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50 Must-Have Travel Essentials: The Ultimate Packing List

Do you get anxious about things to carry while traveling abroad? Let us share a simple strategy. A list of all-inclusive travel essentials to make your journeys comfortable. Just use this list and relax. That’s a trick to follow so you will never forget things to pack.

50 Must-Have Travel Essentials List


Must-Have Travel Essentials - Travel Documents

You absolutely need an identification (id) when you go on a trip. These are the most crucial travel essentials. It could be a government ID like your photo id or your drivers’ license. A passport is a legal document issued by the government as id proof while traveling abroad. A visa is an official document that allows you entry legally into a foreign country. There are different types of visas, depending on the host country of travel. Here is an international travel checklist of travel documents that you must not forget to pack.

1. Photo id/Drivers License

2. Passport/Visa

3. Boarding Passes (printed or electronic)

4. Confirmation Receipts (printed or electronic)(hotel,train,bus,rental car,event tickets)

5. Emergency Documents (health insurance card, allergy list, emergency contact)


Travel Essentials - Funds

A convenient wallet is a must to carry cash/cards during travel. Make it a priority to carry travel cards that make traveling easy and stress-free. Since a number of places do not accept electronic payments, hence we recommend cash in a sling to all travelers.

6. Wallets & Cash

7. Credit Cards/Travel Cards (call your credit card companies to inform them of your travel)


The next category of travel essentials takes us to take care of our personal comfort. It is always a good idea to take personal comfort seriously. On long haul flights or road travel, when you want it warmer or cozier or quieter, always make these personal comfort essentials a part of your international travel packing list.

 8.Neck Pillow/eyemask/earplugs/blanket



11.Water Bottle  


If you just can’t survive without your gadgets, then you should remember to take a universal adapter. There are so many different plug shapes in different countries. Make sure to pack a multi-plug style adapter, multi USB adaptor or a voltage converter for your convenience. You can plug into any wall around the world. So, here is the list of typical electricals you will use as an overseas travel checklist.

12. Laptop

13. iPad/Tablet

14. Noise Canceling Headphones

15. Camera

16. Cell Phone

17. All Chargers

18. Electric Adapters/Converters


Let’s help you decide on non-negotiable toiletries. A list of toiletry suggestions will help you take along your favorite brand shampoo and eliminate certain items altogether. Here is a very thorough international travel packing list for toiletries to help you travel light and ensure you don’t forget anything you need.

19. Toothbrush, Toothpaste/ floss / mouthwash

20. Bodywash/ Soap

21. Facewash/ face lotion/ sunscreen

22. Deodorant

23. Makeup/ lip balm

24. Shampoo & Conditioner

25. Hand / Body Lotion

26. Hairbrush, hair ties / bobby pins


You never know when you get caught in the rain or the bright sun bothers you. This accessories list will also help you from spending a lot of money while traveling. we have shortlisted the ideal accessories list from a watch to your medication. So don’t forget to tick the items below.

 27. Watch

 28. Jewelry

 29. Hat / Sun Visor

 30. Scarves/bandana

 31. Glasses (prescription)/Contacts/Sunglasses

 32. RX Medication


You definitely want to look stylish while traveling. When deciding to travel, you also need to travel light. Choose pieces of clothing in three matching colors so you can mix and match. It’s always fun to pick colors as per the destination you are headed to. Bright hues for the beaches, whites for the warm weather with earthy, rich tones for the cooler places and so on. Ideally, you should be wearing each piece two or three times on your trip. Let’s avoid the hassle of lugging your heavy bags around. Travel light! Presenting here are smart clothing essentials to carry while traveling. 

 33. Lightweight clothing

 34. Long-sleeved shirts

 35. Sweaters/jackets

 36. T-shirts/tank tops

 37. Pants/shorts

 38. Belt/socks

 39. Comfortable walking shoes

 40. Rain jacket/umbrella

 41. Pajamas/sleepwear

 42. Underwear

 43. Dresses/skirts

  44. Swimsuit/trunks


There is no arguing that choosing shoes to pack for your next trip has to be a part of the overseas travel checklist. Traveling involves hours of walking or navigating whether it be an adventure trip or a hiking trip. You always want something comfortable on your feet and practical to carry while traveling. Let’s avoid being clumsy and uncomfortable and choose the right travel shoes. One pair of each is enough.

45. Tennis Shoes

46. Dress Shoes/Heels

47. Flats

48. Sandals

49. Boots

50. Specialty (water shoes, cycling shoes, hiking boots)

 The idea is to enjoy every moment of your vacation, treasure every memory you make and not waste a single moment worrying about things you forget to pack. Hence, the above travel essentials list is all you need.

Happy Vacationing!

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