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Top 10 Hotels Near Mount Meru Offering Excellent Lodging Options

On the coast of East Africa lies a country of many surprises and wonders known as Tanzania. The country is literally Africa’s visual masterpiece. Tanzania is a country of many natural marvels, mesmerizing wildlife, mysterious ancient towns and several old and natural wonders. The country is home to the mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro. Which stands at a height of 5,885 meters above sea level. Making the mountain one of the tallest peaks in all of Africa. Nonetheless, there is another giant that lies 70 km east of Mt. Kilimanjaro known as Mount Meru. The summit scales at a height of close to 4,500 meters, making it one of the tallest mountains in Africa. Below we have compiled an interesting read on a list of hotels near Meru.

Best Hotels In Meru

1. Meru House Inn

Top 10 Hotels Near Mount Meru Offering Excellent Lodging Options

Our first stop in the search of the best hotels in Meru is the Meru House Inn. The inn is a subtle blend of value, comfort and convenience. Nonetheless, the lodging facilities are basic but extremely hygienic and clean. The Inn lives true to its name and offers the most basic facilities to all its travellers. From clean beds to hot water in the bathroom, from wi-fi to mosquito nets. The lodge offers the most common facilities at an affordable price which makes the inn the best spot for fanatic travellers.

Location: Sokoine Rd, Arusha, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Budget-friendly & central location

Website: N/A

Contact: +256 772 430911

2. Hotel Equator

Hotel Equator, Tanzania

The next stop is a hotel in Meru that is at the heart of Arusha’s business district. The hotel is equidistant from the closest banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, travel agents and several other essential services. The hotel has an all-day dining restaurant with various African, continental and Indian food offerings. Moreover, the hotel also has a garden within its complex. The hotel boasts of the most competitive prices in the region.

Location: Boma Rd, Arusha, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Free Wi-Fi & budget-friendly

Website: N/A

Contact: +255 27 254 5982

3. Arusha Coffee Lodge

Arusha Coffee Lodge, Tanzania

Our search for lodging havens brought us to the next unique location known as the Arusha coffee lodge. On the foothills of the great Mount Meru lies a bustling town of Arusha. And on the outskirts of the town lies one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations known as the Arusha Coffee lodge. The lodge is a peaceful retreat from the noise of the town. And serves as the perfect stop before one starts their trek of Mt Meru.

Location: Old Dodoma Road, Burka Coffee Estate, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Coffee tasting sessions


Contact: +255 754 250 630

4. Banana Farm Eco Hostel

Banana Farm Eco Hostel, Tanzania

Our search for the best hotel in Meru brings us to the highlands that lie between Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Which is at an elevation of 1450 meters above sea level. The Banana Farm hostel takes pride in being one of the few eco-friendly lodges in the area. Where the gas generated from a biogas plant and from other renewable sources of energy. Like solar panels are brought in use to create energy for cooking and lighting purposes. Additionally, the biogas plants are used not only to create electricity but also as a source for heating water for bathing and laundry purposes. The farm has its own poultry and grows its own veggies and fruits.

Location: Ambureni 6090, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Pets allowed


Contact: +255 753 583 958

5. Mount Meru Game Lodge

Mount Meru Game Lodge, Tanzania

The next lodging facility is set in between mesmerizing and peaceful surroundings. Between the Usa river and the Arusha sanctuary. Furthermore, during your stay at the lodge, you can witness the different species of animals that call the sanctuary their home. Like the water buffalo, Colobus monkey, birds and many more. The lodge dates back to 1959 when Dr Von Nagy bought the property as his family home. The lodge is one of the oldest in the region and great efforts have been put to retain the former glory of the lodge.

Location: Arusha – Himo Road, Arusha, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: swimming pool and pets allowed


Contact: +255 689 706 760

6. Mount Meru Hotel

Mount Meru Hotel, Tanzania

One of the larger hotels in Meru is the Mount Meru Hotel. The lodging facility offers over 178 rooms and suites, 2 restaurants, 2 bars, one swimming pool, a fully equipped gym and 24 hours of in-room dining. The property offers a magnificent view of Mt. Meru from all the mountain facing rooms. With other rooms overlooking the gardens. The hotel lies at a 45-minute riding distance from Kilimanjaro International airport. Most importantly, the property is only a 10-minute walk from the AICC (Arusha International Conference Centre) and also from the central market of Arusha.

Location: Arusha-Taveta Road Sekei Area Arusha TZ, 2673, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Spa & gym


Contact: +255 27 297 0256

7. Mambo Hideaway

Mambo Hideaway, Tanzania

A budget hostel with a twist of the Tanzanian way of life has made this little spot very popular with young travellers. The hostel takes pride in offering its guests a unique Tanzanian style of life. With several experiences being a perfect blend of adventure and harmony with nature, Tanzanian style. The hostel offers several safari options with an overnight stay at the hostel for an affordable price. Apart from that, they also specialize in crafting custom-tailored tour safaris and excursions planned around your particular needs.

Location: Excel Tengeru Rd, Arusha, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Excursions & Safari’s


Contact: +255 754 552 242

8. Mara Eden Safari Camp

Mara Eden Safari Camp, Tanzania

On the banks of the Mara river lies a small but unique boutique camp that has wooed travellers for many years. The camp gives its guest’s a pure untapped view of the wilderness of Africa. The camp lies deep in the heart of the Massai Mara game reserve. That gives its guests a first-hand experience of the largest wildebeest migration on the planet. The veranda in the lodging facility opens up to the Masai Maara area. Giving the residents a first-hand view of the raw wilderness experience that the wild reserve has to offer.

Location: River Road, Narok, Kenya

Unique Selling Point: Mara river


Contact: +254 716 059138

9. Olengoti Eco Safari Camp

Olengoti Eco Safari Camp, Tanzania

Just like the previous lodging facility the Olengoti Eco Safari Camp lies on the edge of the Masai Mara reserve. However, the thing that makes the property stand out is its eco-friendly amenities. Furthermore, the camp lies in close proximity to the Masai Mara reserve and Mt. Meru. The lodging facilities at the camp include 11 tents with Mt. Meru set in the backdrop. And all the tents are fitted with amenities that are powered by the electricity generated by the river flowing through the camp and through solar energy.

Location: Masai Mara National Reserve No city, Kenya

Unique Selling Point: Eco-friendly lodging facility


Contact: +255 765 346 525

10. Arusha Serena Hotel, Resort & Spa

Arusha Serena Hotel, Resort & Spa, Tanzania

Our search for the best hotels in Meru brings us to our final lodging facility known as Arusha Serena Hotel Resort & Spa. The lodging facility is one of the best hotels in Tanzania. And sets the travellers in the heart of natural lush greenery of the region. The resort lies at the foothills of Mt. Meru. And at the edge of Lake Duluti. This is one of those properties in Tanzania that give its guest’s the best exposure to the “Northern Safari Circuit”.

Location: Tengeru Rd, Tanzania

Unique Selling Point: Spa


Contact: +255 682 310 007

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