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16 Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a global city and because of its incredible lifestyle, it attracts millions of tourists from across the world every year. So, if you are also planning to visit this glamorous place anytime soon, then bear in mind a few regulations (official and unofficial) for a stress-free and smooth trip. Go through the following piece that includes all those things you must not do and are not allowed to do when in Dubai.

Things You Are Not Allowed To Do In Dubai, UAE

Against Rules & Regulations

1) Unmarried couples are not allowed to share a hotel room in Dubai. It is illegal and strictly against the Sharia Law. Hence, we advise you to check with the concierge before making a booking.

drugs not allowed in dubai

2)      Dubai doesn’t entertain anyone carrying illegal drugs. Even a negligible amount of drugs in your blood can land you in trouble. You can be jailed or fined or both for the same. If you are a tourist, you risk getting deported straight away. 

3)      The metropolitan is also against couples kissing and hugging in public. And if you are an unmarried couple, then you must not even hold hands in public.

4)      If you have an alcohol license, you are most welcome to drink in Dubai. If not, which is mostly the case with tourists, make sure you are drinking in your hotel or at a licensed venue only. And do not loiter about when drunk.

5)      Dubai is yet to catch up to the rest of the world when it comes to the right to freestyle clothing. So, do not cross-dress unless you want to get into trouble. If caught, you are very likely to be fined or jailed.

6)      Dubai is an Islam-dominated country. Hence, it doesn’t tolerate people criticizing the religion or making any negative remark on religious practices. You are prone to get a jail term if found condemning their beliefs.

loud music not allowed in dubai

7)      Keep your hands inside your pocket and your legs under control if the dancer in you is trying to come out. While in Dubai, you should not dance in public or play loud music. It is against their customs and hence, offensive.

8)      You do not dare say anything against the ruling family when in Dubai. If caught, strict actions will be taken against you and you are most likely to be put behind bars.

9)      Eating food in public is also a violation of rules. But wait, it is not always so. Only during the period of Ramadan, you must abstain from eating out in the open. You can get a jail term of several weeks for this disobedience as per the judicial system of the UAE.

10)   Refrain from photographing anyone in public without their permission. It is against Dubai rules. The concerned department would seize the camera and fine you if found doing so.

Against Culture and Basic Etiquettes

11)   You might be from the most democratic country, but when you are in Dubai, make sure you do not wear anything revealing. Wear decent dresses and maintain modesty if you do not want people to stare at you.

pork meat

12)   Do not carry pork or talk about its satisfying flavor unless you are amongst a group of people who don’t mind it.

13)   Using the left hand to eat, greet or exchanging things is an indecent act in Dubai. It is because the left hand is generally used to clean oneself in the lavatory. So, be alert while using hand gestures.

14)   Hand gestures are really important when you are in Dubai. It is here where ‘thumbs up’ is equivalent to the middle finger. So, make sure you do not offend anyone in an effort to indicate something harmless.

15)   While sitting, make sure the sole of your shoe does not face any Arab around you. It is a rude and insulting gesture in their culture.

OK sign

16)  Watch your hand while reviewing something and showing ‘OK’ sign. Amongst locals, it has a different meaning. It means the evil eye that brings bad luck.

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