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7 Must-Have Smart Tech Apps and Gadgets For Traveling In Comfort and Style

Travel for fun! However, ‘Travel prepared for fun and pleasure both.’ While spontaneity may be attractive, being packed and ready for travel takes the trophy when it comes to a hassle-free experience. Go prepared for the trip of a lifetime with these top smart tech apps and gadgets for traveling in comfort and style. Read on to know more.

7 Best Smart Tech Apps and Gadgets for Traveling

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) for Security and Privacy

Apps & Gadgets for Traveling - VPN

It is a known fact that once you are on the web, your identity is out there too. If you are net-savvy and just as sensitive about your privacy, then a VPN, an important Wi-Fi gadget for travel, is highly recommended. A VPN for travel comes in handy when you are traveling to places where some of your favorite sites may be blocked. It is also helpful to keep your information away from prying eyes or the reach of hackers. All you need is download a reliable VPN  app on your device and Voila! Hook onto any public Wi-Fi while staying secure!

Recommended VPN for Travel Features:

  • A VPN that supports multiple platforms inclusive of an android, iOS, windows, etc.
  • Shared subscriptions are the most cost-effective, especially if you are traveling in a group.
  • Should have 24*7 customer support. 
  • Focused on privacy and security. 
  • Works even in countries like China, i.e., if you are traveling there.
  • Comparatively more compatible with your country of origin.

2. Laptop | iPad for Editing and Entertainment

Two travel buzzwords for the restless souls – Editing and Entertainment. Traveling is fun. Hence, live every moment of it. However, even a traveler needs a couple of outlets that can serve as fillers during a holiday. Whether you are on a bus or lounging away at the hotel, a laptop or an iPad can be your ideal companion for both entertainments or for editing the videos, photos captured during the day.

Recommended Laptop for Travel Features:

  • Make sure it is lightweight, preferably under 3.5 pounds.
  • Has a longer battery life, ideally between 10-15 hours.
  • Has more than or equal to 16 GB RAM, if you are interested in editing videos.
  • Neither too large to handle nor too small (14 inch, 1920*1080 px display is ideal).
  • A touchscreen is preferred. 

3. Mobile Phone for Staying Remotely Connected

Apps & Gadgets for Traveling - Mobile Phone

Digital detox or not, a mobile phone is more of a necessity than anything else. Connect to people on the go whether during an emergency or to plan an evening. With a mobile phone for travel, roam freely to the remotest regions without losing touch with family and friends. You can hook it onto the Wi-Fi and access unlimited internet along with the liberty to make both local and international calls. Also, it is useful for when you are not in the mood for professional camera photography.

Recommended Mobile Phone for Travel Features:

  • Longer battery life, preferably more than 24 hours.
  • Waterproof with a minimum of 64 Gb storage capacity.
  • Screensize between 4.5-5.5 in.
  • The camera should be around 12-16 mp if you are not carrying a separate one.
  • Screen Resolution should ideally be above 750 X 1330.
  • iOs or Android. If you are traveling towards places like Africa, an android is recommended.

4. Universal Travel Adapter for Being Gadget-Ready Anywhere

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If there is anything that you need most during an international tour, then it is a universal charger. A universal travel adapter is your sword during the dark and most boring times on foreign land. When traveling overseas, there is more than one instance when you might not find an adaptable plug for charging your mobile/gadget. This is where a universal charger comes to your rescue as one of the most important gadgets for traveling abroad. 

Recommended Portable Universal Charger for Travel Features

  • Dual USB charging ports for US, UK, AUS, EU, etc.
  • Compatible with laptop, mobile phone, tablet, speakers, etc.
  • Power Output should be at least 110 volts.

5. Power Bank for Fueling Your Gadgets On the Go

When you can’t find a socket itself to use your universal adapter, do not fret! A power bank is your go-to gadget for traveling for this precise reason. Travel experts find this to be one of the most useful gadgets to carry during a trip, particularly for long, remote routes. Low on battery? Do not let the entertainment or work pause. Hook your devices onto a power bank and stay charged anytime anywhere.

Recommended Power Bank for Travel Features:

  • Slim and lightweight, ideally under 250 gms.
  • Energy storage capacity between 10,000 mAh – 50,000 mAh.
  • USB A, B, C type, and micro-USB ports are recommended.
  • Should come with a minimum of a 6-month warranty.

6. Camera for the Ultimate Photo-Romances

Beauty can only be captured right through a set of lenses, whether it is a camera’s or a pair of eyes. Your travel is incomplete if you do not indulge in some photography that makes the vacation truly memorable. Invest in a good quality Mirrorless or DSLR camera as per your level of expertise and be on your way for the most memorable vacation. 

Recommended Camera for Travel Features

  • A good quality Mirrorless/DSLR Camera
  • 4K Video quality 
  • A minimum of 24 MP
  • A minimum of 2X zoom
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Minimum continuous shooting speed should be around 8 fps

7. Jet Lag Monitor for Your Tired Body and Mind

Apps & Gadgets for Traveling - Jet Lag Monitor

It can really hurt, literally everywhere when we are on a vacation and jet-lagged. A jet lag can be quite the destroyer of fun when on a holiday. While you can’t avoid it, you can certainly combat it by tracking and directing it so your body and mind can heal. There are several reliable apps that help track the quality of sleep you have gotten and how much to rest, when to rest, etc., so your body clock can be in sync with the clock of the destination of travel. Take control of your circadian rhythm and have a happy holiday! 

Recommended Jet Lag Monitor for Travel Features:

  • Circadian rhythm tracking
  • Sleep cycle tracking
  • Android/iOS compatible 
  • Dietary recommendations and tracking

Throw these into a sturdy, shockproof travel bag. Get ready to enjoy your trip in comfort and style!

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