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15 Incredible and Unique Things to Do in Bahrain

Bahrain is a prominent and slightly offbeat member of the Middle Eastern world. It is an emerging tourist destination too. The place is an Eden of distinct delights with desserts, islands, and hills surrounding it. Therefore, it is also called the place of many charms. While its bustling lifestyle only adds to its outrageous appeal. So, enjoy the reflection of its sprawling skyline on the gleaming gulf under the dazzling night sky. So, let’s go through the most incredible and unique things to do in Bahrain. 

15+ Incredible and Unique Things to do in Bahrain

1. Dive for the Pretty-Pretty Pearls

things to do in Bahrain - Pearl Fishery

Pearls are one of the most valuable treasures of a jewelry admirers wardrobe? What if you could trace those from the origin? Yes, that is right. Bahrain happens to be renowned for pearl fishery. So, dive deep in Bahrain’s coral Kingdom, and take a basket of pearly memories back home. Try out the most delectable oyster cuisine served at the nearby restaurants.

Price: USD 13 approximately

Operating hours: Daytime

Pro Tip: Make sure you go diving with proper gear and stay near your guide/instructor.

2. Try the Snack-cum-Dessert

One of the most popular dishes to try out in Bahrain is the Chocolate Shawarma. Trust us, the hype about it is no joke! Experience it yourself. Go ahead and try out the melt-in-mouth food coated in the adequate layer of chocolate. Try out the local and gourmet varieties available as they are an absolute treat to your tastebuds. Also, taste the various desserts, koftas, and other varieties of shawarmas. 

Price: USD 7 to 8 approximately 

Operating hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Pro Tip: In the digital era, blogging everything is a trend, so, do update its images and let your followers know about this lip-smacking experience.

3. Create Cool and Catchy Prints

things to do in Bahrain - custom t-shirts

The list of offbeat things to do in Bahrain just got upgraded. And we all will agree that the feeling of wearing a customized collection is a treat. So, craft your own, designs, texts, and logos and get it printed. Hence, bring out the designer in you and make a cool appearance. Visit the clothing center and buy the regional designs or create your own and flaunt it out. 

Price: USD 17 approximately 

Operating hours: Varies

Pro Tip: You can gift customized t-shirts to your friends and family. The best souvenir ever.

4. Bring China to Your Plate

There is no doubt about the popularity of Chinese cuisines. Hence, the authentic flavors served in Bahrain take you on a tour of the ‘taste of China’. So, try out the hot served noodles, sushi, and enjoy the karaoke facilities for total fun. Sing in the Karaoke rooms and try the hot flavors of China altogether and party hard.

Price:  Varies 

Operating hours: 11:30 am to 3 pm and 6 pm to 11 pm daily

Pro Tip: Try the authentic Chinese noodle cuisines, it is one of the specialties of this place.

5. Groove With the Filipino Band

things to do in Bahrain - band and music

Lavish facilities and a Filipino band are at your service for a wonderful night at the Swiss International Palace Hotel Manama. Soak in an elegant aura, amazing food, and some ear-soothing tones that offer leisure on each level. The place is ideal for a perfect evening date in the cozy lounge area with your love. Enjoy a groovy night on the beats of the band and have fun in the decent ambiance. 

Entry Price: Free!

Operating hours: 24 hours (concert takes place at night)

Pro Tip: After you spend an amazing evening with your partner, go for a romantic night walk under the sparkling sky.

6. Take the Call of History

One of the most unexplored places in Bahrain is Arad Fort. Its historic presence is of great interest to offbeat travelers. Its grandness can not be ignored. So, check out this Bahrain attraction and admire its orthodox style of Islamic architecture. Venture its unseen corners and praise the 15th-century architecture. 

Price: USD 2 to 3 approximately

Operating hours: 9 am to 5 pm every day and Friday closed

Pro Tip: It is recommended to not touch anything and damage its authenticity.

7. Yeah, It’s Shopping Time!

things to do in Bahrain - retail therapy

Riyadat Mall, the shopper’s sanctuary sells quality Bahraini products. This mall also offers the best retail therapies in supreme products of beauty, decor, and lifestyle. So, buy the best souvenirs for your friends and family with an amazing variety available. After you quench your shopping thirst, try out the taste enriching food served in its food court.

Entry Price: Free!

Operating hours: Monday to Friday from 7 am to 8 pm | Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm | Sunday Closed

Pro Tip: The prices are fixed here, so it is not really a place to bargain at.

8. Jaunt the Floating City

Tour the world of a man-made floating paradise at Amwaj Islands and discover the center of happening lifestyle. We highly recommend you to explore the fun corners of this Bahrain tourist spot as they are its true treasures. Also, drive around the lagoon on your motorboat like the king of the ocean, definitely, the experience of a lifetime. Be a part of its lively and thrilling water sports and go for snorkeling in crystal clear blue waters.

Price: Price varies of the activities 

Operating hours: 24 hours

Pro Tip: It is a perfect place for window shopping if you are not interested in buying expensive products.

9. Revel in the Desert Campsite

things to do in Bahrain - Desert Camping

Camping in the desert is so much fun! Sakhir, the amazing campsite in Bahrain offers undeniably extravagant experiences in its desert kingdom. So, immerse in the delight of the golden sheet spread and greet the warm morning rays from your tent. Do take a tour of the desert areas on a camel like a typical Bahraini. 

Price: USD 5o to 60 approximately 

Operating time: Winter days 

Pro Tip: The weather might be hot there, so keep basic cooling essentials with you.

10. Explore the Kid’s Wonderland

Magic Island is one of the most fun tourist places in Bahrain for kids. Its highlight is a range of the latest arcade games and thrill rides that take you on a different level of amazement. So, take your kids on a fun ride of an indoor theme park and hear the happy giggles in the air. Go zipline with your kids in Magic Island’s Family Entertainment Center.

Price: Entry to the Island is Free. But, a certain fee is charged to enter parks.

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Pro Tip: Be extra-careful on the rides.

Find Your Travel Guide here. 

11. Watch the Long-lived Life

Life has its own way to astound mankind. This 400-year-old tree on a hill is an intriguing creation of life and a fascinating tourist attraction in Bahrain. So, listen to the survival saga of this green, desert dweller that teaches the beauty of life. Capture the beauty of this photogenic lone survivor in the desert spread of Bahrain. 

Price: Free!

Operating hours: 24 hours

Pro Tip: Sit under the tree for a while and later take a tour of the nearby desert areas.

12. Attain tranquility at the Mosque

things to do in Bahrain  - visit to the mosque

King Fahad Causeway Mosque overlooking the sparkling Gulf is a serene place to visit in Bahrain. But, this less explored tourist spot that opens the door to possible surprises gives the much-needed break with a breeze of freshness. So, cross the crystal waters and appreciate its calmness. Take a long drive at night and feel the cool breeze of the gulf. 

Price: NA

Operating time: Day time

Pro Tip: Dress modestly when you visit here and maintain silence at all times.

13. Go Through the Unexplored History

Beit Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa is a historic house of Bahrain. Its fine and intellectual architecture offers a fantastic insight into its bygone royal life. So, take a hearty tour of this former government residence and walk through its antique chambers to decipher the hidden charms. Take a tour of its nearby art and cultural spots. 

Price: USD 2 approximately 

Operating hours: Saturday to Tuesday from 8 am to 2 pm | Wednesday & Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm

Pro Tip: Finish your tour here and visit the eating outlets that serve authentic cuisines on your plate.

14. Praise the Cultural Art

things to do in Bahrain - cultural art

Cultural Hall is a performing arts theatre in Bahrain. So, watch the fabulous dance performances, drama shows, and cultural programs that offer entertaining experiences full of craft and creativity. Get ready to spend a delightful evening here. Go with your family and listen to the melodies of beautiful times through varied performances.

Entry Price: Less than a dollar.

Operating hours: 8 am to 8 pm daily (closed on Tuesdays)

Pro Tip: Do not talk or use your gadgets during the performance until it is an emergency. It is considered disrespectful.

15. Admire the Contemporary Craft

Paintings, statues, sculptures, and so much more created with perfection are the highlights of Ella Art Gallery. It is one of the most incredible places to visit in Bahrain for all the art-enthusiasts. So, sight the creative contrasts and contemporary ideas of the artists. Praise the ideologies and understand the depth of each creation. Be a part of the annual art-based festivities and admire the wholesome collection of best galleries.

Price: Free!

Operating hours: 8 am to 7 pm every day and Friday closed 

Pro Tip: Do not make unpleasant remarks in public and neither touch any craft with bare hands.

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