost tourist.

It is easy to pull it off if you remain confident. Pretend like you know your whereabouts and you will less likely be a target. Walk around like a classy tourist and always trust your gut feel. Talk to locals and be alert in all situations.  Combine fun and safety and mingle with the local women as you go along. Stay in touch with any connections you may have locally. 

Keep family updated about your itinerary

Keep family updated

Another safety tip for solo travellers is to keep family or friends informed. While you do not need to keep in touch every day, it is a good idea to regularly inform them. Social media is a good way to do that, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, so you can stay safe and give them an indication that all is well.

The digital breadcrumbs at your fingertips is an advantage and an answer to how to stay safe as a solo female traveller. You could even email a copy of your itinerary to your family and let them know if you have changed it. Get the space you want by travelling solo to find yourself and enjoy your time knowing your family has your back.

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Avoid travelling at night

Avoid travelling at night

Keep safety as paramount while travelling to top places solo as a woman. A good safety tip is to avoid travel by night, if possible. Keep transportation and itinerary plans especially in a new location as day trips. Not only will it make you feel at ease, but it will also give you more security during the daytime.

Be aware of your surroundings and be careful with the transportation you choose. Use a taxi that is controlled by app tracks and pay for the transportation in advance so no money is exchanged, especially at night. Use a registered taxi and let the app track the driver’s movements.

Celebrate being a woman.

Bon Voyage!

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