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Complete Travel and Safety Guidelines: COVID-19

In the wake of the pandemic followed by the widespread of Covid-19, as the lockdown opens and travel resumes, travelers are worried about safety and health. While adapting to the new norm can be quite a challenge, the journey becomes easier and completely safe when we take adequate measures. 

Pack your bags and recapture the traveling bug as you’d like to, with just a little bit of additional care. Below are a complete travel and safety guidelines to ensure a healthy trip as you prepare your mind and body for the new emerging lifestyle amid the pandemic 2020. 

Necessary Information About COVID-19

COVID-19 for Travel

The recently-discovered COVID-19 is an infectious disease that causes respiratory problems in the victim. The disease is contagious and generally transfers from one person to another through mini droplets via eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Major symptoms related to the disease include cough, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, and a loss of taste. During advanced stages, it may result in the failure of organs, blood-clots, and septic shock. It takes up to 15 days for the symptoms to the surface, in certain cases. 

  • Due to the unforeseen effects across the world, the COVID-19 disease has been declared a pandemic. Hence, it is crucial to follow the updated travel and safety guidelines for COVID 19.
  • Today, there are more than 12 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the globe.  About 6.74 million of them have been recovered and approximately 0.55 million deaths have been recorded.
  • In the United Arab Emirates, the total number of confirmed cases is 53,577 and about 43,570 and 328 have resulted in recovery and deaths respectively.

Travel And Safety Guidelines 2020: Before You Fly

Travel and Safety guidelines: Before You Travel

Research is the main key to a happy and safe journey. Follow the guidelines of the destination of travel in addition to the country you are traveling from. The better idea you have about the environment of the place you are planning to visit, the safer your excursion would be.

  • You must sign an undertaking of going into mandatory quarantine for a period in the range of 7-14 days while visiting most of the countries. Plan a long trip if you are ready for it. 
  • You must also self-monitor and keep a tab on your health issues regularly. You would be subjected to thermal screenings as well.
  • Check the travel advisory from the country’s ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation. Make sure you are not entering the premises of a restricted place.
  • Along with fulfilling visa requirements, you would also need a medical certificate that proves that you have tested negative for coronavirus.
  • Numerous countries have imposed restrictions on international travel. So, make sure the country you are visiting has lifted the ban on international travelers and is open for tourists.
  • Travel insurance is another thing you need to have before you fly. Make sure the insurance has all the major coverage. It would help you in case of medical emergencies.
  • Lastly and most importantly, beware of any fake news about the on-going pandemic. Little knowledge can be disadvantageous, but incorrect knowledge can be quite hazardous.

Travel And Safety Guidelines 2020: During the Trip

Travel and Safety Guidelines: During the Trip

Once you have reached the destination, you are in charge of your health and safety. That’s why, do not take anything for granted, especially your surroundings and the place you are staying at.

  • While exploring places or roaming around in streets or markets, make sure to maintain a distance of a minimum of 2 feet from others. Social-distancing is the only way to beat the unprecedented impact of COVID-19.
  • Always keep sanitizers with you and restrain from touching public objects without gloves on.
  • Use masks, preferably N95 while venturing outdoors.
  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds. 
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and ears. 

If by any chance you develop symptoms of coronavirus, you must report to a nearby hospital and get yourself checked immediately.

Travel And Safety Guidelines 2020: Accommodation

travel and safety guide: Where to stay?

Accommodation becomes a major concern as this is the time when you cannot overlook your fitness. That’s one of the reasons to always go for sanitized and well-maintained properties where customer’s well-being is taken seriously and safety is always given priority.

  • New hygiene standards have been initiated by most properties. Hence, staying is not going to be a major issue while traveling.
  • It is advisable to do research about your hotel properly before you book it in advance.
  • As part of the travel and safety guidelines for COVID 19, you are advised to restrict yourself from using public facilities like swimming pools, indoor gyms, spas, etc.   

Travel And Safety Guidelines 2020: After the Trip

Travel and Safety Guide: After the Trip
  • Once you have traveled and are back in your country, you must self-quarantine for a period in between 7-14 days, particularly if your trip exceeds 7 days.
  • Make sure to report to the concerned authority if you record any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Keep emergency numbers and the number of your respective country’s embassy handy.
  • Go for contactless payment as much as you can.
  • Check your body temperature regularly.

Emergency Helpline for COVID-19 in the UAE

Ministry of Health and Prevention: 800-11111

Department of Health (Abu Dhabi): 800-1717

Department of Health (Dubai): 800-342

You can also use the chatbot service called Virtual Doctor provided by the Ministry of Health and Prevention for treatment and protection form.

The Emiratis who are abroad can use the number +971 800 44444 and residents can use +971 249 65228 and +971 920 83344 for emergency medical services.

Reach Home Safely Via Repatriation Flights

If you are stranded away from home, then repatriation flights are here to help. The United Arab Emirates has facilitated special repatriation flights to help the stranded ones reach back home safely. Several regulations are being put into action and all the necessary measures are followed to bring the on-board passengers as well as the crew safe and secure.

  • Check with your respective embassy before booking the tickets.
  • Airline like FlyDubai is operating flights from the UAE to:

Bangladesh Bulgaria, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine

  • Emirates and Etihad Airways are also operating flights for the same purposes.
  • Indian expats stranded in the UAE can fly back to their homes in between July 15 and July 31 as 104 extra special flights are scheduled to run during this period.
  • If you are coming back to Dubai from another country, make sure to have a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship approval.
  • Complete the Health Declaration Form and register with the Dubai Health Authority before flying to the UAE

Want to come back home safely? Reserve a special repatriation flight today.  To know more about these special repatriation flights from the UAE, click on the button below.

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