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10 Summer Travel Outfits You Can Never Go Wrong With (Women & Men)

Travel wear, whether it is selecting the apt. airport outfits or packing a fashion wardrobe as per the destination, there are certain looks that you can never go wrong with. When you do not have a fashion plan and do not want to be chased by the fashion police on your next vacation, then throw in the top summer travel classics in your backpack. Stay effortlessly in vogue as you are meant to be. Be ageless with these classic and the best travel outfits for men and women.

Best Travel Outfits Summer Classics For Women:

1. White Shirt With a Pair of Indigo Flat or Acid Washed Denim

Best Travel Outfits for women - White Shirt with Blue Jeans

You can never go wrong with this style. The style is one of the best travel outfits for women. It has been one of the top favorites among travelers as well as easy-peasy fashionistas since times immemorial. Choose any style of a white (preferably cotton) shirt and team it up with a pair of old jeans. And there you go! Ready for a flight or a fun day outdoors. 

Preferred Bottom Styles: Boot cut, Boyfriend, Skinny, Overalls

Recommended Travel Footwear: Ballerinas, Wedge Heels, Sneakers

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2. A Breezy Maxi

A lightweight maxi has ruled the 70s and the 80s like a queen. And, it continues to rock the travel fashion scene for the millennials too. In different versions, of course! Take your pick from a mildly printed one with a subtle flounce and long slits or pick from the one with an empire waistline. Either way, it is going to flatter your beauty and also reflect the playful side of your personality.  

Recommended Travel Footwear: Flip-Flops, Espadrilles 

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3. A Lightweight Jacket

This classic airport fashion favorite comes in handy all the time. Whether it is to beat the chill of an overtly-functional air conditioner or to protect from the harsh rays of the sun or just to look stylish, a lightweight jacket finds its way into it all. We recommend you choose from a nude tone with minimal detail or a denim one to keep it hooked to various travels. Team it with a layered or gathered skirt or a sleek pair of trousers. 

Recommended Travel Footwear: Ballerinas, Platform Shoes, Ankle Boots

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4. A Little Black Dress

Ah! The LBD, a.k.a, the Little Black Dress. A classy little black dress is a travel gear essential just as it is the go-to option for any given ‘when you want to be the starlet on a really low day’.  Whether it is a body-con, a shift, a sheath, or a skater, an LBD is a mood and head turner any given day. Don an LBD and take the world by a storm on your fun night out in the destination of your dreams. 

Recommended Travel Footwear: Stilettos, Metallic-toned Strappy Slip-on

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5. A Ditsy or Solid Print Top with A Skirt

Prints come and go! But what stays classic is the pastel piece in a subtle ditsy print. Pick from a neckline of your choice and team it with a knee-length or midi skirt in a solid tone. The experts recommend going for a print (top) with a solid (bottom) and vice versa instead of teaming up with both from the same category. Put together, this makes for one of the best travel outfits styles of the millennium. 

Recommended Travel Footwear: Silicone or jute flip-flops, Espadrilles

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Best Travel Outfits Summer Classics For Men:

1. White Shirt With a Pair of Indigo Acid or Flat Washed Jeans

Best Travel Outfits for Men- White Shirt with Blue Jeans

Just like our expert recommendations for the best summer travel outfits for women, this one tops the list of the top classic travel styles for men too. Look searing stylish yet relaxed in a regular fit white cotton shirt. Team it with a pair of indigo flat or acid-washed jeans or the ones with whiskers effect and be on your way to look effortlessly stylish. 

Recommended Travel Footwear: String-less Canvass or Denim Shoes, Espadrilles 

Tagged in: Airport Travel Outfit, Semi-Casual Day Out

2. A Linen Jacket With Trousers

The summer travel bag of an urbane stylish man is incomplete without a well-fitted linen jacket. Choose from a nude or summer pastel tone and team it up with different styles of bottoms as per your comfort. We recommend a plain cotton shirt or t-shirt with a pair of trousers (preferably chinos) in the same color as the shirt. Throw on a linen jacket and look dapper as you are.

Recommended Travel Footwear: Espadrilles, Brogues, Boat Shoes

Tagged in: Airport Fashion, Semi-Relaxed Day out

3. A Two-Piece Lightweight Outfit

A debonair man is always prepared, even on a holiday. And by prepared, we mean ready to dine and shine without the ‘I have not packed anything for something like this’ excuse. We recommend a slim-fit clubwear shirt with a pair of well-fitted trousers and a waistcoat. You can pick from cotton-silk blends to beat the summer heat. Select from classic tones like black, cerulean blue, and charcoal to play on the safer side.

Recommended Travel Footwear: Brogues, Oxford Shoes

Tagged in: Evening wear, Destinations with an Elegant Fashion Scene

4. A Pair of Cotton Shorts With A Solid Print T-Shirt 

What’s a summer holiday if you can’t breathe in comfort! This is in vogue today and would continue to ace men’s summer fashion travel wardrobe for an eternity to come. Go for a pair of cotton shorts, preferably in non-woven fabric, and team these with a solid print polo, round, or henley t-shirt. We recommend going for a pair of printed shorts to add an extra edge of fun elements to the whole relaxed look. 

Recommended Footwear: Flip flops, Sandals 

Tagged in: Causal Day wear, Flight outfit, Beachwear

5. Sleeveless T-Shirt With A Cotton Shirt

Every heartthrob across the globe has donned this iconic style at least once during their travel, both onscreen and offscreen. Why wouldn’t they? It’s relaxed, breezy yet stylish, and not to mention, ‘boyishly romantic’. Go for a plain half-sleeved round neck t-shirt and throw on a soft chequered or nude solid shirt with folded 3/4th sleeves. Team this look with a pair of cargo shorts or a pair of rugged jeans and complete the effect with your killer laid-back smile.       

Recommended Travel Footwear: Boots with strings, Sandals

Tagged in: Casual wear, Outdoor Wear

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