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South Africa Open for Tourism: Places To Visit, Travel Protocols and Best Time

It has been a tough and rough journey since the pandemic knocked on our doors and created ruckus all around. But now the world is slowly healing up and people are again venturing out and getting busy with their lives. South Africa too has opened its gates for world tourists. Yes! This land of beautiful beaches and safari parks is now open for exploration. So, it’s time for the holiday season.

South Africa is a popular holiday destination where tourists from around the world flock to revel in the marvels of dramatic landscapes and greenery. The country is studded with great natural wonders and is home to a number of modern attractions. From exemplary architecture to gigantic mountains and roaring shores to peaceful hills, you have a variety of places to visit in South Africa. Here, we bring you the perfect travel guide for South Africa open for tourism:

Top Places to Visit in South Africa

1. Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

One of the largest national park in Africa, Kruger National Park is a perfect place to quench all your safari and wildlife desires. It was established in the year 1926 and is spread over an area of more than 19,000 sq. km. Well, that says a lot about the diversity of wildlife you are going to encounter here. So, plan your holidays now and venture off to this world of richness. Drive through green bushes across majestic landscapes and photograph the best of shots. Kruger National Park is all about presenting surprises.

2. The Garden Route

The Garden Route

How about a long drive along the gorgeous coastline of South Africa? The Garden Route is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa and is popular amongst families as well as couples. It is a 190-mile stretch along the shores of the country offering the extensive views of the sea. Exploring the Garden Route is an ideal way to absorb the essence of South African beauties. On the way, you are going to come across great shopping complexes, beautiful eateries, sandy beaches, quaint hamlets and a lot more.

3. Cape Town

Cape Town

You can’t just visit South Africa without having Cape Town on your itinerary? Cape Town is one of the largest and liveliest cities in South Africa and is the country’s legislative capital. With the gigantic Table Mountain overlooking its colourful settlement, Cape Town nurtures soothing vibes. Whether you sit by its tranquil shores or loiter around in vibrant streets or dig deep into country’s history at museums and other ancient sites, the city welcomes you with open arms. Take a plunge into its scenic world and tick all your travel activities off the bucket-list.

4. The Dragon Mountains

The Dragon Mountains

Stretching for more than 600 miles across South Africa, Lesotho and Eswatini, the Dragon Mountains, otherwise called the Drakensberg is an amazing place to soak up the untroubled natural atmosphere of South Africa. It is a great destination to indulge in offbeat travelling and exploring bike trails. You can also do canopy tours, hiking and nature photography. The sandstone cliffs and deep gorges here are worth taking shots. So, get ready and frame the grand spectacles the mountain rang offers.

5. Durban’s Golden Mile

Durban’s Golden Mile

Not everywhere in South Africa you would find a place like Durban’s Golden Mile that is so soothing and dynamic at the same time. The Golden Mile in Durban is a breathtaking beachfront with golden sands and is extremely popular due to its high-spirited atmosphere. From watching enthusiastic hues of nature in the sky to relishing great food at stalls and open-air cafes, you can enjoy a number of activities. It is one of the most significant places in South Africa for its harbours picnic spots, entertainment complexes, shopping centers, water parks, gardens, museums, cycle trails and more to look forward to.

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6. Johannesburg


Nicknamed as the City of Gold due to the presence of gold mines, Johannesburg is one of the most important urban centers in South Africa. The city has vigorous nightlife, modern marvels, ancient sites, museums, theme parks and a lot more. Visit it and explore its beautiful skyline. The top attractions you must add to your itinerary while in Johannesburg include Apartheid Museum, Cradle of Humankind, Mandela’s House, Gold Reef City Park, Market Theater and Constitution Hill.

COVID Restrictions and Precautions to Follow

South africa COVID Restrictions
  • Travelers need to have a negative PCR test report not taken before 72 hours from departure.
  • Use of mask at public places is mandatory.
  • Do download the COVID alert South Africa mobile app for your safety.
  • Maintain social distancing while travelling in public places.
  • Follow all the local health protocols while exploring around to save yourself from paying fines.
  • Make sure to sanitize your hands regularly.

Best Time to Visit South Africa

South Africa

Though South Africa is a year-round destination, it has specific seasons for specific activities. If you are looking forward to enjoying the best of game viewing and safari tours, then the best time to visit South Africa is from June until the end of September. As these are the dry months, you would easily be able to witness the best of the South Africa wildlife. This is also the perfect time for whale watching in South Africa.

If you are looking forward to exploring the beauties of cities like Cape Town and beaches, then visit South Africa in between the months of December and February.

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