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Top 15 Strangest Places In The World You Won’t Believe Exist!

Our planet is part of a massive solar system that humans have yet to explore. There are a vast number of regions that to this day remain hidden and unexplored. The simple fact contributing to this debate is how little we know about our oceans. Oceans form up almost 71% of the total area on earth and scientists have only been able to explore hardly 10% of it. Similarly, there are several locations and destinations on the face of planet earth that defy basic natural logic. Some of these locations are certain to give many of you a feeling of being on the sets of the popular web series “Stranger Things”. Below is an interesting read on the top 10 strangest places in the world you won’t believe exist.

Top 15 Strangest Places In The World

A Waterpark Like None, Austria

Top 15 Strangest Places In The World You Won't Believe Exist!

Imagine entering a park and taking a seat on a bench. The difference is that you, the park and the bench are all underwater. One of the most unusual places on earth is the Grner See or the “Green Lake” in Styria, Austria. The lake takes form in the month of June when the sun melts the ice of the nearby glacial summits.

Painted Hills, United States Of America

Painted Hills, Wheeler County, Oregon

Nature has a very unique way of showcasing its artwork to the human eyes. One of these strangest places in the world lies in the Oregon state in the United States Of America. The state is home to the famous “painted hills” that lie in Wheeler county. The hills were once a part of an ancient river floodplain which over the years under the influence of weather caught on the unique colours.

Gateway To Another Realm, Europe

Rakotzbrücke, Europe

You are rowing down a river in Europe and suddenly arrive at a circular cross-section in the river. The sides of this circular structure seemed to be lined with rocky spires that resemble some sort of ancient power stone. Well, this is exactly how you’ll feel when you arrive at the Rakotzbrücke, locally also popular as “devil’s bridge”.

Devil’s Lake, Africa

Lake Natron, Tanzania

One of the scariest places on earth has to be Lake Natron in Tanzania. The lake itself is as serene as it gets, however, it’s what is inside the lake that spooks people. The lake is very high in pH levels due to the presence of sodium carbonate that flows into the lake from the surrounding hills. It is the sodium carbonate that gives the lake its unique devilish red colour. It may also be because of all the animals who drank from the lake and dropped dead on the spot.

Fountain From The Underworld, United States Of America

Fly Geyser, strangest places in the world

Ever wondered if there were to be an invasion from the underworld, what would the doorway of the breach look like? Well to get a vague idea you can travel to the Fly Geyser, in Nevada, USA. The natural otherworldly protrusion lies on private land at the edge of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Back in 1964, a drill down into a geothermal water pocket gave rise to this colourful yet scary looking fountain.

Blood Falls, Antarctica

Blood falls, Antarctica

In the heart of Antarctica’s McMurdo Dry valleys, is a waterfall that bleeds from the Taylor Glacier. The location of this waterfall of blood is one of the strangest places in the world leaving geologists and scientists very perturbed. A closer examination of the gooey red liquid made clear the contents of the red plasma. The substance is a brine rich with iron oxide that gives the liquid its reddish colours. The presence of a high concentration of iron oxide with water reduces the flow speed of the liquid and prevent it from freezing over.

Catacombs, France

French Catacombs

The Catacombs are one of the creepiest tourist attractions in Paris, France. The reference to these catacombs has been made over generations in many novels, stories and even movies. The place definitely ranks on the list of the strangest places to visit in France.

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Bone Alley, Yttygran Island

Whale Bone Alley, Yttygran Island

Off the coast of Alaska lies the Yttygran Island which in recent times has become a popular tourist destination. However, the popularity is for a very weird and strange reason. The location is home to a massive whale graveyard with humongous whale jawbones, ribs and vertebrates lying around. There are some locations where bones from the rib cage of whales stand upright forming an alley made of bones.

A Hand In The Desert, Chile

Hand in the desert, Atacama Desert

This may be one of the strangest places on earth, but the site is the work of human ingenuity. The location we talk about lies roughly 74 km south of the city of Antofagasta. A Chilean sculptor by the name of Mario Irarrazabal is the creator of a massive hand in the middle of the Atacama Desert. The reason behind this unique art is the sculptors’ way of depicting human suffering.

River Of Colours, Colombia

Cano Cristales, Strangest Places In The World

A beautiful and strange phenomenon takes place in a river that goes by the name of Cano Cristales in La Macarena, Colombia. The term Cano Cristales literally means “River of five colours” and “Liquid Rainbow” in the native language. The reason is the bright colours of yellow, green, red, orange and purple that can be seen flowing in the river depending on the sunlight and the temperatures of the water. The reason behind this is no magical mana, but a simple aquatic plant that is different from algae and moss. 

The Alien Trees, Yemen

Dragon blood tree, Socotra Island

Off the eastern coast of Africa lies the Yemeni Island of Socotra. The remote location of the island at the mouth of the Gulf Of Aden and the Arabian Sea keeps the region free from any major human intervention. When you arrive at the island you will feel as if you have landed on an alien planet. The most popular landscape feature of the island are the abundantly present dragon’s blood trees. The unique and incredible biodiversity of the region makes way for the existence of some very unique flora and fauna in the region.

A Dive Between Continents, Iceland

Silfra Rift, Strangest Places In The World

The next location on the strangest places to visit is the Silfra Rift. The Silfra fissure lies in Iceland and is a very popular attraction with divers from all over the globe. The 206-foot dive happens in extreme frigid waters, which requires divers to carry special thermal diving equipment with them. However, more than the crack it’s the location where the fissure lies. The rift lies bang at the borders of Eurasia’s and North America’s tectonic plates. This allows divers to venture into the rift and at a certain point in the stretch touch both continents at the same time.

Welcome To Pandora, China

Hunan Province, China

We hope you remember the blockbuster movie Avatar and the infamous Pandora. This was where the movie’s initial entry into the alien planet takes place. Remember the floating mountains, the inspiration for those came from the most unusual places in the world. The inspiration came from the northwest region of the Hunan Province in China.

The Underwater Saviour, Italy

Christ of the Abyss, Italy

Divinity is a concept that has been going on for ages and has shown itself in through the creativity of human minds. One such sign of divinity lies off the coast of Italy in San Fruttuoso in the Mediterranean Sea. The Christ of the Abyss statue is a bronze sculptor of Jesus made by Guido Galletti. The statue was placed in the sea back in 1954 in honour of Dario Gonzatt, the first Italian to use scuba diving gear.

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Heavenly Pools, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey

The final destination on our list of strangest places in the world brings us to a place popular as Pamukkale in southwest Turkey. The term Pamukkale translates to the “Cotton Palace”, which is a literal pictorial representation of the location. Here the water flows down from natural springs into the travertine terraces, forming bluish pools of thermal baths.

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