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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Armenia

Planning a wonderous expedition and wondering which place to go, then come and be a part of the Armenia tourism. This small country is the friendliest of all and the first country that formalized Christianity. This ancient and mystical land offers pleasant temperatures and mesmerizing sights for you to explore. There is much more to Armenia though. Travel to Armenia? Here we disclose the top reasons to visit Armenia for your next vacation.

10 Reasons Why Visit Armenia Country

1. Armenia Sightseeing

why visit Armenia

Armenia is a country blessed with a rich cultural and natural heritage where you get to visit several places of cultural and historical prominence. Here are some top places to visit in Armenia.

Etchmiadzin Cathedral, Armenia

One of the top Armenia tourist spots, this is also the first Christian Cathedral in the world. The church is located in the town of Etchmiadzin, Armenia. Interestingly, it is the first country that officially adopted the religion of Christianity. You get to sight the majestic medieval architecture again the extraordinary contrasts of the complementing landscapes.

Mount Ararat, Armenia

Just a few km from Yerevan, this Armenian mountain is a must-visit historical place. If you can’t trek it, then admire it from the top stairs of the Yerevan Cascade.

Tatev Monastery, Armenia

Reach this marvelous creation of medieval Armenian architecture through ‘Wings of Tatev’. It is the longest ropeway in the world. Taste the thrill and adventure here and get completely stunned.

Lake Sevan, Armenia

One of the best places to visit in Armenia, you get to witness the largest lake in the Caucasus when in Armenia. Surrounded by mountains, the clean and oceanic-blue water identifies this lake as ‘The Armenian Sea’.

Lake Parz, Armenia

This small lake is located in the Dilijan National Park, east of Dilijan Armenia. For all the lovers of peace, silence, and calmness, this place is heaven and one of the top Armenia places to visit. Witness the stunning lake for a picturesque scene and get amazed.

Armenia sightseeing continues to become a visual and soulful treat. It has many amazing spots. Garni Temple (last standing Pagan Temple), Shaki Waterfall, Areni (the wine village), Armenia Cave Village and much more.

2. Taste the Traditional Delicacies!

Armenian food is rich in history and taste where you get the opportunity to taste delicacies made from centuries-preserved recipes. Some must-try Armenian delicacies that compel our palette to traverse to this land over and over are,

Spas (soup)

This low-calorie and deliciously creamy soup is prepared from ‘fermented Armenian yogurt’.

Armenian Lavash

A thin, soft and unleavened flatbread made in a tandoor. This traditional bread of Armenia has been inscribed in the list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Armenian Gata (Dessert)

This sweet bread is a treat for the sweet-tooth. In Armenia, specific towns or regions will have their own versions. It can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

3. Experience the Fresh and the Organic

Fresh Products of Armenia.

The land of Armenia is fertile and grows juicy fruits and vegetables. If you are keen on experiencing a healthy and organic lifestyle, then this country calls out to you. Make sure to try the very famous golden Armenian apricot and mulberries. If you happen to get invited to lunch or dinner in an Armenian home, then try not to ignore it. The experience is just so worth it!

4. Taste the World-Famous Liquor

Cognac Armenia.

Armenia is the cradle of several varieties of liquor. Made from selected grape varieties, grown in the Ararat Valley. The most popular Armenian alcoholic drink is cognac. If you are a true blue romantic and oenophile, then you get the chance to go on Armenian wine and Mulberry vodka tours to explore the country’s most popular gifts.

 5. Relax & Chill

Relax in Armenia.
  • Tsaghkadzor, Armenia This spa town of Armenia is also a famous ski resort. Take the Tsaghkadzor ropeway and spend some leisure time in the valley of flowers. Must take part in the thrilling and adventurous winter activities in this famous ski destination.
  • Jermuk, Armenia When in Armenia, you are never short of places of sit and relax in the lap of nature. This mountain spa town is famous for the Jermuk waterfall surrounded by forested mountains.

6. Armenia Nightlife

If you are a night owl, then there are several places to visit in Yerevan to keep you hooked. In Armenia, keep a couple of nights reserved to experience the Yerevan nightlife and you will know what we are talking about. The stunning Yerevan nightlife expresses that the country of Armenia really is everything a traveller looks forward to.

7. Fun with Family!

If you are travelling with kids and family, then there are several things to see in Armenia. There are various monasteries, museums and historical sites in Armenia where you can introduce your kids to history and vital information about human civilization itself. Also, go on a hot air balloon ride and take your kids to the adventure parks for the fun and enthusiasm they seek.

8. Visit Yerevan: The Oldest City in the World

Yerevan Tourism.

Yerevan tourism, the capital of Armenia still remains quite unsullied by the commercial touristy vibes. There are popular Yerevan sightseeing places that put you in awe of the country such as the Yerevan Cascade, the Republic Square, the Vernissage Market of Yerevan and more.

9. Shopping in Yerevan Armenia

If you are a keen admirer of the arts and handicrafts, then you have landed in the right place again. Historians consider the Armenian highlands as the origin of the Easter carpet, the Megerian carpet Armenia. You can encounter works from the 16th-19th centuries here. Go on a shopping spree at the Vernissage market, Yerevan, an open-air souvenir fair located near the Republic Square Yerevan. You get to shop from a wide variety of antiques, old carpets, silver ceramics, pottery, national musical instruments, and much more.

10. Locals of Armenia

Friendly Locals.

Armenians are some of the most hospitable people in the world. Most of them live an organic lifestyle and treat the guests with the same spirit. And so, Armenians prepare breakfast spreads of homemade jams, fruit harvested from the trees behind the house for the guests and tourists. In addition, they serve hand-churned butter, creams, and wines made of fresh grapes.

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