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10 Winter Travel Outfits You Can Never Go Wrong With (Men & Women)

Winter travel is fun, cosy, and super-special. However, packing for it is just as bulky and mundane. Isn’t it? What if you do not have to go overboard with winter travel packing? Yes, it is possible if you pick certain styles that complement you even on a bad hair or a winter-hog day. Let us go back to those top classic winter travel outfits and looks for men and women that you can never go wrong with. Read on for more.  

Best Winter Travel Outfits for Women

A Pair of Jeans with Jumper or Oversized Jacket

Winter is the perfect time to flaunt those assets in a pair of your favourite skinny or boyfriend jeans. Club it with a solid-toned jumper on top of a shirt. Let the shirt out of the jeans if you want to add a more carefree vibe to the look. If you are not a big jumper fan, do not worry! You can replace it with a pastel-toned oversized jacket and be winter travel-ready. Let your hair loose or semi-tied on the top for that X-effect.

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Go with a Snood Anytime, Anywhere!

winter travel outfits for women  - snood

A snood is your saviour and protector during the coldest hours. Of course, it is a total fashion statement as well. We recommend you pick one that is made from 100% wool for the look and comfort both. Pack one in a solid tone if you wish to team it with multiple outfits since it takes a bit of space in a bag. For an iconic look, team it with a pair of trousers or a pencil skirt and a pullover or a waist-length jacket on top. 

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Sweater Dress with Jeggings

Ahh! The winter-chic look. A sweater dress has been in vogue everywhere on the globe ever since the millennium happened. It appears in different versions, of course. You can pack the one more suited to your taste. Whether you want to go for a body con a sheath or a shift or an a-line, pick one in a solid or a colour-blocked print. Team it with a pair of wool stockings or jeggings and a pair of calf-length boots to look winter-chic. Layer it with a trench coat to add more edge or when you are out on a stroll.

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Solid Skirt with a Longline Cardigan 

A cardigan is often termed ‘mundane’ by the fashion police. However, a cardigan is far from mundane when donned right. There are layers to wearing a cardigan like a fashionista. And, the classic one is to pair it with a knee-length A-line skirt or a calf-length body-con dress. Throw on a blouson in a monochrome shade or a complimentary tone before layering up with the cardigan. Wrap a stole around your neck for an irresistibly pretty winter travel look. Also, if you have run out of a cardigan, find that long jacket you have been hiding at the back of your closet and travel in style. 

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Woolen Track Pants with Quilted/Bomber Jacket

Travel in a relaxed mood inside and out while keeping the style quotient just as thriving. Throw on a pair of woollen track pants with a bright bomber jacket. Tie your hair in a top knot or a side braid to add an edge to the look. If it is a sweatshirt, then it can be boxy, ideal for a particularly athletic frame. For heavier winters, you could go with a quilted jacket. Wear this look with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots and look like a diva. 

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Best Winter Travel Outfits for Men

Trousers with A Long Coat and Stole 

winter travel outfits for men 1

This one is an iconic style whether it is for travelling or otherwise. All you need is a pair of trousers or flat-toned jeans and a long coat to look totally in vogue as well as ready to travel in comfort. Pack a solid-toned tweed or suede coat along with a woollen stole in a similar or monochrome for a colder journey. You can don a high-neck or turtle-neck sweater underneath the jacket for when you want to sit indoors and leave the coat outside sometimes.

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Warm Oversized Crotch Pants with A Quilted Jacket 

We know that a pair of oversized crotch pants is not everyone’s thing. However, this look is too cosy, yet fun to not add it to our list of the top winter travel outfit recommendations for men. Team the trousers with a t-shirt and a quilted or bomber jacket on top in the same tone as the bottoms. Complete the look with a pair of sneakers and a woollen neck warmer. Pack a pair of canvas sneakers or ankle boots to flaunt this style right.   

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A Pair of Jeans with a Jumper or Quilted Jacket

Who says fashion has to be painful? Be the head-turner without compromising on the comfort as you go on your winter vacay. Throw over an oversized jumper or a quilted jacket over a pair of indigo jeans, preferably acid-washed, and appear ruggedly handsome. Team it with a woollen stole, a pair of ankle boots, or stylish brogues as per your choice. Choose dark and warm tones for the perfect look.    

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Trousers with Turtle Neck Sweater and Open Cardigan  

Look dapper in a turtle neck or high-neck pullover. Pair it with a sleek set of straight, boot-cut, or tapered-fit trousers. Pick from flat or muted tones if you want to preserve the look for years to come. This ideal airport look for winter is even sassier when layered with an open cardigan and a woollen/acrylic stole in a warm colour. Complete the look with a pair of brogues or espadrilles.  

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Woolen Track Pants with A Bomber Jacket or Sweat Shirt

winter travel outfits for men 5

Everyone enjoys being relaxed, especially when they are on vacation. However, this does not imply that you have to leave your style quo back home. You have to pick the look right. That’s all! Team a pair of black (strictly a 100%) track pants minus any white stripes (of course!). Don it with a fleece sweatshirt, preferably a regular-sized hoodie and look just as dandy. A bomber jacket is a safer alternative to a sweatshirt if the weather is particularly cold.

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