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7 Most Popular Places For Glamping In South Africa

Glamping is the new trend in the travel industry and all the luxury travelers out there are well acquainted with the term. In layman’s language, it is all about staying amid nature while relishing all the new-world facilities. Glamping brings nature in close with modern luxury and makes your stay a never-ending memory. Today, it is popular across the globe and has become a greater hit in South Africa. Considering the kind of wildlife and natural landscapes the country has, it makes for an ideal place for glamping adventures. Here, we list down the most popular places for glamping in South Africa.

Top Destinations for Glamping in South Africa

1. Kruger National Park

Top Destinations for Glamping in South Africa - kruger national park

The largest and the most frequented of them all, Kruger National Park is the pride and the sparkling gem of South Africa. It is one of the few places that could be found on the bucket list of every traveler who visits the country. No wonder the park has developed quite a number of glamping sites to attract tourists for boutique camping.

Fully-equipped kitchenette, king-size beds, inspiring interior, and a lot more – you get everything here. So, how about signing up for this soul-satisfying adventure and relishing the richness of nature while enjoying materialistic pleasure?

2. Amakhala Game Reserve

Enjoy scenic vistas from the glass window of your lodge at Amakhala Game Reserve and get the opportunity of availing personalized services. The game reserve has more than 10 lodges and tented sites where you can fulfill your desire of residing next to nature without compromising on your comforts. Catch the best of sunrise and sunset panoramas while sipping coffee by a dazzling pool. The glamping sites in Amakhala Game Reserve are exceptional in whatever they serve. The list includes Woodbury Tented Camp, Amakhala Safari Lodge, Bukela Game Lodge, and Bush Lodge.

3. Montagu

Surrounded by hills and nurturing lush vegetation, Montagu is a gorgeous town in the Western Cape territory of South Africa. Though it is most noted and admired for its vineyards, orchards, and towering mountains, it has started gaining the reputation of being an idyllic glamping site. Visit it and savor its scenic surroundings while enjoying luxury accommodation. Wake up to the soothing sunshine reflecting directly into your sleeping chambers. Watch stars twinkling throughout the night from your transparent tented terrace.

4. Chintsa

Top Destinations for Glamping in South Africa- Chintsa

Located at the mouth of the Chintsa River in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, Chintsa is another great destination for all the glampers. The small yet picturesque village has incredible beauties on offer. From your timber deck, gaze upon the sprawling nature as winds comb through the fields of beautiful trees and plants. Listen to the chirping of birds and watch surrounding waters crooning melodies. Experience all of these while staying at your luxury lodge in your comfort zone.

5. Mabula


Game lodges are all Mabula is far-framed for! It is located in the Limpopo province of the country and has an area of more than 12,000 hectares. That’s the reason camping became a popular adventure in the region. Tented houses with all the modern amenities including personalized rooms in the midst of nowhere make Mabula a deserving destination for every luxury traveler. Kick start your day with fresh authentic delicacies and spend your evenings with a glass of wine. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere and the craziness of wildlife.

6. Marakele National Park

Marakele National Park with an area of more than 670 sq km is one of the largest national parks in South Africa and hence, it houses incredible lodges and safari camp to experience glamping. Marataba Safari Lodge and Bontle Tented Camp are some of the prominent ones. Spend your day crashing into the soft bed of a wooden cottage or a tent and watch nature rising to its full glory at dusk from the window. Or just simply walk around on a lush green lawn spotting the rich wildlife of South Africa.

7. Schoemanshoek

Top Destinations for Glamping in South Africa - Schoemanshoek

Schoemanshoek Valley in Oudtshoorn has become synonymous with luxury accommodation in recent years. Its splendid lodges and tented suites are all tourists look forward to nowadays. Watch the wilderness of the country from your naked eyes while lazing in a glorious Jacuzzi under the shades of nature. Experience the serene nature of South Africa as you see butterflies flying into your dwelling. Schoemansheok’s exceptional glamping adventures are worth your time and money.

So, get ready to ‘glamp’ it!

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