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Can’t-Miss These Top Travel Agencies In Dubai, UAE

The only escape in recent times from a hectic work-life schedule is a relaxing retreat into the unknown. The need for fulfilling social and personal obligations seems to have taken precedence. Due to this, very little time has been allocated to one’s peace and self-healing. Vacations or tour trips have become a unique way of discovering one’s inner peace and over the years gained momentum. Due to the busy schedule, we often outsource the planning and organization of these trips to efficient travel agencies. But in several scenarios these top travel agencies in Dubai or otherwise do not do a very good job with one or several of the below-mentioned factors:

  • Customer service
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Time-saving
  • Resources
  • Relationships

So, here is a list of the best travel agencies in Dubai, UAE that have been ranked keeping these factors in mind.

10 Top Travel Agencies In Dubai, UAE

Top Travel Agencies in Dubai, UAE

10. Al Tayer Travel Agency LLC

Overall Rating: 4.4

Al Tayer is a well-established and professionally staffed agency based in Dubai next to the GGCIO metro station. The agency has been operating since 1979 and their sister division (Al Tayer Holidays) deals with UAE outgoing holiday travels.

  • Customer service: 3.9
  • Industry Knowledge: 3.5
  • Time-saving: 3.3
  • Resources: 3.0
  • Relationships: 3.0

9. Deira Travel & Tourist Agency Co LLC

Overall Rating: 4.4 (43)

Set in the oldest city of Dubai, Deira Travel & Tourist agency was established in 1994. The agency has a license from IATA (International Air Transport Association) with agents spread across Asia and the UAE. Deira Travels offers several services at a better price than their competitors in the market.

  • Customer service: 4.0
  • Industry Knowledge: 3.5
  • Time-saving: 3.4
  • Resources: 3.1
  • Relationships: 3.1

8. ATS Travel

Overall Rating: 4.5

ATS travel summons their entire agenda in 6 words – “to be our customer’s only choice”. The agency believes firmly in more hands-on exposure when it comes to delivering services to customers. They have been in the industry for nearly four decades and have maintained their reputation of being the best at what they do.

  • Customer service: 4.1
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.1
  • Time-saving: 3.5
  • Resources: 3.2
  • Relationships: 3.2

7. Nirvana Travel & Tourism

Overall Rating: 4.5

Nirvana was established in 2007 and over the past decade, it has established itself across the UAE. In lieu of the upcoming ‘The UAE Vision 2030’ event, the company has sped up its efforts for expansion into the tourism and travel sector.

  • Customer service: 4.2
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.2
  • Time-saving: 3.6
  • Resources: 3.3
  • Relationships: 3.3


Overall Rating: 4.7

The agency is headquartered in Dubai started as a small agency by three friends. Mr Shabeer Pattilath, Mr Abdul Lateef and Mr Abdul Hakeem have claimed to be the best travel agency in terms of tailored vacations. The agency boasts of their package rates to be the best in the market.

  • Customer service: 4.3
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.3
  • Time-saving: 3.7
  • Resources: 3.4
  • Relationships: 3.4

5. Mihran Tours & Travels

Overall Rating: 4.7

The agency is headquartered in Dubai and claims to be the best travel agency in terms of trust. The agency has had quite a few services and a designated team, that are known for their swift work on international travel visas. The agency boasts of package rates to be the best in the market.

  • Customer service: 4.4
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.4
  • Time-saving: 3.8
  • Resources: 3.5
  • Relationships: 3.5

4. City One Tourism & Travel L.L.C – BR

Overall Rating: 4.7

City One LLC is a destination management company that deals and offers both individual and corporate packages for its customers. The company has been based in Dubai and operating successfully in the UAE region.

  • Customer service: 4.5
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.5
  • Time-saving: 3.9
  • Resources: 3.6
  • Relationships: 3.6

3. TravelWings (Under Satguru Overseas)

Travelwings have been known to go out of their way and create a completely customizable tour package for their clients. There is no ranking mentioned as the firm operates on a complete word of mouth marketing strategy and has limitless resources to help out any customer and their vast needs. The company offers a full range of travel services for corporate and leisure with a focus on Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America. The online portal provides guidance for customized packages and creative travel solutions for every need.

  • For consecutive 4 years in a row, TravelWings have been the leading nominee for ‘Middle East’s Leading Online Travel Agency’ (2018-2021)

2. Forever Tourism LL

Overall Rating: 4.8

The Dubai-based travel firm has been one of the well-known tour agencies in Dubai. They specialize in customizable tour packages for anyone looking for something out of the box.

  • Customer service: 4.5
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.5
  • Time-saving: 4.4
  • Resources: 4.3
  • Relationships: 4.5

1. Regal Tours Worldwide

Overall Rating: 4.8

Operating in Dubai for more than a decade, Regal Tours Worldwide has been a prominent name in the UAE travel industry. The firm has been known for helping travellers with visa’s tickets and other important travel documents needed to travel to UAE and other countries.

  • Customer service: 4.5
  • Industry Knowledge: 4.5
  • Time-saving: 4.5
  • Resources: 4.5
  • Relationships: 4.6
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