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Catch More Zzz’s With Sleep Tourism: The Latest Travel Trend 

 Where Do We Sign Up?

Picture this!

Waking up in the heart of a bustling, energetic, busy city where cars are honking, bus brakes are screeching, street vendors are calling out the customers, and bright lights are shining. Chaotic isn’t it? Suddenly you are whisked away into a dark, quiet, tranquil space, secluded from the chaos of the city buzzing below. Heavenly? We thought so too! So, if uninterrupted REM is your idea of a happening nightlife, sleep tourism is the trend for you.

Sleep Tourism: Part Wellness, Part Travel Trend

Sleep tourism, is all about travel experiences curated specially to enhance the quality of sleep. Think slumber-focused stays that bundle extensive pillow menus to ensure maximum comfort, in-hotel consultations with sleep doctors for sound sleep, sound-proof rooms to block out all the noise, AI-powered beds that make real-time adjustments for sweet slumber, recorded sleep meditations to help you doze off, etc. All this to help you reclaim your sleep cycle for a restorative holiday you desperately need.  

Now, the idea of going on a vacation just to doze off might seem a little strange to some. However, sleep tourism has been on the rise in the post-pandemic world and is expected to rise to fame in 2023. No wonder the hospitality sector is focused on offering extensive sleep-themed services.

The Covifluence aka The COVID Influence

While sleep tourism isn’t an unexplored territory, sweet slumber has become the new luxury that most of us are after. This seismic shift in consumer preference can be attributed to the profound realisation that the hustle culture is not a sustainable way of living. The increased awareness and prioritisation of wellness and health by travellers have nudged the hospitality industry to focus on wellness hospitality. 

In the past, the hotel industry focussed more on services that distracted travellers from getting a good night’s sleep. Some of these services included offering decadent meals before bed, activities that extend past bedtimes, exploring nightlife that came at the cost of sleep, etc. While travellers enjoyed being a part of this culture as it kept FOMO at bay, post-COVID-19, sound sleep supersedes all. Mostly because many of us struggled with getting a restful sleep. So, to keep up with the changing times, the hospitality sector is now creating a more thoughtful sleep setup that takes into account internal and environmental factors affecting our sleep, such as temperature, sound, aroma, textures, surface, etc. 

Ways To Sleep Like A Baby While Travelling

Be it snooze-inducing aromatherapy, sound-proof rooms, a nightly menu of calming teas, or a highly customizable bed, there are numerous ways to get a good night’s sleep while travelling. For those who love nothing more than some good shut-eye, here are some ways to experience sound sleep.


While we all seek to rejuvenate in a wellness-focused oasis of calm, you can’t always be sure if your hotel room will be the tranquil escape you dream of. But, the good news is that there are ways to hedge your odds. Here’s how you can do it. Avoid booking a room on the lower floors, as well as hallways near the elevator or vending machines. This will decrease your chances of staying up at night due to outside noise and commotion. However, it’s always a good idea to pack noise-cancelling headphones, regardless of where you’ll be staying. 


It’s easy to stray from your workout routine while travelling. However, making time for exercise is a must. Working out for even 20 minutes a day can help improve sleep patterns, restore mood, reduce stress, improve energy levels, and establish a sustainable sleep routine. And don’t fret, exercising doesn’t have to mean a full-on sweat sesh. Even a brisk walk to your favourite coffee shop will do wonders for your sleep routine.


When it’s time to hit the sack, keep your phones aside, dim the lights, set the room temperature, turn on the sleep-inducing music, and take a minute to meditate, read or journal. Moreover, as tempting as it is to do an infinite scroll on Insta, try to limit exposure to blue light from electronic devices. It suppresses the release of melatonin, the hormone that signals your body to sleep. Our advice, since you are on a vacation, give your eyes and mind some time-off too.


Taking a soothing, hot shower is one of the favourite nightly rituals followed by many. Mostly because a bath before bed can help induce a peaceful, sound sleep. Our body temperature tends to drop before we sleep and taking a hot shower before bed helps dilate your blood vessels, speeding up this process. You can also add magnesium salts to help relax your muscles or add a few drops of lavender oil to slow your heart rate and blood pressure, putting you in a relaxed state.

Sleep has now become a top priority for travellers across the globe. Some might say it’s the best part of the trip. So, taking note of this rising trend, hotels are bringing more awareness and creativity to this quintessential experience. Want to know more? Stay tuned for the next part!

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