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Why Is Sustainable Travel Important? 7 Top Attractions, Benefits and More

A growing question in everyone’s mind is to ask: how to do sustainable travel? As conscious travellers, while we want to see the world, it is important to not have a negative impact on the communities or the environment we visit. But sometimes this is not easy to put into practice. So, we have below a guide to help you understand the benefits and experiences of sustainable travel and tourism.

Sustainable Travel – Definition, Benefits and Places

What is sustainable travel and tourism?

sustainable travel and tourism

Sustainable travel and tourism takes care of the industry, the environment, and host communities. It accounts for both the immediate impacts felt today and those longer-term that will be experienced by future generations. That is why sustainable tourism is the future. Let us help you pepper out your itinerary from a choice of some of the best places for sustainable travel.

Table Mountain Cable Way, South Africa

Table Mountain Cable Way, SA

Table Mountain Cable Way runs cable cars every 10 to 20 minutes. It is a wonderful way to reach the pinnacle of the Table Mountain perched at a height of 1086m. You get spectacular views from the revolving vehicle which is run by the Table Mountain Cableway Company. The beauty is that the entire operation has adopted numerous paths to stay true to sustainable travel. The operation uses compostable crockeries, has been carbon neutral since 2016, practices recycling and takes part in various biodiversity conservation drives. Experience this to be a part of the dramatic sustainable tourism.

Sustainable travel tip: Respect the country you are visiting and do not litter. Ask your hotel where you are staying for recycling programs.

Climate Museum, USA

climate museum usa

The Climate Museum in the USA is one of the best places for sustainable travel achievements. It organises events and unique public exhibitions since 2017 such as the Climate Signals event. It brings people from all walks of life together to foster a climate-action culture and encourages discussions around solutions. You can explore the programs via social media, join as a volunteer and understand from the staff members how to contribute. The museum builds trust and a sense of belonging through community involvement with a museum appeal.

Sustainable travel tip: Book cultural tours and help the communities sustain their unique characters.

Azurmendi, Spain

azurmendi sustainable spain

The three-star Michelin restaurant has won the World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ sustainable restaurant accolade twice. It makes sustainability fashionable where you can see the on-site greenhouse and vegetable fields that supply innovative cuisine. The remarkable bioclimatic building located in Larrabetzu uses solar and geothermal energy. It is built by the side of a hill planted with native grapes. This amazing restaurant has a location that is linked to the natural environment around it which is amazing to experience. Sustainable development is coupled with culinary delights and integrates sustainable travel and tourism principles.

Sustainable travel tip: Make the sustainable habits grow into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Wunderland Kalkar, Germany


Following the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, the German authorities decided to turn the site into Wunderland Kalkar. This amazing entertainment park arose from the decommissioned “Schneller Brüter” nuclear power station. There is a swing ride inside the reactor`s cooler tower, while the nuclear power station has been converted into a hotel by Hennie van der Most, a Dutchman. The repurposing of a nuclear power plant where today you find wonderfully planted gardens and ponds has had a positive impact on the environment. It is a testament to the current generation’s commitment to sustainable travel and tourism, a must-visit.

Sustainable travel tip: Book cultural tours and help the communities sustain their unique characters.

Dive Azores, Portugal

dive azores

This sustainable tourist island is located just a four-hour flight from the UK in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Visit one of the best places for sustainable travel where the Azorean economy thrives on the island’s conservation efforts. It is a beautiful spot for nature enthusiasts for whale watching, scuba diving and more. The island has been producing hydroelectric energy for over a century, has wind farms since 1988 and harnesses geothermal energy. Quality Coast honours Dive Azores for its efforts on sustainable efforts and give it a top honour. You could also indulge in hiking, exploring volcanic landscapes, mountain biking and more.

Sustainable travel tip: Support the local communities and shop directly from their source.

Jewel Changi, Singapore

jewel changi singapore

Thanks to cutting-edge sustainable technology Jewel at Changi in Singapore is a magical green oasis. A hedge labyrinth, a canopy bridge, and the world’s highest indoor waterfall are just some of the attractions in the spectacular urban garden inside the airport terminal. The air quality is at its highest purity level thanks to the energy and emission management systems. From weather-resistant water taps, climate control and protection efforts, to corporate philanthropy make this incredible infrastructure among the best places for sustainable travel.

Sustainable travel tip: Use water carefully and close the taps if not in use. Switch off lights as you leave the hotel rooms and choose eco-friendly accommodation. 

Wild Taiga, Finland

taiga finland

Here sustainable travel and tourism play a great part where recreational experiences are based on the natural environment, local culture, or a mixture of the two. The tour operators are mainly from local families that preserve the region’s beautiful natural environment and rich cultural legacy. Instead of motorized transport husky safaris, horseback riding, and reindeer sledge rides, as part of sustainable tourism. Restaurants and cafés in the region serve a wide range of locally produced cuisine made with organically farmed products. 

Sustainable travel tip: Always carry reusable shopping bags and buy local produce.

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Benefits of Sustainable Travel and Tourism

Benefits of Sustainable Travel and Tourism
  • When you support sustainable accommodations and companies, you also support local communities with their economy.
  • Reduces the global carbon footprint as travellers get conscious about their mode of transport and stay during travel.
  • Sustainable tourism keeps the environment clean and allows nature to thrive and wildlife to remain wild.
  • Eating local produce and food from local businesses has a huge positive ecological impact.
  • Big operators bring in tourists like you to sustainable tourism attractions and encourage financial benefits to the industry at large.

While we may never completely erase our human footprint on the world’s landscapes, we can make efforts to embrace sustainable travel and combat negative effects.

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