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10 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

For a rewarding vacation, nothing can be better than an island country. A country covered with rich natural vegetation and surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters always satisfies the inner soul of a tourist. Sri Lanka is one such destination. If you have never been to this exotic island, then we would suggest you read the following piece. Learn about the major 10 reasons why Sri Lanka is touted as an incredible holiday destination. Visit Sri Lanka to explore nature, ancient culture and lifestyle.

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

1. Laze By Unspoiled Uncrowded Beaches

Visit Sri Lanka to explore its Beautiful beaches

Sri Lanka has an alluring coastline with numerous hidden and unexplored shores. These unspoiled and uncrowded beaches make for a perfect weekend getaway. Some of the best places to go in Sri Lanka include Koggala Beach, Bentota Beach, Kalkudah Beach, Talala Beach, and more. If you want your expedition to be memorable, these Sri Lanka attractions must not be missed. Laze by these seaside beauties and get that tan you always wanted.

2. Get Lost In The Historic Aisles Of Sigiriya

A Sri Lanka must-see, located in the Matale district of the country, Sigiriya is beautiful rock fort nestled at a height of about 660 feet. It provides scenic views of the nearby villages.  From water gardens to the mirror wall and terraced gardens to frescos, each and every corner of Sigiriya is a treat to enjoy. It is a marvellous instance of ancient city planning. The place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the famous tourist places in Sri Lanka.

3. Witness The Rich And Exotic Wildlife

Visit Sri Lanka for its Rich Wildlife

Despite being a small island country, Sri Lanka is one of the top hot biodiversities in the world. It is home to numerous rare species of animals and birds and is extremely popular amongst wildlife enthusiasts and nature photographers. The major places to spot rarest of species include Yala National Park, Minneriya National Park and Horton Plains National Park.

4. Explore The Therapeutic Buddhist Culture

Buddhist Culture Sri Lanka

If you want to learn in detail about Buddhism, then Sri Lanka would be a perfect destination to visit. Here, you will come across more than 5000 monasteries and approximately 15000 monks, who share an insight into how the Buddhist culture flourished in the country. Listening to age-old tales and acknowledging the beauty of Buddhist literature leave an indelible impression.

5. Behold The Glory Of Ancient Temples

Buddha Statue Temple Sri Lanka Hill

Apart from beaches, if there is anything in this beautiful country that has been attracting millions of tourists every year, it is its string of stunning temples. Temples in Sri Lanka are full of innate knowledge and history. You can feel holy vibes here in full glory. The major temples in Sri Lanka you cannot afford to miss include Temple of the Tooth, Embekka Devale, Dambulla Cave Temple and Buduruwagala.

6. Discover The Best Of Romantic Locations

Visit Sri Lanka for a romantic vacay

The majesty of this island country won’t be justified if we talk about serene beaches and turquoise waters and not romance. If we go by what tourists experience in this island country, then it is alright to say that romance is in the air of Sri Lanka. The place is a wonderland for those who look forward to creating eternal memories. The major romantic places to visit near Colombo are Mount Lavinia Beach, Galle Face Green and Beira Lake.

7. Detox Mind, Body And Soul At Yoga Retreats

Sri Lanka Yoga Resort

How about revitalizing your mind and body and purifying your soul at Yoga retreats in Sri Lanka? The country is home to hundreds of places where you can recharge and rejuvenate with Yoga Therapy. There are many places to visit in Colombo and nearby towns for a fantastic yoga tour. These wellness retreats not only energise the mind, body, and spirit but also allow you to pave a path for self-introspection.

8. Get Transported To The Stone Age

Dambana Village Veddas people

Sri Lanka is a dream come true for those too who want to get transported to the bygone era and relish the beauty of ancient culture. Living since time immemorial, Veddas, tribal people, are the oldest inhabitants of the country. They have been living in a small village called Dambana for centuries. If you are keen on learning how Sri Lanka progressed, this village must be your destination.

9. Experience A Mix Of Modern Life And Colonial Era

Sri Lanka Architecture

Being one of the most important cities in Sri Lanka, Colombo is a perfect place to experience a mix of modern life and colonial era. The major Colombo tourist attractions include Gangaramaya Temple, National Museum of Colombo, St. Lucia’s Cathedral and Fort Colombo. Other must-visit places in Colombo are Pettah Floating Market, Casino Marina and Viharamahadevi Park.

10. Clap Eyes On Whales

Sri Lanka Whales

Yes, Whales! Sri Lanka is one of the few places in the world where you can watch whales diving deep into the ocean. Apart from several species of whales, you also get to lay your eyes upon a plethora of dolphins. So, if not for others, do visit this gorgeous island for these unique species.

Even though the country experiences comfortable weather throughout the year, the best month to visit Sri Lanka is between December to March. And before you step your foot on the land of Sri Lanka, let us tell you that train rides are more fun than bus rides. It is also one of the safest countries in Asia to travel.

So, let’s reserve a Sri Lanka holiday now!

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