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10 Life-Changing Things to Do Alone In Dubai

Undergo an ecstatic vacay in the most intriguing and astounding tour destination, Dubai. Nowadays, solo tours are a new-age discovery in the world of traveling. Venture and encounter thrilling nightlife, cool adventure sports, mind-blowing retail experiences and so much more in the heart of Dubai. Pack your magical travel-pants and get ready for an interesting escapade.

Here is a filtered List of Marvelous Things to do Alone in Dubai

1. Hop onto the Ravishing Water Rides

Water parks in Dubai

Thrill and adventure await here! The water rides treat you with an experience of a lifetime. Feel the adrenaline rush and challenge your guts at Aquaventure waterpark.

  • Price: AED 289.
  • Places: Aquaventure Waterpark, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Splash ‘n’ Party, and a lot more.
  • Pro Tip: Keep fresh pair of clothes and gadgets separately in a safe and dry place.

2. Ready, Steady, and Safari!

Dune bashing in Dubai

This is one of the top places to go alone in Dubai. Traverse through the desert and experience absolute amazement with fun activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, and much more.

  • Price: Starting from AED 99.
  • Places: 4×4 Dubai Desert Safaris, Desert Safari Dubai, and a lot more.
  • Pro Tip: If suffering from any medical condition, do let the guide know beforehand as the trip is exhausting and a little wild.

3. Fly high in the Sky

Helicopter ride in Dubai

Experience Dubai like never before from the top of the sky in a helicopter ride. View the top-listed tourist sites and get enthralled. It’s a complete value-for-money ride.

  • Price: Starting from AED 549 (approx).
  • Places: Helicopter tour Dubai, HeliDubai, Dubai Helicopter tour, and a lot more.
  • Pro Tip: Make sure to document your experience from-the-top. Share your thrill moments with family and friends.

4. Sail in the Jovial Ambiance

Just Cruise it!

Sail in the sea of happiness and enthusiasm. Eat, dance, and repeat and watch the fun-loving entertainment shows for ecstatic memories at Dubai Cruise.

  • Price: AED 150 (approx).
  • Place: Dubai Creek, Dhow Cruise, Yacht, and a lot more.
  • Pro Tip: The helping staff expects a tip after providing services. Bear the same in mind. It is usually between 5-10%.

5. Dive in Air from the Top

Disclaimer: The image is taken from an external source.

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building and it serves the most adventurous and nerve-wracking experiences of all time. Skydive from the top and feel your heart pumping faster than ever.

  • Price: Roughly AED 1700.
  • Place: Downtown Dubai.
  • Pro Tip: Make sure you do not have any severe medical conditions, breathing problems, or fear of height.

6. Scout on the Broad Walk

There are numerous amazing things to do in Dubai for solo travelers at Jumeirah Beach. Walk on the joggers’ path, lay on the beachside, swim, surf, and fill your lungs with fresh air.

  • Price: FREE!
  • Place: Jumeirah St, Dubai.
  • Pro Tip: Mondays are dedicated to only women and children. All the solo female travelers in Dubai can have as much fun as they want.

7. Sight the Magnificent Skyline from the Air

The hot-air balloon ride is an astounding experience that treats with the marvelous spectacles of the urban city. Catch the one-of-a-kind view of the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset, behind the massive skyline.

  • Price: AED 1,250 (approx).
  • Place: Dubai.
  • Pro Tip: Click uncountable pictures and document your visit as it’s an unusual experience of a lifetime.

8. Meet the Sub-Aquatic Friends

All the adventure and thrill seekers, visit Dubai Atlantis. Undergo scuba diving and explore the underwater life. Sight the aquatic creatures with unique structures.

  • Price: Starting from AED 85.
  • Place: Dubai Atlantis, PADI Open water, and a lot more in Dubai.
  • Pro Tip: If suffering from thalassophobia (deep-sea fear), it’s better to avoid scuba diving. There are diving instructors for your guidance to ensure safety-first.

9. Dine in the Air with Birds

Disclaimer: The image is taken from an external source.

Experience a unique way of dining and get served your favorite authentic cuisines in the sky. Feel butterflies in your stomach and relish with the delectable delicacies. Enlist this place in your itinerary while traveling to Dubai alone.

  • Price: Starting from AED 450.
  • Place: Skydive, Dubai.
  • Pro Tip: Make sure to get reservations beforehand.

10. Get Pumped Up At the Bars

Nightlife in Dubai

Want to meet new people and indulge in interesting interactions? Drink, dance, and experience the fun nightlife of Dubai, the marvel of leisure plus amazement. The pubs and bars are ideal for both – the solo male and female travelers in Dubai. 

  • Price: AED 130 (approx).
  • Place:  The Beach Bar and Grill, Buddha Bar, Vault, and a lot more.
  • Pro Tip: Just live in the moment, enjoy yourself, and make your travel memorable.
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