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Dubai Airport International: A Marvel In The Heart Of UAE

Over the years Dubai has made a name for itself among the international forum. And this is because of the Emirates aggressive approach towards development. In the form of large and gargantuan structures that have come up in the middle of a desert, where access to basic supplies seem impossible. Dubai has transformed into a haven for international travellers looking for unique experiences in the middle of a desert. From building an ice rink to making a water amusement park, Dubai has achieved it all.

But, where do all these travellers get inspired to explore Dubai? Well, the first impression is often the last and to nail this right. Dubai’s airport is at a level that far exceeds any international standard level airports around the world. And that is where all the fun begins. Where the travellers are left in awe by the grandeur, elegance and panache of the Dubai airport terminal 3. Below is an interesting read on interesting facts about the Dubai International airport. And what makes it stand out from any other International Airport.

Interesting Facts About Dubai Airport

1. The Fastest Growing Aviation Hub

Dubai Airport International: A Marvel In The Heart Of UAE

Dubai International Airport is a massive airport with much larger operations. Dubai International Airport left Malaysia behind. For having to add close to 200,000 more seats every year. Since 2012, Dubai International Airport has been in the top 10 list of the busiest airports in the world. And since then has steadily risen to be the 3rd busiest airport in the world by 2017. The airport houses some contemporary amenities. And serves as a connection between over 260 destinations worldwide.

2. Biggest Duty-Free

Dubai Duty-Free

Dubai has transformed into an international stage for people who love shopping for world popular brands. The Dubai International Airport does not deviate from the rule. The duty-free at Dubai airport spans several acres. With many stores offering several branded products. The prices of the products are the most competitive in all Dubai and cater to a massive crowd on a daily basis.

3. Main Hub For Emirates


Dubai airport terminal 3 is a different measure of luxury, as the terminal only caters to flights from Emirates airlines. In the recent past Emirates has been often mentioned in several magazines as one of the best airlines operating in the world. The accolade for being the best was achieved by Emirates. By offering mystery travellers the best in class hospitality services. Dubai airport terminal 3 has its own executive lounge also known as the Emirates lounge. And for that very reason, the amenities and luxuries in the lounge exceed way beyond any facility available in all UAE.

4. Five Star Hotel

Dubai International Hotel

Like any other international airport around the globe. There are several lodging facilities that are in the vicinity of Dubai International Airport. But, what makes Dubai International stand out from the crowd is the presence of a lodging facility within the airport. In the form of Dubai International Hotel. The hotel provides world-class lodging facilities for travellers. Who often wait for transit flights or has a long layover at the Dubai International Airport. The hotel offers amenities like a swimming pool, restaurants and even a conference hall. And for the weary ones sleeping capsules with wifi connectivity is available for a few hours at a reasonable price.

5. Capable Of Hosting A380’s

Emirates A380

The Airbus A380 is an ‘F’ class plane classified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). With a wingspan of close to 80 meters, the Dubai Terminal 3 is one of the few places where an A380 can land. Dubai International airport has also equipped Terminal 3 with ‘Concourse A’ in 2013. This in particular is one of the only facilities in the world capable of catering for all 853 passengers aboard an A380 flight. The facility is 90 meters wide, 645 meters long and has almost 11 floors with some of the floors under the ground.

6. Entertainment

Kids Area in Dubai Airport

In a normal airport, one may find certain basic facilities like restaurants, washrooms and loungers. To allow travellers to take a quick nap between flights. But, it is here that Dubai far exceeds anyone in the world. Dubai International Airport is in a league of its own. The international is home to several duty-free stalls, restaurants, cinema halls and here’s where it gets interesting. The International airport has its own in house garden, a swimming pool and even a gym. Placing Dubai international airport at a different level altogether.

7. Zen Gardens

Zen Gardens at Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport has become the epitome of panache and opulence. Which woes every traveller visiting the country. And the emirate of Dubai has not left any stone unturned to make the international airport of their Emirate the best in the world. The reason we say this is because it is probably one of the only airports in the world to feature an indoor garden. The garden is a nice change of scenery from the hustle of the airport. The garden lies between gates B7 and B27 in Terminal 3.

8. Fastest Wi-Fi

Fastest Wi-Fi at Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is a haven for travellers looking for a nice relaxing layover. Or even for those travellers who have come to the Emirate for the first time. With the increasing influence of social media in our daily lives, we wish to stay connected to our family and friends at all times. And looking at this very influence Dubai International airport offers free wifi within its facility. Now one would wonder that because it’s free it has to be slow or laggy. But, surprisingly it is none of the above. The wifi coverage and the internet speed at the Dubai international airport are much quicker than any other airport in the world.

9. Smart Gates

Smart Gates at Dubai Aiport

The concept of arriving at the airport often gets people worked up. Dreading the long immigration lines that one would have to get into. And often than not even the citizens of the country are caught in these long queues. To tackle this issue the Dubai International Airport has a facility for the citizens and the residents of the country known as ‘Samrt Gates’. These gates allow unhindered access to anyone and everyone who holds an EID card (Emirates Identification). Thus, anyone in possession of a valid EID can just walk to these gates. Scan the EID and walk right through past immigration onto the duty-free counters.

10. Over 90,000 Employees

Dubai International Airport is one of the biggest in the UAE. And the government draws its major revenue from the tourism industry. Thus, to ensure every traveller that arrives in the Emirate is taken care of. The airport has hired airport staff that can be seen wearing ‘How May I Help You?’ t-shirts. Furthermore, Dubai International Airport handles 10 million-plus tonnes of cargo every year. Which requires much more extra manpower to handle the cargo. And the big machines involved with unloading that amount of cargo.

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