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Top 10 Tips And Tricks On How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets?

The most crucial part of travel is finding the best budget friendly flight tickets to any destination you plan on travelling to. This particular part of travel is so crucial, that if done the right way it might help you from burning a hole in your pocket. It doesn’t matter whether you are a solo traveller or on a vacation with family, improper research in this part of travel planning is certain to disrupt your entire travel budget. Below we have a few pointers for you to consider on the few top tips and tricks on how to book cheap flight tickets.

Tips And Tricks How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets?

Fly Budget Airlines

Top 10 Tips And Tricks On How To Book Cheap Flight Tickets?

The first point to remember on how to book cheap flight tickets, when planning your next trip is to stick to budget airlines. The recent mayhem in the air travel industry has been because of these very same budget airlines. They are the best to choose from when travelling national and sometimes you may even find them operating on certain international routes as well.

The only drawback of flying with budget airlines is that they might not be up to to your high class standards, so lower them. However, if you can manage your itinerary efficiently, you’ll be very happy with the kind of money that you would save by choosing these nimble giants. Some budget airlines that operate in the United Arab Emirates include airlines like FlyDubai, Air Arabia and Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.

Opt For Connecting Flights

Opt for connecting flight, How to book cheap flights

This is one method that a lot of you would have experienced yourself, but just to skip the inconvenience of switching flights you choose to skip this option. But this method of travelling is a sure-shot way of reaching your desired location without giving your budget a stroke. We agree that choosing the indirect fight option might make the travel a bit time consuming, but it is the best travelling hack out there. This is one hack that the best travel or food bloggers would swear by.

Keep An Eye Out For Festive Offers

Keep An Eye Out For Festive Offers, How to book cheap flights

On several occasions, airlines would launch special deals during festive seasons, especially around the ones with the long weekends. These special deals are a good way of filling up the pages of your passport and quenching that thirst for travelling to a unique destination. The best way of doing this is by signing up for the newsletters of these airlines and not skipping out on any festive deals.

We agree that more often than not your itinerary would not fit the slot of these special deals. But, all you need to do is wait for the one sweet slot to open where your itinerary and the special festive offer matches up.

Choose The Best Search Engine For Your Device

Best Search Engine

Many of you would be aware of this, but we would still like to address the elephant in the room. Landing a sweet flight deal depends on the kind of search engine that you use. These search engine often scatter the search algorithms to get you the sweetest deals, while countering the pricing AI run by many airlines. Some examples of these search engines are Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights etc. These search engines are optimized and coded in a way where with different devices they have a certain set of abilities and different features. For e.g.

  • Skyscanner – is one of the best search engines for PCs offering a great user interface along with a well developed mobile application.
  • Momondo – is one of the best sites offering the cheapest flight deals after analyzing a wide spectrum of websites. For best results use this website in tandem with Skyscanner.
  • Google Flights – is the only websites that allow users to see the tariffs for multiple destinations all at once.

Look Out For Deals With Student Discounts

Student Discounts, How to book cheap flights

This is one of the least known methods of saving big bucks on flights that is not used often. There are several airlines offering student discounts on the standard fare, which generally extends to their partner flights as well. For e.g Delta offers student discounts on some of their fares, which extends over to KLM and other partner flights. The discount may vary from anywhere between 20% – 30% which is a pretty decent saving.

Mix It Up

Choose different airlines for connecting flights

This method usually come in handy when one is booking indirect flights from any location. When one books an indirect flight with an airline, chances are you will be travelling with the same airline. However, if you are booking your flight from a travel website, try booking where two different airlines are taking care of the commute. These deals will automatically knock a few dirhams off your final cost and save some ton of money.

Make Use Of Points And Miles

Points And Miles

Several airlines offer customers Airline rewards programs, allowing them an opportunity to earn points or miles. For frequent travellers, it is a good idea to get into any one or all of the airline rewards programs. The enrollment in 99% of the cases is free of cost. Travel-reward-points can help in getting free tickets and in some cases even get a free upgrade to business or first-class.

There are several courses and hacks out there, that would help you understand the art of “travel hacking”. If you wish to understand the concept, look it up and start travelling to the destinations of your dream.

Look For Tickets In A Different Currency

Tickets In A Different Currency, How to book cheap flights

One way of finding the cheapest flights to any country is to book tickets from that country. Sounds a bit weird, but hear us out. If the value of your country’s currency outweighs the value of the currency of the country you’re planning to travel to. There is good chance that the same flight from the destination country, would be cheaper from the origin country.

The trick is not a certain hit however, it is worth a shot for a chance to get cheaper tickets.

Book In Advance, But

Book In Advance, But

Any traveller’s best tip for cheaper flight tickets will be to book tickets well in advance. We are here to tell you that there is a fine line between too early and in advance. Airlines would raise the prices closer to the departure date depending on the demand for that particular flight. These high prices are often the result of last-minute bookings by business travellers, booked by the companies.

So the best time to book your tickets in advance is somewhere between two to three months for off-season destinations. However, the time gap would bump up to five months if you are planning a visit during the peak season.

Ignore The Old Age Beliefs

Ignore The Old Age Beliefs, How to book cheap flights

There are several rumor’s made by amateur reporters, some of which include myths like:

  • Choosing incognito mode
  • Booking tickets on a Tuesday
  • Booking tickets on predictions

Nowadays, every airline has an AI running all the possible pricing algorithms which users might use to make bookings. These algorithms compute every single factor like demand, weather, festivals, time of the day, competitor, fuel and much more. Ensuring that there are no prices are visible, that would run the company in a loss.

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