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30 Incredible Things To Do In Georgia Country

The ultimate peaceful getaway, there are plenty of things to see in Georgia. It is a wonderland filled with mountains, preserved natural beauty, colourful historic buildings, and Persian style Sulphur baths. Get ready to lose yourself in history, hospitality and artistic inspiration around every corner as we reveal the 30 most incredible things to do in Georgia.

30 Incredible Things To Do in Georgia Country

1) Explore the Maze of Streets in Old Tbilisi

things to do in Georgia country - Explore the streets of Old Tbilisi

When pondering over places to visit in Georgia in December, the old town of Tbilisi is not just incredibly beautiful, but the little streets have a Disney-like charm. Wander fearlessly to see the enchanting Georgian architecture filled with many bars, cafes and restaurants for a great day out in the city.

Recommended For: Exploring the old city 

Location: Tbilisi

Pro tip: The little statues and balconies scattered across the old town give it a very distinct look.

2) You Can’t-Miss the Mighty Sameba Cathedral

One of the most unique places to visit in Georgia, the Sameba Cathedral, is also known as the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. One of the largest religious landmarks in the world and one of the top places of visit in Tbilisi, it is located on the hill of the St. Ilya and reflects the spirit of modernism in ever-changing Georgia.

Recommended For: Seeing one of the grandest churches

Price: Free Entry

Pro tip: There is a strict dress code. Please dress modestly with chest, knees, and shoulders covered.

3) See the Fourth Century Narikala Fortress

things to do in Georgia country - ride to the Narikala Fortress

To experience the best sightseeing in Georgia country, head over to the Narikala Fortress. An integral landmark, it has experienced the presence of Arab emirs, Georgians, Turks, and Persians. Very well preserved, you can see this huge fortress from every corner in the city of Tbilisi.

Recommended For: Superb city views from the tall fortress

Location: Tbilisi

Price: If you walk on foot, the entrance is Free. By cable car, it is 1 USD

Timings: Open 24 hours

Pro tip: The St. Nicholas Church up the hill has alluring frescoes from the Bible and Georgian history.

4) Take a Walk Around Freedom Square

One of the most significant Georgia country attractions and Georgia country points of interest is Freedom Square with its golden statue of St. George. Located right in the heart of Tbilisi, it was previously known as Yerevan Square and was renamed after Georgia’s independence in 1991.

Recommended For: Seeing Tsarist and Soviet-Era buildings around the Square

Location: Tbilisi

Timings: Open 24 hours

Pro tip: Get off by subway at Liberty Square Station to visit Freedom Square.

5) Watch a Sunset from the Metekhi Bridge

things to do in Georgia country - the Metekhi Bridge

Georgia is known as the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Keeping the spirit of bridging alive, walk across the Metechi Bridge, one of the most gorgeous places to see in Georgia country. It seamlessly connects the banks of the Mtkvari River and its claim to fame also includes being considered being the oldest bridge in Tbilisi.

Recommended For: Great views and historical landmark

Location: Tbilisi

Average Price: Free

Pro tip: Standing here, you can take pictures of the old townhouses, Metekhi church and Mtkvari river (Kura).

6) Unwind at the Sulphur Baths

Another of Georgia country’s key points of interest are the famous sulfur baths. The word ‘T’bili’ in Ancient Georgian means “warm” after all! Go for a soak, scrub and traditional massage under the heated domes. Built on top of thermal springs, you can expect the water to be between 40°-50°C.

Recommended For: Health and wellness

Location: Tbilisi

Average Price: 35 USD for the more expensive rooms

Pro tip: The sulfur baths are known to be a great treatment for arthritis, digestion issues, and insomnia.

7) Find Zen at Tbilisi Botanical Garden

things to do in Georgia country - relax at the botanical garden

Take a break and tap into the tranquillity at the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, magical things to see and experience in Georgia country. Spread over an impressive 161 hectares, it’s a hotspot on the Georgia tourist attractions map. Ideal for nature lovers, you can look forward to luscious roses, lilacs, conifers, Japanese gardens, a gorgeous waterfall, bridges, and fountains here.

Recommended For: Enjoying Georgia’s natural beauty

Location: Tbilisi

Average Price: 0.70 USD for adults, 0.35 USD for students and 0.18 USD for children

Timings: 9 a.m.– 6:30 p.m daily

Pro tip: There’s zip lining and rock climbing activities available if you’re feeling adventurous.

8) Ride a Cable Car to Narikala Fortress

If you’re looking for things to do in Georgia with kids, then hop on the cable car ride to the Narikala fortress for a thrilling journey. The ride starts from the Rike Park taking you to the hill’s summit with scenic panoramic views, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Georgia.

Recommended For: Exhilarating cable car ride 

Location: Tbilisi

Price: 0.35 USD each way

Timings: Depends on the weather

Pro tip: Use your Tbilisi metro smartcard to pass the ticket queue.

9) Fuel Your Body with Khachapuri

things to do in Georgia country - binge eat the Khachapuri

Food should always be highlighted when exploring Georgia’s best things to do. The food and feasts here are delicious. Dine on Khachapuri, a boat-shaped absolutely heavenly bread with a generous amount of cheese topped with an egg. Without trying this dish, your trip to Georgia is incomplete.

Recommended For: A delicious local snack

Location: All over Georgia

Price: About 2.7 USD for 2 people

Pro tip: Every region has its own version of the Khachapuri so the flavours can widely vary.

10) Take a Stroll on the Peace Bridge

Truly doing justice to its name, the Peace Bridge is a great spot to catch some fresh air and take a leisurely walk surrounded by natural beauty. One of the most visited places in Georgia, this glass and steel bridge has a bow-shaped design that lights up with pulsating lights at night.

Recommended For: Seeing modern architecture

Location: Tbilisi

Price: Free

Pro tip: The lights are switched on 90 minutes before sunset. Don’t miss this sight.

11) Experience the Wonders of Vardzia

things to do in Georgia Country - caves monastery of Vardzia

A wonderful cave monastery, Vardzia is one of the country’s most admired gems. It is a perfect place for explorers and spiritualists. This underground monastery ranks amongst the best winter tourist attractions in Georgia, with the main focus being a holy chapel carved out of a sandstone cliff dating back to the twelfth century.

Recommended For: Exploring the ancient monastery and homes used by monks

Location: Vardzia

Price: 1.05 USD

Timings: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Daily

Pro tip: The monks living in the monastery appreciate food donations, especially rice.

12) See Bronze Age Relics in Uplistsikhe

Located about 100 km from Tbilisi, a day trip to Uplistsikhe is recommended to see the “Lord’s Fortress”. A favourite Georgia landmark and tourist attraction, this ancient cave town is now abandoned, but the rock-cut structures connected with tunnels make it an architectural icon.

Recommended For: Exploring a cave city

Location: Uplistsikhe

Price: 2.5 USD for adults and 0.4 USD for kids

Timings: 10 a.m.– 6 p.m daily

Pro tip: It can get very dusty on windy days, so avoid wearing contact lenses.

13) Embark on a Wine Tour

Want some options on romantic things to do in Georgia? Then surround yourself with the most delicious flavors without having to burn holes in your pocket. There’s a wine for all budgets here. One of the oldest wine regions in the world, Georgians have mastered the art of winemaking to perfection.

Recommended For: A romantic evening 

Location: Across Georgia

Price: Varies

Pro tip: For serious wine lovers, visiting Kakheti is a Georgia must do.

14) Love the Hospitality in Kakheti

Kakheti is one of the most visited places in Georgia nature lovers and oenophiles. This picture-perfect and green historical province is a popular wine region with great food. Home to many churches and monasteries, here you’ll find David Gareji, Alaverdi Cathedral, Nekresi Monastery, and the Gremi Monastery.

Recommended For: Beautiful landscapes, Wine tasting, and cultural vibes 

Location: Kakheti

Pro tip: Get a taxi from Isani Station to Kakheti starting from 2 USD.

15) Take a Day Trip to the David Gareji Monastery

Set aside time for David Gareji Monastery as a part of your Georgia things to do list. Very nicely restored, the landscapes on your drive there are simply magical. Also, the short 2-hour drive from Tbilisi makes this an easy addition to your itinerary of fun family things to do in Georgia.

Recommended For: Seeing the historic countryside

Location: Kakheti

Price: Day tours start at about10 USD

Pro tip: Book a 4×4 to get there because the road can be bumpy.

16) Snack on Juicy Churchkhela

Known as the country’s very own version of the Snickers candy bar, you’ll see this candy being sold everywhere from roadside vendors to the local stores. An irresistible blend of grapes and nuts, it’s nutritious. Grab one and nibble away as you indulge in fun stuff to do in Georgia. Another fun fact is that these were used by Georgian warriors for survival.

Recommended For: A midday snack

Location: All across Georgia

Price:  0.7 -1.2 USD /piece

Pro tip: Churchkhelas are heavy on calories.

17) Save Your Appetite for Khinkali

Georgia’s state attractions focus a lot on local cuisine. Khinkali is a local version of the dumpling filled with minced meat, spices and fresh herbs. Best eaten with hands, you can also try the vegetarian versions with mushrooms, potatoes and cheese.

Recommended For: A culinary journey into Georgia’s famous dishes

Location: Across Georgia

Price: 0.7 USD / piece

Pro tip: The Khinkali has a distinct broth that has to be sucked out in the first bite to avoid spillage.

18) Visit the East Point for Retail Therapy

Winter activities in Georgia must include shopping! This hotspot has been designed to feel like a shopping “city” with shops arranged along multiple “streets”. A recommended place to take kids in Georgia for their kind of fun, there’s plenty of games, food, and affordable brands.

Recommended For: Family-friendly shopping mall

Location: Tbilisi

Timings: 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m Daily 

Pro tip: Reach by bus number 37 with 0.2 USD fare per person.

19) Get Inspired at the Georgian Stonehenge

Researching free things to do in Georgia leads to the Chronicle of Georgia. Designed to commemorate 3000 years of Georgian sovereignty, and 2000 years of Christianity, it’s a huge monument with 16 distinct pillars showing history and religion. If you are a heritage buff, then this is the place of a lifetime.

Recommended: An Instagram worthy memorial statue

Location: Tbilisi

Price: Free Entry

Pro tip: Use public transport and save money versus a more pricey taxi ride.

20) Don’t Forget the Leaning Clock Tower and Puppet Show

things to do in Georgia country - Leaning Clock Tower visit

If you are seeking things to do with toddlers in Georgia, then Fret not! The Leaning Clock Tower and Puppet Show is a brilliant experience. This huge clock is a landmark located inside what looks like a dishevelled tower. Attached is the puppet theatre of renowned puppeteer Rezo Gabriadze, a playful and fun sight.

Recommended For: Kid-friendly puppet shows

Location: Tbilisi

Price: 3.5 USD – 10 USD 

Timings: Varies

Pro tip: Every hour, a puppet angel pops out and strikes the bell outside on the tower.

21) Hike Up to the Gergeti Trinity Church

This mysterious church is a sight that’s spellbinding to the core. A mandatory checklist item on your things to see in Georgia roster, this 14th-century structure lies in the Khevi province. It’s a one and a half hour trek up the mountain for views that are unbeatable. The place is ideal for capturing perfect imagery.

Recommended For: Amazing snow-covered mountains and religious site

Location: Kazbegi

Pro tip: This is a beginner level trek. Take water, snacks, waterproof shoes, and sun protection.

22) Relax on the Beaches of Batumi

With all the adventurous things to do in Georgia being a handful, you can switch gears and focus on some relaxing moments at the beach. A summer essential, the party atmosphere here paired with the Black Sea resort town luxury is worth the visit. Come here for a fun and relaxed day out.

Recommended For: Best beaches in Georgia

Location: Batumi

Pro tip: Rent a sunshade for 0.7 – 1.5 USD per day.

23) Surround Yourself with Nature at the Batumi Botanic Gardens

While in Batumi, do stop by the famous Batumi Botanic Gardens, a unique place to visit in Georgia. This pristine garden has some of the most outstanding collections of flora and fauna. Enjoy an ecological wonder, stroll, camp overnight, and feel at peace amongst nature’s bounty.

Recommended For: Beautiful botanical gardens

Location: Batumi

Price: 5.25 USD

Timings: 9 a.m – 8 p.m Daily

Pro tip: Look for unexpected stunning sea views from between the trees.

24) Explore the Various Museums of Tbilisi

things to do in Georgia country - Tbilisi museum visit

Georgia’s places to visit in winter always lead to a mention of its marvellous collection of museums. With a reputation for being budget-friendly, whether you like arts, culture, history or want to know about the Soviet rule, you’ll find something to spark your interest.

Recommended For: Art, history and cultural knowledge

Location: Tbilisi

Price: Varies

Timings: Varies

Pro tip: The Museum of Georgia, the Soviet Occupation Exhibition Hall, and Art Palace have world-class exhibits.

25) Ski on the Slopes of Gudauri

If you are a winter adventurer at heart, then the activities and things to do in Georgia in December and January will lead you to a pathway straight to Gudauri. A ski haven, it’s a great weekend getaway with close proximity to Tbilisi. Enjoy the winter sports with postcard-like views of the Caucasus Mountain range.

Recommended For: Winter sports and outdoor activities

Location: Gudauri

Price: Varies based on activities

Timings: 10 a.m – 5 p.m daily

Pro tip: Don’t feel intimidated- there are different slopes for all expert levels.

26) See New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Rustaveli Avenue

things to do in Georgia country - celebrate New Year's eve

If you’re visiting on New Year’s Eve, there is no other place to be but the action-packed Rustaveli Avenue. Take our word for it, this is the place to visit in Georgia during winter. However, the country celebrates the New Year on the 7th of January.

Recommended: Fantastic New Year’s Celebration

Location: Tbilisi

Price: Free

Pro tip: The roads will be closed, so be ready to walk.

27) Experience an Extravagant Supra

Winter activities in Georgia have heavy emphasis on feasting and being merry. Georgians are known for their food and hospitality. This is why, to eat like a local, you must try the traditional Supra meal — a foundation of their social culture. If you’re lucky to get an invite, do not turn it down.

Recommended: Traditional dining experience with locals

Location: Across Georgia

Pro tip: This is a long dinner that lasts for hours. Expect a lot of toasts and wine.

28) Say a Prayer at the Jumah Mosque

The Jumah Mosque has earned its spot amongst Georgia’s top sights. It’s a lovely example of religious openness, you’ll find the mosque right next to a church and synagogue when exploring old Tbilisi. It is open to visitors from all faiths and beliefs.

Recommended: Unique architecture and local landmark

Location: Tbilisi

Pro tip: The Jumah Mosque is located right next to the Orbeliani bathhouse.

29) See the Unusual Bank of Georgia Headquarters

Admiring the unconventional Bank of Georgia Headquarters is a must if you’re looking for things to do in Georgia in winter. This amazing work of architecture with 18-stories looks like a pile of lego with its randomly piled-on bricks effect.

Recommended For: Seeing “Space City Method” architecture

Location: Tbilisi

Pro tip: This building is known as one of the most unusual pieces of Soviet architecture ever built.

30) Admire the Ali and Nino Statue

things to do in Georgia country - Ali and Nino statue

Ali and Nino are known as the Romeo and Juliet of the Caucasus. These jaw-dropping statues celebrating their love can be found on the waterfront in Batumi. A must-do in Georgia for the lovers and romantics. It is mesmerizing to watch their movements.

Recommended: A romantic Georgia sight

Location: Batumi

Pro tip: The statues are lit up in the evening and move towards each other to form an embrace.

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