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10 Expert-Recommended Things To do In Israel

Bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, Israel is a gracious representation of elite versatility. Its desert spaces, lush gardens, terrific hill trails, and rich history complement each other magnificently. Israel proudly boasts the extraordinary Jerusalem, the capital city and the land of holy for multi-religious ethnicities. This Middle Eastern country startles its admirers with cultural, architectural, and ecological excellence. So, get ready to wander this wonderland called Israel with the most extraordinary things to do.

10 Top Things To Do In Israel

1. Enter the King’s Palace at Masada National Park

Things to do in Israel - Masada National Park

Walkthrough the history at Masada National Park and watch the historic features preserved in its spaces. This ancient fort has a lot to disclose that is hidden in its chambers. So, make sure to check the past life traces that express its antiquity. Also, make a note of sunset timings, the place glimmers under the orangish setting rays of the sun. 

Location: Southern District

Operating hours: Sat to Thurs from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm | Friday and Holidays from  8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Entry  and Cable Car Ride Price: USD 17 (adults) | USD 9.30 (child)

Pro-Tip: Make sure to record the open view of the National Park when enjoying the cable ride.

2. Follow the nature trails at Ein Gedi Reserve

The Israeli ecosystem remarkably features the best of its serenity. And, Ein Gedi Reserve is the apt place to witness it all. The radiance of its ambience is just spectacular as the clear waterfalls, greenery, and rock features enhance its beauty quotient. 

Location: Near Jerusalem

Operating hours: From 8 am to 4 pm daily 

Entry Price: USD 8.40 (adult), USD 4.20 (child)

Pro-Tip: Keep your feet carefully near the waterfall area, the algae has made the base quite slippery.

3. Hail Holiness in Jerusalem

Things to do in Israel - Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the most celebrated cities in Israel. It is famous not due to its capital status but because of its multireligious stature. Jerusalem is a holy city as it has large followers of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Plus, it is the land related to the birth and crucifixion of saint Jesus. 

Location: Israel

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: Free!

Pro-Tip: The best thing to do in Jerusalem is to explore the antique architectural masterpieces and diverse religious centres.

4. Spot the Prestigious Facade on the Mount Zion

Mount Zion is crowned by the impressive holy church that attracts locals and foreign tourists all the time. The fine details and architecture of the church are super impressive and expresses subtlety from every corner. So, trek to reach this spectacular creation and admire mesmerizing views. 

Location: Jerusalem, Israel 

Operating hours: 24 hours 

Entry Price: No fee to explore the mountain.

Pro-Tip: Reach the top of the mountain and enter the holy Jewish Temple to witness history. 

5. Ride like a Roadie on the Sand of Timna Park

Things to do in Israel - Timna Park

Incredible beauty is the word that defines Timna Park. This place is idyllic for dune bashing, ride through the golden spaces, and unsettle the calm sands. Timna Park appears like a mirage of mars during sunset as the sands appear red. So, capture its unique facets and enjoy the day. 

Location: Eilat, Israel

Operating hours: From 8 am to 4 pm daily

Entry Price: USD 11.70 ( 15 yrs and above (adult) | USD 10.50 (child aged 3 to 14 yrs)

Pro-Tip: Carry an adequate amount of water with you. 

6. Treat Yourself with Organics at Shuk Machane Yehuda

For all the health freaks and organic lovers in Israel, we suggest Shuk Machane Yehuda. This market sells goodness, purity, and health with each freshly grown product. Buy a variety of Israeli fruit and take the bucket of good health back home. 

Location: Jerusalem

Operating hours: Sunday to Thursday 8 am to 7 pm | Friday 8 am to 3 pm | Saturday is closed

Entry Price: Free

Pro-Tip: Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at the price of a bargain. 

7. Enjoy a Fishing Tour at Jaffa Port

Things to do in Israel - Jaffa Port

Add some offbeat experiences to your Israel tour list and go fishing at the Jaffa Port. Spend a day amidst the fresh sea breeze and enjoy a beautiful sunset at the end. Tour like a local fisherman and enjoy a warm and healthy meal at night with your fresh catch. 

Location: Tel Aviv

Operating hours: 5 pm to 8 pm daily 

Entry Price: USD 4.50 to USD 9.00

Pro-Tip: Do go for a fishing tour and learn about the unique species here. 

8. Giggle Along at the Dolphin Reef Beach

Witness the playful acts of adorable dolphins at Dolphin Reef Beach. The fun swimming scenes along with the friendly creatures is what this place has to offer. So, make the day count in the turquoise surroundings of the beach.

Location: Eilat

Operating hours: 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday and Sunday closed 

Entry Price: Starting from USD 13.80 

Pro-Tip: Do participate in the dolphin interaction session and make your day eventful.

9. Savor Galvanizing Treat at Falafel Hazkenim

Things to do in Israel - Falafel

Taste the scrumptious falafel cuisines on the streets of Israel. Juicy falafel balls rolled in the soft pitta bread with creamy hummus spread on top are a roll of flavours. So, be a fan of Israeli falafel, the authentic cuisine, and enhance your snack menu. 

Location: Falafel Hazkenim or any street snack vendor

Operating hours: Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5 pm and Sunday closed

Entry Price: Free!

Pro-Tip: The variety of falafel cuisines are truly mouth-watering but the falafel roll is a must-try. 

10. Step Right into Rejuvenation at the Dead Sea

Things to do in Israel

Enter the natural spa world of the dead sea and relax from head to toe. Float and reach the horizon to unlock the secrets of the secluded spaces. Or simply lie in it to let the sand and water polish your skin and rejuvenate your body all along.  

Location: On the coastal border of Israel

Operating hours: Mainly during daytime

Entry Price: The entry price is quite cheap

Pro-Tip: The best recommendation is to apply a therapeutic mud paste on the face while floating.

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