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10 Reasons Why Almaty Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Let us ask you a question – Where would you prefer to travel? An overly explored tourist place or a destination still unmarred by the touristy vibe? We guess most of us would go with the latter. It is because we all love to encounter hidden wonders. Isn’t it? And so, we bring to you the beauty of Almaty, Kazakhstan. Here, we are going to reveal the 10 top reasons why you should visit Almaty and why this ravishing destination must be explored by every traveller at least once.

10 Top Reasons To Visit Almaty, Kazakhstan

1. The Second Tallest Wooden Building Is in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Ascension Cathedral - The second tallest wooden building

You might be surprised to know that the Ascension Cathedral in Almaty is the second tallest wooden building in the world. It is entirely built out of wood without using even a single nail. Today, you can find several offbeat travellers who visit this place to capture its bewitching glamour. The architecture of the building is equally interesting. Visit Almaty to observe this masterpiece with bare eyes.

2. Ski Through The Most Beautiful Regions in Almaty

If you are an adventure seeker, then Almaty is all set to amaze you to the core. It is because the beautiful city is located at a distance of just 25 km from Shymbulak, the largest ski resort in Central Asia. Come here and soothe your nerves as you glide on an immaculate sheet of snow.  Take a break to capture Insta-worthy images.

3. Almaty Harbours World-class Architectural Beauties

Exploring the architecture of Almaty is an important part of Almaty tourism and that’s why you should not refrain from visiting its world-class buildings. Even if you are not an architecture enthusiast, the beautifully designed marvels, such as the Central Mosque, the Almaty Opera Building and the Ascension Cathedral will steal your heart away with their wondrous construction.

4. Witness Natural Splendours Around Almaty

If on one side Almaty receives a national claim for its peaceful environment and classic architecture, it also gets praised for its delightful natural surroundings. Big Almaty Lake, Medeu Valley and other natural beauties not only justify the claim but also make Almaty day trips memorable. Take a relaxing stroll in the valley or participate in a free walking tour in Almaty. It is an unforgettable affair.

5. Sip On A Cup Of Perpetually Hot Almaty Coffee Amid Mountains

Almaty Coffee

You might not know but the coffee culture in Almaty is quite prevalent. Over a period of time, the city has emerged as one of the preferred termini for coffee lovers. Today, you can find hundreds of shops offering the best of coffee in and around the city. People come from all over the country to relish a cup of coffee as they get charmed by surrounding hills and mountains. So, if you are bored of savouring same old flavours, then the capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, should be your stoppage this season.

6. Almaty Is A Perfect Destination For Adventure Travel

Almaty is one of the few places in Kazakhstan which offer a lot of adventurous activities. The presence of lush green hills, snow-clad mountains and unpolluted composed surroundings make Almaty a perfect place for hiking, trekking and camping. Winter is the best season to visit Almaty for ski and other adventure sports lovers. You can traverse the luxuriant forests, pitch your tent and enjoy the cityscape or trek up the rich hills. So, when are you planning to explore this hidden treasure?

7. A Lifetime Experience As You Explore The City In A Cable Car

Cable Car Ride in Almaty

There is victory beyond fear. If you are keen for an adrenaline rush, then you must experience the aerial tramway at Kok Tobe in Almaty. The Kok Tobe hill, also called Blue Hill, overlooks Almaty and has a couple of restaurants, a zoo and several galleries from where you can shoot the arresting views of the Almaty city and its surroundings.

8. Almaty Has An Amazing Weather During Summer Season

Almaty Weather

Yes, a major fact to consider when planning to visit Almaty. The best time to visit Almaty is throughout the year. The climate remains comfortable even during the summer season as the average highest temperature it records is just about 30 degrees. Hence, you can explore the entire city and its nearby regions without posing much climate challenge.

9. Kazakhstan Is Incomplete Without The Winsome Almaty

Another reason why Almaty is such a recommended destination is that Almaty is the soul of Kazakhstan. If you want to witness the age-old culture and lifestyle of the country, then Almaty is the place where you should be. Unknown to many, the city’s settlement has been in existence since the Bronze Age.

10. Enjoy The Best Nightlife In Almaty

Almaty Nightlife

As the city is one of the major political and trade centres of Kazakhstan, the nightlife of Almaty is sparkling and high-spirited. The city wakes up with dusk and parties till dawn. In short, the city never sleeps. If you are a party animal or a night owl, then the Almaty nightlife will definitely fascinate you. Click the best of Almaty nightlife photos at any of the Almaty clubs. 

So, let’s get you your perfect Almaty holiday today!

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